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LeBron fights back at racist tweets

Many athletes get all kinds of unnecessary and ridiculous hate on Twitter.

We've seen Jacory Harris be the recipient of such hate on social media.

LeBron James is no different.

This afternoon LeBron, fought back and put one of what I assume are many, "Haters" out there into cyberspace. He decided to retweet what the person wrote to him.

@RyanOutrich Ryan Outrich
by KingJames
@KingJames continuation to my last tweet, u r a big nosed big lipped bug eyed (racial slur). ur greedy, u try to hide ur ghettoness.

LeBron, then decided to tweet his feelings about the situation:

@KingJames LeBron James
U see world how people feel! Just use it as extra motivation in whatever u do best! No one can stop your dreams from becoming reality!

This is the unfortunate ugly side to social media. Along with, being accesible to... well, everyone.

You have to deal with ignorance and blind hatred.

It's still amazing to me that, the worst thing LeBron has ever done is some silly TV show and this is the kind of reaction he's still receiving.

It also goes to show how misguided some people's anger and energy are in this day and age.


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Well said, Sedano. If only people would stop hating, the world would be a much better place full of naked athletes ironing their clothes.

Matt Patton

I think that's a great way to respond to Twitter hate. I also think it's awful that athletes have to deal with Twitter hate (or any other hatemail that comes from being in the spotlight). It's really unfortunate that the few racists out there speak so loudly, overshadowing the majority of the country, which--I hope--is not racist.

That said, "The Decision" was not "some silly TV show," as you put it. Does it merit racist tweets? No, nothing does. But it was a nationally televised "screw you" to Cleveland. Did any other NBA player hold a private hour-long special to notify the world of his plans? No (truthfully, I doubt many could). That doesn't mean the TV show wasn't incredibly immature and the wrong decision.

I agree with your entire argument. Many people do have totally misguided anger. But you don't need to belittle the fans crushed by the decision. Cleveland fans are true sports fans: for the most part, they've pulled for Cleveland through good times and bad times (Lebron probably created some bandwagon fans, but those aren't the people I'm talking about). "The Decision" was the ultimate collapse: the player who took Cleveland, his hometown team, to the top of the NBA singlehandedly left. Not only did he leave, he left on the biggest, most dramatic stage possible. He made sure everyone knew he wanted out.

Your argument survives acknowledging "The Decision" as the egotistical, thoughtless act that it was, so there's no reason to call it a "silly TV show, belittling thousands of crushed Cleveland fans in the process.


Has there ever been a FA as big as Lebron? Nobody comes close, his decision would have been an hour long show regardless. He never said a single bad thing about Cleveland. And he raised 3 million dollars for a very good charity. The idiots in Cleveland are always mad, and will stick behind this show as their reason. Get over it already.


I think its funny that we are now writing articles/blog posts about twitter posts! What's next, a tv special about LeBron's facebook status? Did it ever occur to anyone people are just saying outrageous things to get some attention or to try to get a reaction out of someone?


Obviously this kid is an idiot and it's terrible what he said but LeBron just put him in actual physical danger. What if he gets the crap kicked out of him or worse? Could you imagine Hank Aaron or Jackie Robinson doing something like this? Yeah this kid is a racist moron but he's just a kid. LeBron needs to be a bigger man on this.


It's silly to even dignify some loser and his stupid twitter post. White players get them too. Movie stars, other public figures etc... All are subject to a few mosquitos who amount to zero. For Lebron to single himself out and call attention to some idiot...nobody knows if it was male or female, what race, what age, what country they're from...more self-centered attempts at victimization by Lebron and his handlers.


hahahahahah my friend is the one who said this, how do u not agree with him??? Lebron is a little girl, his mom still cuts his nails for him


sure my buddy used the N word, but in this case it should and derserved to be used.


lebron likes boys. little boys.

Matt Patton

No there hasn't...but that's because great players rarely switched teams (Jordan switching to the Wizards doesn't count). Even if ESPN did decide to do an hour-long special, they should choose, not Lebron himself. That's stupid, and making it "for charity" doesn't make it any better. If he had just changed teams, would there have been backlash in Cleveland? Probably. But would it have been warranted? Probably not (and it wouldn't have been nearly as bad). ESPN should have never agreed to "The Decision," and whoever asked for it (Lebron, his agent, or whoever came up with the idea) should be ashamed. It was nothing more than an hour-long, egotistical highlight reel of something that should have been handled in a press conference.

Would the result have been the same if Lebron had just held a press conference? Yeah, I'll bet ESPN would've speculated 30-40 minutes beforehand. But it's the intention that lacks moral worth, not the outcome. Lebron was acting solely out of immature self-interest.


I already know where this Ryan Outrich lives. He will get hurt.


LeBron is an arrogant, self-centered idiot. He deserves all the hate.


This isn't an isolated incident. This kid is only echoing the sentiments of what most (whites) are too cowardly to say, except for on some anonymous message board. LeBron was ABSOLUTELY truthful in saying that race played a part in the 'hating' -- it WAS NOT just about the move. Here's your PROOF. How's that for your 'race card'??? It has FAR more to do with just sports. Obama's president... many, MANY white people feel as if all blacks could be exterminated, they'd thrown their money in. That is the TRUTH... No matter your station in life, where your you live, or how hard you work! We are HATED!


Ryan Outrich apologizes.


He is not a racist, he apologized.

Ryan Outrich apologizes.


No one is really going to admit to being a racist. He didnt have to use the N word but he did...because he is a racist.


He's not really a racist. I went to high school with the kid. He won class clown. Duh we're all from cleveland, we just really hate lebron. He a went a little too far though. If anything hes just really dumb, not racist. Im balck myself, and we've been tight since the 6th grade.

Here's an apology he even posted but I guess the media want to act like they dont know...





I hope he gets hurt. Badly

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