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VIDEO: Stay Classy Cleveland...

I saw this video on Sports By Brooks this afternoon. The video involved a fan who showed up to an Indians game in a #6 Heat LeBron Jersey.

A reader to sportsbybrooks.com was at the game and sent in this account to the website of what happened:

A guy walked into the bleacher seats wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey. He was booed violently, and by the fifth Inning, people were throwing peanuts and beer cups at him.

That’s when police escorted him out of the section. While walking down the stairs, a guy knocked the beer cup out of his hand, and started swearing at him. By the end of the row, a fat guy in a green shirt (who was previously flicking him off), got up in his face. The police had to restrain him from attacking the Yankees & Indians fans who were booing him.

His girlfriend, who had been flicking people off and swearing was shoved to the ground by a guy in a grey shirt. She started crying, and also had to be restrained.

The police officers who escorted him out, got a standing ovation from the entire bleacher section.

Now, is it smart to where that jersey in the aftermath of what just went down?

I would probably say no to that.

There's a strong possibility that there was some, "not so friendly banter," going on.

In my opinion, there's never a reason for violence. Especially, when it's violence against a woman.

I don't care if she's flicking you off.

In this second video at 0:41, if you look closely, in the bottom left corner, you can see his girlfriend get knocked over.

As soon as she gets knocked over the camera operator (on a camera phone), flips the screen for some reason. So, bear with the flip of the angle (you may just want to pause it and tilt your head).

This is the senseless stuff that simply makes you just shake your head.

I can't even imagine how that Miami-Ohio St. game is going to be?

Maybe, this t-shirt that you can purchase at allCanes.com can paint the picture.


I'd where body armor under the shirt...


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A few things

1. Did it have to be the douche with the sidewards hat that had to represent us?

2. I hate that real heat fans (the 5500 of us) are getting a bad rap because of bandwagoners

3. I wonder how they will feel when we smack them over the head with our dongs when we play them and eventually win titles and I think break the regular season wins record

4. Im starting at UM in the fall and I am strongly considering rounding up a group of UM fans to all buy Lebron jerseys and sit in one section at the Ohio State game. As a matter of fact, I think the band should wear lebron jerseys and heat warmup pants as their uniform and travel there. Im hoping for UM to beat them 49-3 after the lack of class and perspective that the cleveland fans have shown.


Why did they make the guy with the heat jersey leave? Did they refund his money?

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