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Dirk Nowitzki defends the Heat

I know this sounds strange, but here's an translation of an interview he did with the German magazine Crossover-Online.de.

Dirk Nowitzki has never been one to listen to the critics, and he isn’t planning to start now. While everyone is off bashing the Miami Heat, he doesn't mind coming out on record and saying he is impressed with the team that they have put together. So much so, in fact, that he would have seriously considered joining them had an offer been extended by Dwyane Wade and the Heat.

“It would already have to be an unbelievable situation to go somewhere, for instance with LeBron or Wade just to play in Miami,” Dirk said. “I would only be changed if it was an incredible situation that would have been offered. (Had LeBron and Wade asked), that would have been a situation where I would have to consider.”

Who would've thought the Heat's nemesis, in it's only Finals appearance would take up for them?

Imagine how David Hasselhoff feels?????



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I appreciate Nowitzki's honesty (it seems most NBA writers/GM's/Owners lack it as they just want to hammer the Heat because their team didn't get the big 3). Needless to say, I hope that Nowitzki gets a standing ovation at the AAA every time Dallas comes to town because he has earned it by being one of the few to come to our support!!!

George, don't forget this and remind everyone prior to Dallas games to give him a standing O!!!!


Do you ever write original blogs or will you always copy and paste?

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