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John Clayton on GB, Henne, Parcells & Carl Peterson

ESPN Insider John Clayton joined me on the show today  for his weekly appearance (Wednesday's at 9:00am) to talk about the Miami Dolphins, here is what we talked about:


What is the status of Aaron Rodgers this week? It’s very questionable; don’t know if he will be able to practice today or tomorrow. It will be similar situation with Jay Cutler.


In regards to Chad Henne, have they internally considered benching him? It will be stupid, if you’re conceding on Chad Henne, you’ll be giving up on the development, your pretty much give up on the season. He is the future in a quarterback driven league, you can go to Chad Pennington, and hope to get through and manage some games. But this whole administration was built and geared on building a left tackle and the next quarterback. The stats aren’t bad, he has a good completion percentage, he is on a nice pace statistically the problem is points scored. You have to wonder if that is a developmental thing; if it’s an internal thought you have to get it out of your system. Having a new owner that’s judging where this group is going, that’s not going to help things.


Is Carl Peterson on the horizon for this team? If there was going to be a change he would be the likely candidate, because he has a great relationship with Stephen Ross. He has a fantastic track record as far as success in the NFL. He knows what he is doing; he has been a great administrator for the longest period of time. If there were to be any change he would be the likely candidate to come in and set up is own administration.


Did Parcells run for the hills on this one? To me it’s the timing of it all, because in his contract he was able to do what he was wanted to do. He had 3 million dollars guaranteed, by staying on as a consultant; he hasn’t run he is still available. But the timing of the announcement promoted the idea of possible change. I think the timing of it all has put everyone in jeopardy.


I’ve heard that there was a rift between him and Ireland about taking credit on the good stuff and Ireland getting credit for the bad stuff, have you heard anything on it?

No, I haven’t heard anything on it, that the thing when you have a Bill Parcells run team, you don’t hear a lot he knows how to plug all the leaks. I think it’s interesting that Bill said he will be doing something in the league next year, for ESPN or whoever he isn’t retiring. He signed on to be the man with Wayne Huizenga.


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Carl Peterson.... ugh!

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