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Confirmed Riley/Arison Meet with Fisher (Audio)

After a TMZ report that Pat Riley and Heat owner Mickey Arison were meeting with Derek Fisher, I chose to take a second and see for myself if that, in fact, was happening.

I did spot them at the Mandarin Oriental in Downtown Miami.

I approached Fisher for comment after the three parted ways in the lobby, and he respectfully declined comment. I then approached Riley & Arison and they as well reverentially declined comment.

Here's audio of the encounter.

Sedano - Fisher & Riley

Below is a blurry picture of the encounter in the lobby.

(Hotel crew was not big on pictures & shooed me away)

On the left in the blue shirt is Mickey Arison, Pat Riley in the white shirt in the middle and Derek Fisher on the right in a gray suit. A Fisher confidant is on the foreground in a white dress shirt.



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this would be a great pick up for the heat

Big Slap Shot Bob

The perfect unselfish floor general.


So much for us having to fill out our roster with a bunch of scrubs and has-beens. I admit that I never liked Derek Fisher as a player, but he has always been a big shot-maker who doesn't need the ball in his hand at that position.


i'm not a journalist, but it seems with riley, a good follow up would have been to ask him to your wedding. don't want to tell you how to do your job...


LOL those "images' could be anyone, but I will take your word for it. Multiple sources have indeed confirmed the meeting ended, and it's between LA & Dream Team 2.

BTW anyone who truly watched the last Finals know for a fact that Fisher saved the Lakers in that series. Kobe disappeared again and u could see b4 game 5 ended that Fisher was the true MVP in the replays.


Get a Droid Dude !!!


Sedano doing the private eye legwork! ahahaha Good job buddy! shoulda asked Fisher if he wanted to get an empanada and shoot the sh*t! lol


Ok Jorge I admit that was the voice of Riles after the dude whom I think was Derek. I was just kidding about the images' to be the waiter staff at the hotel LOL

I just heard someone say on radio they need someone younger and faster to match the up-tempo runs that these 3 will do in a fastbreak, because everyone knows that Bosh is the best big man on the fastbreak and Fish is too old to push it, but his experience is hard to ignore.

Ultimate FIU Fan

How about signing FIU's Raja Bell for his defense and shooting? Hey they can have an FIU backcourt of Arroyo & Bell when Wade & LeBron need a breather.

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