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Miami-Dade to rename county after Dwyane Wade?

There are a lot of things on the mind of residents and politicians of Miami-Dade County.

Recession, Storms in the Tropics, budget for the schools, Dwayne Wade.


Yup. You heard that correctly. South Florida's biggest sports star could get an honor bestowed upon him no one else ever has.

The sports fans throughout the town (and the Heat) have referred the county as Wade County, it may no longer be a marketing concoction.

The county may be renamed Miami-Wade County from July 1st through 8th.

The county commission will hear a resolution from Commissioner Joe A. Martinez that will change the name of Miami-Dade County to Miami-Wade County for that week of the free agent moratorium.

Wade may agree to terms anytime, but cannot officially be announced as a member of the Miami Heat until the moratorium is over on the 8th.

Honoring his athletic prowess is not the only reason for the presentation of the resolution, but also recognize his contribution to the community through his Wade's World Foundation.

So, as LeBron is getting the sales pitch from the Mayor of New York, Wade is getting an entire county named after him.

Who said this wasn't getting ridiculous?

Hell, I say Broward should step up and rename their county LeBroward County.

While, we're at it let's try for West Palm Bosh County too!


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Only for a week?? Thats cool, but thats not a big deal. Show him we're really committed and name it that from July 1st until we get him the team he needs in Miami (and he resigns too obviously)!!!


this is so ridiculous. holding these athletes on such high pedestals. for God's sake, they play a game. it isn't enough that they get paid millions of dollars to play a game, now we have to court them like they are the savior to our city.

i love sports to no end, but this is just insane. i can just see it now, in a few years, when these athletes star demanding ridiculous things or they will sign somewhere else, we will hear the outrage of the fans as to why these athletes demand so much.

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