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(UPDATE) Stephen A. Smith - Miami to land LeBron and Bosh

We interrupt this vacation to report that the NBA Free Agent frenzy has begun!

Stephen A. Smith of Fox Sports Radio  and the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that LeBron James and Chris Bosh will join Dwyane Wade in Miami this upcoming season.

I will be speaking with Stephen A. Smith momentarily and update this story.

So, please check back frequently for an update.


Okay, just got of the phone with Stephen A. Smith.

Here's how the conversation went.

JS: So, what is the genesis of the report?

SAS: I spoke to my source and felt comfortable enough to go with my report. The report was that LeBron James has basically decided that he's going to South Beach. Dwyane Wade has done a nice job recruiting him and that it would be the best way to win multiple championships.

As far as Chris Bosh, it was a forgone conclusion and he was going there (Miami) because that's where he wants to be. I reported months ago, that I thought Bosh would end up there.

It was a matter of what Pat Riley wanted. It was either going to be Chris Bosh or Amar'e Stoudemire and Pat riley would rather have Chris Bosh.

Now, there are two scenarios at play here. Either all three of these guys take less money to make it work or there will have to be a sign & trade somewhere. Here's how that conversation went.

JS: Who's more likely to walk without needing a sign & trade?

SAS: LeBron is willing to walk -- the Cavaliers are not inclined to help LeBron bye any stretch. If they lose LeBron there nothing they can do -- they might as well start from scratch. They will have lost a superstar and a home grown product.

Again, this is highly likely. With LeBron you can't be 100 percent sure. As this report circulates the pressure on LeBron will mount and with a guy as fickle as him I wouldn't say anything is a done deal until he signs.

For Toronto, losing Chris Bosh is not as devastating. If you can get something of quality in return you pull the trigger.

A max deal needs to be more important to Chris Bosh because of the endorsement dollars -- those dollars -- they're funneling in to Lebron and Dwyane Wade. It would behoove him to get those extra 30 million to make up the money he would not be getting in endorsements.

If there's a sign & trade for Bosh -- then Michael Beasley would have to be part of that transaction. Now, Stephen A. Smith told me he didn't know yet if Toronto would be amenable to that, but he did provide insight into what Beasley's value could be.

JS: Does Michael Beasley still have enough value to get a sign & trade done?

SAS: People like his skill set even though beasley has underachieved. His salary that he's making as the number 2 overall pick is a bargain.

In this possible scenario, he'd want to renegotiate his deal and that could help facilitate the process. 

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Uh huh. And didn't an NBA executive just "report" that LeBron to Chicago was a "done deal"?


this must be a joke. these people are just making things up to boost ratings at this point.


If he cares about winning its the only deal that makes sense.

If he thinks he will beat Kobe and the Lakers with Rose and Noah he's crazy. Miami it is.

LeBron James



I still would rather see Amari than Bosh!!!! But if you have Lebron and Wade, with either one will do... Watch how other free agents sign for less too if it gets done, i.e. Ray Allen, Booser, ect.


THIS WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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