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Twitter Chat Recap: All Questions Welcome

I started hosting a weekly Twitter Chat. Listeners/Readers get to send me questions for a couple of hours and I respond to every single one of them for 90 minutes.

You can participate in next weeks 4/26/10 at 3:30pm by following me @SedanoShow

Here's the recap from this week (hopefully you can decipher thru 140 characters).

Q: Macros1971 @SedanoShow why the fine on Richardson? He just wanted to see if the guy was hurt. K.G. Is the one with the non-stop mouth!

A:@Macros1971 QRich got a fine for being instigator. Don't know if there was a precedent for that though. Strange.

Q:dcollado521 @SedanoShow hey what's going on thursday for the draft party? Is it at moes in the grove?

A:@dcollado521 Draft Party is at Mr. Moes Thursday at 7pm

Q:LLregJ@SedanoShow Do u think the #dolphins will b a playoff team being in that division with the pats, and jets? can 3 teams possibly get in?

A:@LLregJ 3 teams can possibly get in, but not likely.

Q: @machric @SedanoShow True or False. Ted Mosby is a douche.

A: @machric I'm leaning more to true, that Ted Mosby is a douche

Q; Djkevinado @sedanoshow would you cheat on your gf for a 1 night stand w/ Natalie Portman... But your gf finds out?!?!?

A: @Djkevinado The ship has sailed on Natalie Portman...

Q: this_is_my_url_ @SedanoShow In memory of Ginn, I will disconnect my cell and move to a cave in Afghanistan...thus avoiding all Contact. How will you honor?

A:@this_is_my_url_ I will honor the memory of Ted Ginn by laughing at my friend Marcel Hall constantly (he's a niners fan)

Q: Djkevinado @sedanoshow What are the chances of you doing a live remote from SEDANOS?!?

A: @Djkevinado 1 time I met w/ the Sedano's peeps & we tried 2 pitch them on an obvious connection. They said they deal in old peeps not young

Q: 365366inc @SedanoShow Is Mike Vick a draft bust?

A:@365366inc Mike Vick is a bust b/c his career was derailed & a franchise was ruined for a yr. I still think he may resurrect.

Q: wade_county @SedanoShow Agree or Disagree. Start Haslem Bench Beasley.

A:@wade_county I wouldn't bench Beasley. Doesn't matter who starts, its who finishes. Haslem will finish.

Mike__Reed @SedanoShow If Cavs win the title how does that impact '10 free agency? Not just LeBron staying but FAs going to Cle? Wade likely 2 leave?

A:@Mike__Reed If Cavs win LeBron stays. Doesn't effect Wade. Could effect Bosh though. Remember Shaq is a FA & he's likely gone

Q: Djkevinado @sedanoshow If you were the Heats GM, which players would you surround Dwaye Wade?

A:@Djkevinado If LBJ is not avail. I would add either Bosh or Stoudemire & if they could add 3rd max player I'd play Joe Johnson at SF.

Q: TLouis91 @SedanoShow ...I feel that spo did a bad job in the 4th y not post up oneal and beasley to take pressure off wade it isn't rocket science

A:@TLouis91 If there was 1 criticism of Spo I would agree slowing the game down in the 4th would've been 1.

Q:this_is_my_url_ @sedanoshow If you were Samuel L Jackson, what would you be screaming right now?

A:@this_is_my_url_ If i were Sam L Jax I would yell, "Describe what Marsellus Wallace looks like! Does he look like a b1@tch?!" That rant is A+

Q: dcollado521 @SedanoShow and one more thing for NBA. Do you see the heat taking this series, hopefully they take game 2 with KG. What's your take?

A:@dcollado521 The Heat have to win Game 2 to win series. They'll have to win 2gms in Bos in my opinion. Beas needs to wake up 4 that 2 happen

Q:  @brianampersand @SedanoShow Why wasn't Wade more aggressive in last 8 min of game 1? Seems like on every possession, he wasn't even trying to take a shot.

A: @brianampersand Wade was being shaded by 3-4 players in last 8 min. He was looking 4 other guys to help & make plays. Every1 failed

Q: brianampersand @SedanoShow In what ways do you think the Heat will change their approach in game 2?

A:@brianampersand Approach in Game 2 is control tempo. Slow it down. Heat are a good halfcourt team. Celtics are not contrary 2 popular belief

Q: E_D_D_Y_27 @SedanoShow are you gonna be back next season doing the radio broadcasts for FIU?

A:@E_D_D_Y_27 Hope to do FIU football again this yr. I feel I can b good if I get more reps. It was fun  working w/ @jmpeltz he makes it easy

Q:boyfaceus @SedanoShow With Marshall in do you see a locker room takeover (guys calling for Pennington) if Henne struggle the first few games?

A:@boyfaceus I think it has to be disastrous for guys in Fins locker room to call for Pennington over Henne.

Q  Miaballa99 @SedanoShow why not do a ustream show? No holds bar! dale

A:@Miaballa99 We can do USTREAM show. If u guys pick a day & time I would do a weekly 1. Just wanna make sure we have a lot of peeps tuned in

Q: Perkinsbail @SedanoShow assuming W Allen is healthy this year, how/where/what capacity will he play with Smith and Davis?

A:@Perkinsbail If Will Allen is healthy I can see Fins using all 3 regularly. Teams use 3 WR over 60% of the time in the NFL these days.

Q: cwittyngham @SedanoShow is gane 2 beasleys biggest chance to prove himself with garnett out?

A:@cwittyngham Gm 2 is BIG for Beasley. I read he & Wade will b breaking down film together today after practice. Maybe, this can catapult him

Q: JoshAppel @SedanoShow i think Mike cheats during the birthday game...

@JoshAppel @MikeMarchant does NOT cheat at the Birthday Game. I can vouch for that. He's just "CLUTCH"

Djkevinado @sedanoshow Do you think if the Marlins said free admission to 1 home game, that they would get the stadium full???

A:@Djkevinado If the Marlins said FREE admission to a game. I think they could sell out. As long as it wasn't raining...

Djkevinado @sedanoshow Do u think it would be cool if the Panther played 1 home game at the AAA, and the Heat played at BAC for 1 home game.. Once a yr

A:@Djkevinado I think it would be cool if the Panthers & HEAT switched & played 1 gm at eachothers arena, but would NEVER happen. Its about $$

canesandphins1 @SedanoShow dolphins still looking to trade back to mid late first round or do they stand pat

A:@canesandphins1 Dolphins r absolutely looking to trade down for the right price. If they pick at 12 they'll take Thomas, Morgan or Williams

Q: canemutiny5x @SedanoShow Question: Is Stugotz a midget or is Le Batard just really tall?? I'm going by the picture on 790's website.

@canemutiny5x Stugotz is not a midget, but he is short. Dan is pretty tall.

MrRada @SedanoShow WHo do you think dolphins will draft with their second pick in draft?

@MrRada Who will Fins draft in the 3rd round? Ummm, let me check my dart board. Is this a real question or did @MikeMarchant send you? LOL

Q: XavierVthe1st @SedanoShow What year did you graduate from Pace?

@XavierVthe1st I graduated from Pace in 1995. Man I'm bleeping old

vincentmichel01 @SedanoShow what's taking beasly so long to get it together

@vincentmichel01 Beas in weird spot. Most guys like him get 2 play on bad teams w/ crap players. He plays w/top 3 guy. some guys take longer

AbdiasR @SedanoShow Favorite beer?

@AbdiasR Not a big beer guy, but I'll go with any of these 5 depending on mood. Presidente, Corona, New Castle, Kalik, Killians Red

cwittyngham @SedanoShow describe the feeling when schefter calls you first with the marshall news

@cwittyngham We were pretty jacked when Schefter called to tell us Marshall news. As promo said its fun when things fall in ur lap.

EESCARRAJR @SedanoShow Do u think the fins are done makin moves for now & will fill the roster thru the draft. Or are there more moves to be made?

@EESCARRAJR Fins will continue to try to make moves. They r looking to trade Ronnie & Smiley. Problem is the value they possess.

365366inc @SedanoShow How bad is Richard jefferson?

@365366inc Richard Jefferson shot a decent %. He had least amount of shot attempts since rookie yr. Maybe that put him outta sync this yr

  David4242 @SedanoShow Was Michael Beasley in TD Garden on Saturday night?

@David4242 I saw Michael Beasley in the 1st half. No word whether he came out from locker room at halftime

Lane_ @SedanoShow who do you see the Heat adding as free agents next yr

@Lane_ They'll add Amare. He wants to be here. I'd love to add Joe Johnson too to play SF. But, that can only happen if they trade Beasley

JoshAppel @SedanoShow What ocurrence made you laugh the hardest on air you jackface?

@JoshAppel Funniest moments 1. At Fox had Christine Brennan as Winter Olym corres. Tried 2 fake my way thru figure skating it was disastrous @JoshAppel When listened back couldn't stop laughing 2. funniest moment was @MikeMarchant & the goat sound the day we did 790 The Chupacabra

this_is_my_url_@SedanoShow Check out Jose Canseco's Twitter Meltdown today...is he high, lonely, or crazy? What r ur thoughts on him? Should get him on air

A:@this_is_my_url_ I saw Jose Canseco's tweets. He's nuts. Hates world. I love it. Wanna get him on but wants $$ to come on. not that interested

Q: 365366inc @SedanoShow How long Big Ben should be suspended? I say 8 and 4 with good behavior

A: @365366inc I would suspend Big Ben for 4 games. Roger Goodell has left a lot of nuance with his interpretation of Conduct Policy. Kinda backed into corner

Ceelo07 @SedanoShow jorrrrge its Carlos! The only 49ers fan in Miami! Go Teddyyy Ginnn! We'll know how to utilize him in SF!

@Ceelo07 C-Lo I forgot you were a Niners fan. Enjoy Ginn. You'll be crying to me by week 4. I'll be a shoulder for you bro

Q: certifiedill @SedanoShow bro have you worked in another sports market other than so fla? If no would u consider it an option?

@certifiedill Before 790 I did a national show for Fox. Sometimes I miss it bc I wish we could talk more than local. Ive been offered gigs (@certifiedill cont'd) in many other cities. only 1 i truly considered was Los Angeles. Maybe when im old i'll go there watch Yanks & Heat gms at 4pm

rodriguezjr3 @SedanoShow do you think Catholics should stay strong and believe or switch religion?

@rodriguezjr3 I feel people are free to choose any religion/belief they feel a connection to. That simple

Q: ankdholla4 @SedanoShow why did u leave the heat gig? Seams like the best job ever.

@ankdholla4 Loved HEAT JOB. I left bc 790 came knocking & wanted 2 work w/ friends. Maybe, if i hit lotto i'd go back to my roots lol

Q: boyfaceus @SedanoShow would Marshall be that disatrous voice?

@boyfaceus Nah. I don't think Marshall will disrupt locker room

Q: JoshAppel @SedanoShow anything on the rumors about Osi to the fins?

@JoshAppel Osi Umenyora to Miami only makes sense if Giants draft DE and Miami lets JT leave.

Q: ANM90 @SedanoShow yo sedano big fan. I wanna do sports radio like u. im in college. can I apply for an internship/job?? PLEASE help me out!!

@ANM90 If you want to apply for an internship get in touch w/ @AndyKing40.

LLregJ @SedanoShow who shud the #cowboys draft that would make an impact this yr whether its small or large?

@LLregJ Cowboys need secondary help. Kiper has Devin McCourtey CB of Rutgers. I saw him play live this year. he's good.

Q: XavierVthe1st @SedanoShow Did you know Miami's top-rated drive-time radio personality, @LuciaEsLucia, also went to Pace? Class of 93

@XavierVthe1st I do know @LuciaEsLucia, actually she was class of 94. We had an art class together in like 1992. She sounds great on air!

Krecinos @SedanoShow hey man so what do you think about the san francisco giants this year? You're in Miami so maybe you haven't seen em yet on tv...

@Krecinos 1 of my old producers at Fox is a HUGE Dodger fan. I told him SFG would win div. He laughed at me. They have best pitching in div

365366inc @SedanoShow If the Marlins win 90 games and makes the Playoffs, does Freddy gets fired?

@365366inc If Marlins win 90 games, make playoffs & fire Fredi I will personally give Loria & Samson a piece of my mind. I'd go Stugotz on 'em

lilrick111 @SedanoShowWho you think the Dolphins will take if they stay at the #12 pick?

@lilrick111 Thomas, Morgan, Williams, Kindle

Q: rodriguezjr3 @SedanoShow  So are you planning on visiting Cuba?

A: SedanoShow @rodriguezjr3 no plans to visit cuba in its current state. just can't bear it.

Q: Djkevinado @sedanoshow Do u think Riley will coach again after he assembles the 2010 Heat Team?

@Djkevinado I've always contended Riley has coached his last gm for Heat. Coach Lakers??? Maybe.

AngelC65 @SedanoShow any news on JT

@AngelC65 JT is pissed Fins leaked his meeting w/ Sparano. Parcells is trying to make JT the Bad guy. They've disrespected him & he's should be po'd

Q: vincentmichel01 @SedanoShow what's miami rotation I haven't seen cook in a while

@vincentmichel01 Heat's rotation after starters: Haslem, Anthony, Dorrell, Chalmers. 9 guys is what u want in playoffs.

Q: Djkevinado @sedanoshow If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would u go & why??

@Djkevinado Japan (Asia) & Australia. Never been to either & would love 2 go. Been 2 everywhere but there & Antartica. No desire 4 Antartica

Q: rizzmiggizz @SedanoShow - True or Untrue...Michael Beasley pees sitting down due to laziness.

@rizzmiggizz Untrue Michael Beasley does not pee sitting down due to laziness. Now, me on the other hand....

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