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Inside the NFL -- Sparano to remain coach of Dolphins (Update)

Inside the NFL has reported that Bill Parcells has convinced Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross to keep Head coach Tony Sparano.

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Newtork, contributes to Inside the NFL (airs on Showtime) said, "I've learned that Bill Parcells, even though he's no longer in the organization, has convinced the owner to keep him [Sparano]."

"Now, things could change with a bad los in New England, but for right now Tony Sprano is due to stay."

"Dan Henning will probably retire and they'll look to bring in an offensive coach to help Chad Henne along."

"They hope to put things together. They've got a defense in place and they need to fix the offense."

"So, Sparano for right now, today -- as we tape this show is safe -- pending something bad happening this weekend."

Cris Collinsworth asks about Parcells' influence in this decision:

Lombardi responds, " Yeah, I think Bill when he takes a step back he think progress can be made -- Not by firing everyone, but maybe fixing some of the stuff internally."

"Offensively, they know they have to make an adjustment. They got to reach out to a good QB coach, a good Offensive Coordinator."

"If Gary Kubiak is fired he would be a name. Josh McDaniels will be the hottest OC in the NFL this offseason. His phone will ring off the wall, his place in Miami would be a spot."

"So, I think that's the way they want to go. Bill, is convinced that sometimes stability is the best thing -- not always make changes."

Here's why this all makes sense. Yesterday, it was reported that the York family, who owns the Niners had sought out input from Bill Parcells about how to rebuild their franchise. It was also reported later that day that Michael Lombardi interviewed for the Niners GM job. Hence, how Lombardi would have information about Parcells. That's just a hunch on my part.

Here's a seperate video from NFL Network where Lombardi discusses the Sparano's job security. He begins discussing it 1:10 into the video.


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Look as long as Henning is gone, I don't mind Sparano here. He's a low IQ guy in terms of football but still a good coach who cares about his guys. I will give him some flak for utterly ruining the O-Line though


Brandon Marshall and McDaniels won't ever co-exist.


Sparano will never be mistaken for Belichick in terms of X's and O's, but I can't help but root for the guy. He shows enthusiasm on the sidelines and it appears that he gets along with his players so I would agree with Parcells that he deserves at least another season to right the ship.

That being said, Dan Henning should retire after the season to save himself the humiliation of being fired. He may know football, but he doesn't know how to make this current Dolphins offense work. Frankly, the issue to me is more the personnel than the actual coaching, but Henning deserves some of the blame for the offense's struggles.

Finally, the biggest question mark I have is Chad Henne. I'm not at all convinced that he has what it takes to ever be good enough to successfully lead the Dolphins anywhere. Too often this season it appeared to me that he played scared and without any confidence. Those are two things winning quarterbacks in the NFL do not possess. I'm interested to see what solutions Sparano will propose to fix the offense.


No change McDaniels ever comes to Miami. Remember, he is the reason we stole Marshall from Denver. People who have him going to MIA are just talking heads.


A new QB coach and OC will not solve the multitude of personnel errors, game management mistakes, ineffective game planning, in game adjustments and the Wanny ball philosophy that does not work in today's NFL.

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