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My own Steinbrenner story

I have a mildly interesting George Steinbrenner story.

I was a young reporter/talk show host at another radio station and was on my way to cover Game 6 of the 2003 World Series versus the Marlins.

I had an awful delay in my flight because a gentleman had a medical emergency, and we had to make an emergency landing in Orlando. My flight was delayed over 2 hours, and I was worried if I was even going to make the game.

Now, I didn't have any of my credentials with me. So, I had to call my buddy Evan Cohen to grab a credential for me and meet me at the gate with it. A lot of hurdles to conquer, and I wasn't out of the state of Florida yet.

I eventually, made it to New York with about 90 minutes until game time. My brother (who lived in Jersey at the time) thankfully, got me to the stadium with about 45 minutes to spare.

Once I arrived, I had no time to drop off my luggage at the hotel. So, I brought it with me to the game. When I arrived at the press gate I explained my situation to the two security guards who were checking bags.

Now, remember this was only two years after 9/11. So, security was extremely tight.

The one security guard looks at the other and said, " you take the work bag, and I'll take the drawers."

They obviously, were okay with it and were having some fun at my expense. I couldn't help but burst out laughing after the day I had.

So, I make it through security, meet my buddies Evan and Vladamir (Louissaint) and walk through the tunnel. I end up coming out through the visiting teams' dugout, on to the field right behind the live shot of Fox Sports TV pre game show (needless to say my cell phone went off a few times).

That was a bit embarrassing, but I trucked along and made it to the media room to drop off my work bag and luggage (drawers).

Finally, off to my seat or so I thought. The three of us head to the elevator to head up to our seats and the elevator conductor tells us he'll need us to take a ride with him before we can get to our floor.

I was thinking to myself, "great this day will never end."

So, the elevator heads down a few floors and the doors open.

(Before, I continue, I have to mention that I'm a life long Yankee fan. My dad raised me a Yankee fan. Mr. Steinbrenner was similar to my dad in many ways. My old man demanded a lot and expected results. As a kid I called my pops, "Jorge Steinbrenner").

When the door opened out came George Steinbrenner. He looked over at us and nodded his head in general like fashion. He then turned around and faced the door.

The three of us (in our early 20's) were looking at each other like we were in an episode of Seinfeld.

He was muttering orders at his subordinates, and they were all nodding in agreement and saying things like,

"Yes Mr. Steinbrenner." 

"Of course Mr. Steinbrenner."

"Yes sir BOSS."

Then the elevator door opened and they all walked out.

I looked around at my buddies and wondered aloud if that had really happened?

I've had a ton of cool and fun moments in my 11 year career covering sports. That one still ranks pretty high.

There was also a time a few years later when I was working as the overnight national host on Fox Sports Radio. I was on 2am-6am ET.

My show was syndicated all across the country. One of the cities I was I was pretty popular in was Tampa.

Tampa was the home of George Steinbrenner.

One day, my boss calls me and leaves me a message to call him immediately.

So, I thought I was going to get fired for something I said. I was racking my head over what I could have possibly said?

When I called my boss, he said, "you're never going to believe this."

It turns out that I was having a discussion about the Yankees the night before and was just going off about them. It was this crazy impassioned speech about everything in the organization, from top to bottom.

It was me on my soap box.

I was just yelling about how much I loved the team. How much it drove me nuts when they lost the year before to Boston up 3 - 0. How sick it made me feel and so on and so forth.

This is how the conversation between my boss and the Yankees proceeded.

"I got this call from the Yankees, and they asked me if you worked here?"

"I told them, yes."

Then the gentleman on the other line had this to say to my program director,

"Is there anyway we can get a copy of that? You know THE BOSS wants to have a copy."

My program director responded.

"You mean like your superior?"

To which the Yankee's employee responded.

"Yes, you know THE BOSS wants to listen to it, Mr. Steinbrenner. He enjoyed the show and wants a copy of Mr. Sedano's comments."

Hope you're still listening to it upstairs BOSS.



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Carlos A

That's a great story Jorge. I'm also a lifelong Yankees fan who had the incredible pleasure of meeting The Boss at the team hotel back in 96 when I travelled to Atlanta to watch game 3 of the WS. He actually shook my hand and thanked me for supporting the team. It was a surreal experience and one I will cherish forever. Im pretty sure he already fired Billy Martin, again!!!! RIP Boss


Great story George. Great story!!!!


rant about the yankees? was THE BOSS also listening to Cowboy in Windsor doing his "This Day In History" schpiel? lol

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