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Magic Johnson's hypocrisy regarding LeBron

Anyone who listens to my show knows that Sports By Brooks is my favorite blog. Brooks does a great job of mixing in humor and information. He's also a former main stream media guy. So, he gets the protocol.

I'm sure many of you have taken notice that NBA Legends, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have been critical of LeBron's choice to join the Heat.

On my radio show, I've been very critical of all those former players. They seem to be trying their best to protect their legacies.

Though, they seem to forget that as they came into the league, they all had easier situations than LeBron. All of them except Jordan, played with Hall of Fame talent right out of the gate.

Today, SportsByBrooks.com has a story that reveals to us, that Magic Johnson continues to have selective memory.

(Via: SportsByBrooks.com)

From Mike Downey of the L.A. Times, circa ‘91:

Magic Johnson would have returned to Michigan State rather than play for the Chicago Bulls.

“I’d have stayed in school,” he said here Tuesday, standing alone outside Gate 3 1/2 of Chicago Stadium, the house that could have been his. “A coin toss changed the course of my whole life.”

Chicago called heads in a 1979 coin flip with Los Angeles for the No. 1 pick in the NBA college draft. It came up tails.

Johnson signed with the Lakers after his sophomore year of college and proceeded to win five championships. The Bulls picked second, took UCLA’s David Greenwood and have won no championships.

“I wouldn’t have played here,” Johnson said on the eve of Game 2 of the NBA finals between his team and the team that could have been his. “The only reason I came out was to play with Kareem and the Lakers.

I try to go out of my way to commend good work.

So, kudos to Brooks of Sports By Brooks.

It's one of the best daily reads on the net.


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Don't beleive it. Next thing you'll try to tell me is that Magic had unprotected sex.


dre, why dont you find some other radio station not in miami to take your obnoxious ass. none of the radio hosts here like you. call some new york stations. you are annoying \, rude, and obnoxious and a huge homer.


In regards to Jordan, Magic, and Bird saying they would have never left to chase a championship, they aren't exactly in a position to truly be able to answer it. All 3 were "gifted" with great teams around them in their cities, Magic and Bird especially. Jordan suffered through crappy Bulls team in his early years, never winning the championship. During those years, he was ragged on in very much the same way LeBron was in Cleveland. Then Jordan got a great cast around him (due to great ownership/management from a basketball sense - Pippen, Rodman, Grant, Kukoc, Paxson, Kerr, etc). LeBron never had that in Cleveland and it looked like he wasn't going to get it for a long time. The other benefit Jordan, Magic, and Bird had was that they played in major cities that can attract free agents. Cleveland flat out sucks to live in, much less visit for more than a day.

The people that should be answering the question of whether they'd leave like LeBron would be players like Barkley (who said he wouldn't have done it, yet he did when he went to Phoenix and Houston), Malone, Ewing, Stockton, Mullin, Miller, Iverson, Kevin Johnson, Kidd, Dirk, etc. Or players that did it and see if they would've sooner, like Garnett, Allen, Gasol, etc. That would be a more accurate representation.


The Legends stated their opinions and Lebron James made his decision, end of story. Why is Sadano treating Lebron James like he's his father where he has to defend him all the time?


Barkley and Co., are just trying to remain relevant long after their playing careers ended. The point is you just can't compare eras or circumstances. None of those guys were ever placed in the same situation as LBJ was on July 8th: An unrestricted free agent with a chance to play on the same team as Wade and Bosh - the decision was a no brainer! And all this subsequent "crap" talk is just a sports media invention to keep talking about a subject during one of the slowest sports periods of the year!


how great would it be just to hear an old player support lebron and speak of how much they enjoy the young players in the game today. is it some kind of rule that once you reach a certain age you can't be happy for today's generation of player? i really don't get it. look at larry hughes, didn't he take the most money at one point and say that money was more important than winning?


I have always been a huge Michael Jordan and I have to say that most of the so called starts today, don't even deserved to be compared with him.

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