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Donaghy claims HEAT title TAINTED? Cuban reacts...

Tim Donaghy made an appearance on the Dan Le Batard Show on 790 The Ticket yesterday.

During the interview Donaghy continued his quest to slam the NBA.

He fuels the conspiracy theorists out there who want to believe in, "frozen envelopes."

His feeling is that the league conspires against the likes of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. In the same breath he mentions that the NBA didn't want San Antonio to thrive. (35 second clip below)


I find his excuse that San Antonio (37th largest TV market) could overcome the league's conspiracy very convenient. If the league truly didn't want San Antonio there, then how did they win 4 championships?

Out of San Antonio's four championships, the Spurs own the three worst rated Finals.

So, you're telling me that the league couldn't figure out how to avoid them getting there all those times?

I'm not buying it.

The disgraced former NBA official also suggested that not only was Miami's 2006 title was tainted, but that several others were this past decade.


I imagine in that clip he got some years confused.

During the interview, he made mentions to teams such as San Antonio, Dallas and Sacramento falling victim to the league's bias.

In that clip above he mentions that the Suns were jobbed in 2007.

The Suns lost to the Spurs in a series where Robert Horry checked Steve Nash into the scorer's table.

That led to several Phoenix players coming off the bench and being suspended during the series.

So, which is it?

Is the league biased towards the Suns, who are the most exciting team in the league and are led by a 2 time MVP or the Spurs because of the market size?

Contradictions like that make me feel like he sounds more like a disgruntled employee.

Even Mark Cuban, who still feels the officials cost him that title in 2006 won't blame the league.

(Clip is 90 seconds long and Cuban's reaction begins at 50 seconds)

Mark Cuban's Reaction to Tim Donaghy's Statements on the 2006 NBA Finals

I've watched all the 2006 NBA Finals games several times now.

Are there some questionable calls?


At the end of games were there calls that should have gone Dallas' way?


The biggest complaint from NBA conspiracy theorists is Wade getting fouled with 1.9 seconds left in Game 5 of the 2006 NBA Finals.

Let's take a look at the officials for this game. Joe DeRosa, Joey Crawford and Bennett Salvatore.

I have nothing on Joe DeRosa. This years incident does not count back in 2006.

Joey Crawford: The official who ejected Udonis Haslem from a game vs Chicago during the playoffs (Donaghy alleges on a hangover).

Bennett Salvatore: The guy who called a phantom timeout for Latrell Sprewell in the 2000 Heat vs Knicks playoff series.

Salvatore, called that foul with 1.9 seconds left on Dirk Nowitzki.

He made the right call, but on the wrong person.

Devin Harris fouled Wade.

Don't believe me?


Now, can we please move on from this already?

Are we going to sit here and debate the merits of the Marlins 1997 championship?

Remember Eric Gregg's strike zone that day?

If you don't here's a reminder from Buster Olney's article in the NY TIMES on Oct. 13, 1997.

I believe that Donaghy has some validity to his claims.

Are there biases from officials towards players?


It's no different in any sport.

Ask Marlin's fans, about the strike zone Roy Halladay got in his perfect game?

Every week during the NFL season there are flags thrown that make you shake your head.

It happens. It's called human error.

Once, you all are willing to understand that, we can get back enjoying the games and not relating everything to an X-File's episode.

Now, we can have some fun.

Le Batard and his crew play a great game with their guests. It's called, "DOUCHE or No DOUCHE"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Mark Cuban took part in the game.

His boy Dirk and "buddy," Kenyon Martin may not be happy with him though.


Mark Cuban Douche or No-Douche


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arlo smith

Well Written!


Only 8 Cities have won an NBA Championship since 1980 Miami, Boston, LA, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, and Detroit. (Look it up)

All but San Antonio are big top 15 markets. Plus The Lakers and the Celtics have met in more than half of the NBA Finals.

Donaghy's claims have a lot of validity and I would believe that guy because he was there for years and has been competely right about this year's playoffs about everything if you've been listening to him on the LeBatard show.


"Plus The Lakers and the Celtics have met in more than half of the NBA Finals."

Five is half of 30??

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