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Is Jeffrey Loria the problem with the Marlins?

I am a fan of a team whose owner is (was) arguably the most meddlesome of any in the history of sports.

His name is George Steinbrenner.

I think Jeffery Loria is trying to channel is inner Steinbrenner. I believe he was also a Yankee fan growing up so maybe he took his cues from, "The Boss."

Steinbrenner is famous for both his pursuit of high-priced free agents and, in some cases, infamous for feuding with them. In his first 23 seasons, he changed managers 20 times (including dismissing Billy Martin on five separate occasions), and general managers 11 times in 30 years.

Well, except for the pursuit of the high priced free agents, everything else he seems to be up to speed on.

There have been four managers in 8+ years of the Loria era. Fredi Gonzalez becomes the third manager fired by Loria. The others include Jeff Torborg and Joe Girardi. Jack McKeon resigned by all media accounts. Some believe he was pushed out, but that's neither here nor there.

Let's take a look at some history.

Jeff Torborg gets the axe. Trader Jack comes in and they win a championship.

The next two years to his credit he brings in some high priced free agents, and it doesn't work out.

Then, Jack resigns and the Marlins brass begins the search for his replacement. All the talk is about how the baseball operation's guys want Fredi Gonzalez. In comes Jeffrey Stein-- errr, I mean Loria and decide to hire Joe Girardi instead.

Let's fast forward to August where a young Marlins team is in wild card contention and Loria berated an umpire while sitting behind the plate. From the dugout, Girardi told or asked the owner to stop. Loria angrily left his seat and confronted Girardi after the game during a 90-minute clubhouse meeting.

Loria has declined to comment on the episode or respond to published reports that he fired Girardi, then changed his mind.

Even Brett Favre would call this a schism.

He later fires Girardi at the end of the season and the emphasis for the change is put on Girardi and Beinfast not getting along.

That's true that they didn't get along, but if you didn't think that Loria's ego was the catalyst then you probably believe in the tooth fairy.

Though, you are allowed to believe in the Baseball God's (or the Baseball Writers Association).

They laughed at Loria and the Marlins when Joe Girardi went on to win the NL Manager of the Year Award.

In comes Fredi Gonzalez.

"If he wants to yell, he can yell," he said. "He paid for the team. He has the most expensive seat in the stadium."

That's a funny moment from his introductory press conference.

Fredi is a good man and a baseball lifer.

Did he make mistakes? Of course, what manager doesn't?

Was he the problem? No, he wasn't the problem.

He won 71, 84 & 87 games

The 2010 season begins with rumors flying around about Mr. Loria not agreeing with some of Fredi's decisions as manager and that Bobby Valentine could be his replacement.

Mr. Loria also proclaimed during spring training that this team is constructed to make the playoffs, and that he expects those types of results.

Everyone locally and nationally that follows the sport simultaneously burst out with laughter

Listen this team is pretty good. No one in their right mind outside of the owner and the front office thinks this flawed team SHOULD make the playoffs in a division with the two time defending National League Champions in their own division.

That's great start to the season huh?

This was a ticking time bomb.

Unfortunately, for Fredi he was made the scapegoat because the owner won't spend the cash to make this team a contender.

His General Manager who whiffed on the Miguel Cabrera trade is still regarded as one of the best in the game. In spite of that, the man is not a miracle worker.

Let's not forget this team was embarrassed into spending money and kept Dan Uggla after being shamed into it.

That's not the fault of David Samson, Larry Beinfast or Michael Hill.

Those guys work within the parameters that are set by, "The Boss Part Deux."

Steinbrenner hired and fired so many managers that one of his former managers gave him the derisive nickname, "Manager George."

Maybe, it's time to label Mr. Loria with the nickname, "Manager Jeffrey."


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Thank You For Putting This Up There Is Truth To Every Word You've Earned My Respect Mr. Sedano Well Said


Loria, is a loser. I can't stand the guy anymore.


Loria is a thief. Didn't he dismantle the Expos?

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