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Thanksgiving no time to panic for HEAT

I know Heat fans are a little bitter this Thanksgiving morning.

Meanwhile, the brigade of haters/doubters are relishing. They have a little extra pep in their step.

You can still give thanks to Pat Riley and company on a day like today.

Though, judging from my twitter account very few of you are in a forgiving mood.

Lebronbitterface The reality is this fan base and this team needs to keep perspective of the situation.

I know this is a football town, but this obviously isn't a 16 game season.

The point is folks, they (Heat) and anyone else was wrong to think this team was going to just breeze through the season.

They should treat the regular season like 82 preseason games. LeBron and Wade particularly need to figure out how to play together.

They play very similar styles. So, that will take a little longer than anticipated.They both have extremely high basketball IQ's. So, as long as frustration doesn't set in. They will figure it out soon enough.

Now, what they really need is a shooter/play maker (Miller) in the rotation.

Having Miller back will help the motion offense they wanted to run. Spot up shooters don't help the motion/transition game, they wanted to play

Miller has PG skills, can penetrate, and also shoot 3's at a 45% clip. No one else on this roster can do that.

All they need to find out is if they can replace Haslem's rebounds? Either with Dampier or a trade in Feb.

This year this team had no margin for injury.

If you have been following along, that has obviously, not been the case for the Heat. So as everyone in the country takes great joy now. If/When they figure it out as JVG said tonight, they'll be pretty bleeping nasty. Much like what everyone had anticipated.

Nevertheless, until then it will be a struggle.

That's the reality of the situation. So, enjoy the turkey and the fixings. All will be alright eventually.

It just may take longer than anyone expected.



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somar p

truuuu.... agree 100 percent Jorge.


They are just playing without emotion while the other teams acts like it's game 7. When will they start playing with a chip on their shoulder?


Its fine to say not to panic because its early but as a new group playing together you should see improvement each game so hopefully this will happen during the 82 game pre season as you call it. Whats the real definition of swagger is it "they should beat us at home" or "know one should beat us home or away"?

Brandon Bass, Brandon Rush, Glen Davis, Chris Paul, Jameer Nelson, Deron Williams, Paul Millsap, etc.. AKA-Swagger Jackers (they are stealing are swagger Jorge) Happy Turkey Day!

FIU Fan For Life

Jorge, need your analysis of FIU's game Saturday. Is Kendrick Rhodes going to play? Harden? Do you agree that the backfield of FIU is LOADED!!??

Talk to me!

Ultimate FIU Fan

Hey I thought this was straight, however if FIU Fan For Life chimed so will I. Jorge are you guys broadcasting on 790 or is there a Heat conflict? BTW check out this link of the prep for Arkansas State, you'll hear some of Jorge's scoring calls for FIU. Pretty good quality. What do you guys think?


Check it out!

Ultimate FIU Fan

Meant to say "straight Heat blog". My bad.


Dude could not play high school ball

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