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Sedano's Email Bag 11-11-10

Q: I agree that Peterson is coming and Ireland and Sparano are on the very hot seat...Sparano specially, because Ireland could be demoted to scouting director because he has a good reputation around the league. Remember this email ....Brian Billick...why? He's worked with Nolan in Baltimore and I suppose they want to keep the 3-4 and  most importantly he is a very good friend with Peterson. - Bob

A: If Carl Peterson indeed is the next Football Czar for the Miami Dolphins then Billick makes some sense. Everyone wants Bill Cowher if Tony Sparano is replaced, but I would also keep an eye on the likes of Herm Edwards or even Marty Schottenheimer. Moreover, I think you may be putting the cart before the horse here. Until, this team is mathematically eliminated all this talk is premature.

Q: Beyond your arrogance (smartest and loudest guy in the class) and Heat "apologist" role ---you are surprisingly naive for a professional in the media. I think you know Lebron James misstep called "The Decision" and the hype and PR about the Miami Heat Dream Team led to heightened expectations for the season starting with game 1!

Now you, Wade, Lebron, Spo (wrinkled suit lapel) and your 790 cronies are busy lowering expectations generated by the hype..."It's only eight games". - Larry

A: The Decision is long behind us now. The expectations would be there with or without the one hour special. The point is, that in basketball teams rarely gel right away. Especially, when you are adding components that are not familiar with their specific roles (IE: LeBron & Bosh). Must we forget that the Heat Championship team of 2006 was 2-6 vs opponents witha r ecord of .500 or better? Miami will struggle vs the good teams for a bit until it finds its footing. Anyone, who thought this team was breaking the Bulls single season in total was smoking some good stuff. No disrespect to Jeff Van Gundy.

Q: Why is Chris Bosh struggling to rebound the ball? He was averaging double digit rebounds in Toronto and is averageing half that right now? - Roy

A: I think a lot of it is lack of familiarity with the Heat's defensive system. Miami's defensive system is about rotation and covering for the next man. Sometimes, that will mean that Bosh finds himself out of position on rebounds. It's on him to get passed that.


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