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ESPN's Ric Bucher weighs in on HEAT

ESPN NBA Sr. Writer/Analyst Ric Bucher joined the Jorge Sedano Show (790 The Ticket - Miami Heat Radio Flagship) recently, and gave his thoughts on the Miami Heat.


Jorge Sedano: On Heat players hitting big shots now in regular season vs. in the playoffs

Ric Bucher: “You need eight or nine guys to be able to answer the bell at that level each step of the way, and maybe the Miami Heat have those guys. All I’m saying is don’t kid yourself because you have two or three superstars who might be able to respond in the moment that that’s suddenly going to make it easier for the rest of those guys. I don’t care if the shot is wide open or not, your ability to know that you have the weight of your team with the shot on the line and hit it, is a whole different pressure and until all of them prove that they can carry that weight, we don’t know for certain that the Miami Heat can win a championship.”


Jorge Sedano: On Chris Bosh responding to pressure:

Ric Bucher: “Chris Bosh and the way that he responded to that game one, I need to see more now.  I didn’t like the body language, I didn’t like the way he responded to that first big game against Boston in terms of his ability to be one of those guys you lean on and say we don’t need to worry about him when we get to the conf. finals when we get to whatever big game we have this guy will be there and accounted for and is going to execute and do everything he possibly can and if you don’t have at least all of your superstars delivering than I think that really hurts you”


Jorge Sedano: Who are the guys you put a checkmark next to? Guys you think can deal with the pressure?

Ric Bucher: “Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem, Eddie House, I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody those are the guys you immediately put a checkmark next to.”


Jorge “Not LeBron?”

Ric Bucher: “Not yet. Based on what I’ve seen in big games, with everything that happened in Cleveland, if it was a matter of he just didn’t have enough around him ok, but I saw LeBron struggle. Not even struggle, not get locked down but have difficulty in figuring out what it was that he wanted to do in really big games.”


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