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HEAT: ESPN's Sheridan: LeBron was jealous of Wade

ESPN NBA Sr. Writer Chris Sheridan joined us this morning on the show and had an interesting tidbit about, "The Three Kings," attitude toward each other during the decision process.

Chris Sheridan comments about Lebron being the focal point of the venom and how there was some jealousy towards Wade.

"When this whole thing was being debated, I know there was discussion among those three that Lebron and Chris were a little bit jealous of Wade, because Dwyane didn't have to be the bad guy.

He was the guy who stayed home. Whereas the other two guys had to abandon their cities and make their move.

They were a little jealous of Dwyane at the begining and obviously, it's something they got over.

"With everything about the decision, he became the lightening rod for criticism more than anybody else, more than Pat Riley. With Chris Bosh, (his thought were) none of this anger is towards me. (So, he) sat back and thinks he will get it twice a year in Toronto.

Where as Lebron is going to get it twice a year in Cleveland, twice a year in New York and is going to get to a lesser degree in other places around the country. Because he is an athlete who has gone from most liked to one of the most disliked over the course of one offseason, again that benefits bosh he can quietly put up his 18 and 10."

You can hear the audio by click on the link below


Now, for accuracies sake, Sheridan did say later that there are no jealousy issues at this point. Though, it was something that allegedly came up during free agency.

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