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Ron Jaworski gives his thoughts on Dolphins

Ron Jaworski joined the show this morning and gave us his thoughts on the Dolphins thus far this season.

Here's what Jaws had to say:

Jorge Sedano: What did you make of the victory against Green Bay?
Ron Jaworski: “The key when you win a game like this, clearly Lambeau field is a difficult place to play; it’s a hostile environment and the packers have had great success there, but when you win a game like that it will pay huge dividends down the road. It seems like every week there are dog fights in the national football league, but the dolphins now have in their memory bank, a victory at Lambeau Field, on the road against a quality football team. So there’s going to be games down the road that they can reach back in that reservoir and say we’ve been there, we’ve done that , we will pull it out. So they can think very positively down the road in tough games because they’ve done it.”
Jorge Sedano: What about Henne’s play?
Ron Jaworski: “I think he’s been inconsistent and quite honestly I thought he would be a little more consistent at this point in his career. I’m a huge Chad Henne fan but as I study him I still need to see more week in and week out quality play. I think the skill set is there, the balance on the offense is there, but I think Chad just has to be more consistent.”
Jorge Sedano: Sparano said that their team is built to fight 15 rounds and be patient and try to win it in the end. That almost seems like an indictment on Henne because if you’ve got the right guy at that position, you don’t take that approach to games right?
Ron Jaworski: “I would agree with you there. When you have this receiving core you’ve got to give Brandon Marshall some opportunities to make plays. I’m a huge fan of Davone Bess. I think he is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL. People talk about Wes Welker, but when you look at Davone Bess, he’s very quarterback friendly and he knows how to make himself available to the quarterback quickly. You’ve got guys like that; Brian Hartline a solid wide receiver. Anthony Fasano can give you the big plays on occasion, but when you’ve got a Brandon Marshall, to me he is a play maker. He brings energy to their offense. You’ve got to find ways and design ways to get him the football. That falls on Dan Henning, the offensive coordinator, to get him involved in the offense. You can’t hide your quarterback in this league; you’ve got to find ways to get the ball to Brandon Marshall.”
Jorge Sedano: I don’t think the Dolphins know what their personality is. They were a running team before, but what is the Dolphins offensive personality since Marshall’s been here?
Ron Jaworski: “I think they do need an identity, and I think you are absolutely right on spot when you talk about historically, what this team has been. They have been a team under Tony Sparano. Let’s play good defense, let’s run the football. We’ve got Ronnie, we’ve got Ricky; let’s run our wildcat, let’s keep the game close and find a way to win. I am an absolute believer that good running teams always keep the game close. Sooner or later to win games, to be a championship football team, you’ve got to be explosive in the passing game. Yeah, you can run the football, and I’m a big believer in the running game, but points come out of the passing game. This league is about explosive plays. You’ve got to run the football when you get a lead, that’s the key. Get points early, and then run the rock.”


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jaws is right on

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