Spoelstra talks focus, fun, Miller and The WARDEN!

Erik Spoelstra joined the Jorge Sedano Show this morning on 790 The Ticket.

He chatted with Jorge about a number of topics including: How he weathered the storm early in the season. How he keeps his players focussed & motivated. Balancing Winning and Misery with fun. Along with, the rage about Joel Anthony's new nickname, "The Warden."

You can listen to the interview below.

Erik Spoelstra Interview - 1-6-11


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Inside the NFL -- Sparano to remain coach of Dolphins (Update)

Inside the NFL has reported that Bill Parcells has convinced Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross to keep Head coach Tony Sparano.

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Newtork, contributes to Inside the NFL (airs on Showtime) said, "I've learned that Bill Parcells, even though he's no longer in the organization, has convinced the owner to keep him [Sparano]."

"Now, things could change with a bad los in New England, but for right now Tony Sprano is due to stay."

"Dan Henning will probably retire and they'll look to bring in an offensive coach to help Chad Henne along."

"They hope to put things together. They've got a defense in place and they need to fix the offense."

"So, Sparano for right now, today -- as we tape this show is safe -- pending something bad happening this weekend."

Cris Collinsworth asks about Parcells' influence in this decision:

Lombardi responds, " Yeah, I think Bill when he takes a step back he think progress can be made -- Not by firing everyone, but maybe fixing some of the stuff internally."

"Offensively, they know they have to make an adjustment. They got to reach out to a good QB coach, a good Offensive Coordinator."

"If Gary Kubiak is fired he would be a name. Josh McDaniels will be the hottest OC in the NFL this offseason. His phone will ring off the wall, his place in Miami would be a spot."

"So, I think that's the way they want to go. Bill, is convinced that sometimes stability is the best thing -- not always make changes."

Here's why this all makes sense. Yesterday, it was reported that the York family, who owns the Niners had sought out input from Bill Parcells about how to rebuild their franchise. It was also reported later that day that Michael Lombardi interviewed for the Niners GM job. Hence, how Lombardi would have information about Parcells. That's just a hunch on my part.

Here's a seperate video from NFL Network where Lombardi discusses the Sparano's job security. He begins discussing it 1:10 into the video.


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Sedano Chat 12-14-2010

Feel free to chat about Dolphins, Canes, Heat, Marlins and whatever is on your minds...



CANES: Jason Whitlock not sold on Golden

Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com joined us this morning on the Jorge Sedano Show, to discuss the University of Miami hiring of Football coach Al Golden.

Whitlock, is a former MAC Conference guy who still follows the conference very closely.

Here are some audio clips of what he had to say:

#1- Is Al Golden a good coach?


#2 - Al Golden dealing with expectations.

JASON WHITLOCK W SEDANO - GOLDEN dealing with expectations

#3 - His explanation of Golden's success in the MAC


#4 - Can Golden win in a more ideal football setting like Miami?


Now, I understand that fans don't want to hear someone with an opposing view. You need to be open minded here. Whitlock, has knowledge of that conference. Which, is more than you can say for most who follow college football.

I am a fan of Kirby Hocutt. I make no bones about it. I have faith that he's done his due diligence here. I hope in the end he made the right hire.


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FIU to play Toledo in Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl

This was the report this morning in the Toledo Blade:

The University of Toledo has accepted a bid to play Florida International in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl on Dec. 26 at Ford Field in Detroit, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

The Rockets completed their regular season with an 8-4 record and are headed to a bowl for the first time since 2005, when they defeated Texas El-Paso 45-13 in the GMAC Bowl.

Florida International (6-6), of the Sun Belt Conference, and the Rockets met last season in Miami, with UT prevailing 41-31.

An official announcement on the pairing is expected Sunday afternoon.

If this is the case, you can catch the game on 790 The Ticket on 12/26 with coverage beginning at 7pm after The Ticket's Dolphins' post game coverage is finished that evening.

Kickoff for the game would be at 8:30 pm ET.


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Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sedano-says/#ixzz17FzvSaWr


What are the Heat's most productive lineups?

Nice work by CBSSports.com's Ken Berger on digging up this info in one of his latest offerings.

If you click on the previous links you can read the non Heat related info he provides.

* Lost in all the hysteria over LeBump and LeCoup attempt on coach Erik Spoelstra this week is the question of what Spoelstra can do with his lineups to improve Miami's performance on the floor. With help from adjusted plus-minus guru Wayne Winston , I dug into the lineups Spoelstra has used this season and came to some interesting conclusions.

The problem doesn't appear to be LeBron and Wade playing together; it's who's on the floor with them that makes a difference. In lineups with both LeBron and Wade, the Heat have outscored the opponent by 61 points. With LeBron only, they're plus-38, and with Wade only they're plus-21. (They're minus-14 with neither, for what it's worth.)

Spoelstra's most frequently used lineup -- the starting lineup of Wade, James, Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony and Carlos Arroyo-- has outscored the opponent by 36 points over 133 minutes. According to Winston, that lineup plays 14.55 points better than average. In other words, those five players would beat an average NBA lineup by 14 points over 48 minutes.

When Spoelstra subs Zydrunas Ilgauskas for Anthony in his second-most used lineup, that number goes down to 2.65 points better than average and Miami is plus-6. What happens when the Heat play without a point guard proves the point I've been harping on all along: Whether he likes it or not, LeBron needs to be the point guard on this team.

By far, Miami's best lineup with James and Wade (and with at least 30 appearances) is one without a true point guard. The Supertwins plus Bosh, Udonis Haslem (currently injured), and James Jones is 44.19 points better than average and outscoring opponents by 29 points in 43 minutes. If anything, Spoelstra should have been using that lineup more often; despite the assumption that Jones' suspect defense is an issue, that lineup is comparable defensively to the starting unit featuring Arroyo and Anthony instead of Jones and Haslem.

Without Haslem, Spoelstra still has an effective option with James and Wade and no true point guard on the floor. But to this point, he's only used this combination 13 times for a total of 17 minutes: James, Wade, Bosh, Ilgauskas and Jones are 45.81 points better than average and plus-15.

The point-guard problem is underscored when Spoelstra uses another point guard other than Arroyo. For example, of the four lineups Spoelstra has used with James, Wade and Eddie House, three of them are awful -- the worst being a lineup of James, Wade, Haslem, Ilgauskas and House, which is 46.99 points worse than average and minus-8.

The bottom line: Aside from using LeBron as a point guard more frequently, you can't really argue too much with the combinations Spoelstra has used most often. LeBron is the one player capable of tailoring his game to the needs of the team, and if he does, that will help Wade emerge from his funk and get the Heat playing like a Super Team instead of a Blooper Team.


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LeBron has no idea what he's asking for

LeBron James seems to be laying the blame of this 9-8 start on his head coach Erik Spoelstra.

This morning Chris Broussard of ESPN gave us this story on how the Heat players are frustrated with Spoelstra.

You don't need to perform brain surgery to figure out this was another genius idea from LeBron's camp to relieve some of the pressure off of LeBron and his teammates.

I've spoken to several media types that were at the game in Dallas. They've all told me that while the team had their, "players only meeting," Maverick Carter was seen walking out with LeBron.

If you've followed the Summer of LeBron at all, you know who Maverick Carter is by now. No need to rehash the details of their relationship.

In your last Nike commercial, you asked yourself if you should stop listening to your friends?

The answer is a resounding and emphatic, YES!

Think about it, in sports, only Tiger Woods has had a worse year in that department.

Hell, Alex Rodriguez thinks you've been handling your business poorly these days.

Ironically, I feel like those two have so much in common it's scary. Both have been sports prodigies, neither had a father figure, aloof, yet seeking acceptance and both sought out the best opportunities to win championships.

I think I'll do that blog some other time, but I digress.

It seems like LeBron is gaining another label. One that Alex Rodriguez does not possess. Fox Sports.com's Bill Reiter alludes to it in his latest column. He claims LeBron may be a coach killer.

Now, if Erik Spoelstra is let go, it's going to be perceived that it was all LeBron's doing. That may or may not be accurate, but that will absolutely be the public perception.

That means that Pat Riley would likely become the head coach. Which, also means that LeBron and Company's tenure here in Miami would become self fulfilling to prophesy.

It would be proving the doubters right per se.

In turn, it would then bring back Pat Riley to the sidelines. Moreover, like Al Pacino in Godfather 3 you'll hear the screams of, "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!"

Now, I of all people can attest to the Riley fascination. I'm at the front of the line when it comes to admirers. I bring all sorts of man crush at Riles. So, much so I named my damn dog after the man.

I'm not alone on that front. I came across an excellent NY Times column from Mike Wise about Pat Riley's retirement in 2003. It has some great insight into who Riles is.

About five years ago, Pat Riley heard that Todd Day was upset with his methods. A marginal N.B.A. player had been talking smack behind his back.

So Riley gathered his team together and asked if anyone on the Miami Heat had a problem with his leadership.

''Todd Day, you got a problem with how I run things?'' he asked.

Day backpedaled for a few seconds -- until Riley silenced him and told him to get out, he was done. Guaranteed contract or not, Day was cut.

''Now,'' Riley said, breathing deeply, ''does anyone else have a problem with how I run this ship?''

See, that's the kind of stuff I love about Pat. There are countless stories like that. Such as, the time he stuck his head in a bucket of water.

Riley was notorious for pre-game challenges to his players' manhood. Riley, (during one of those Heat/Knicks playoff wars) reportedly dove face down into a bucket of water for about a minute, emerging to declare: ''You've got to want to win as much as you want to breathe.''

It's why when in the Wise article a sports executive was asked to explain Riley's allure to women, her response was:

''Women don't love Pat Riley,'' she said. ''It's the men. He's a dude magnet.''

So, you see part of me gets why LeBron would want him. It's the same reason Shaq wanted him and not Stan Van Gundy.

He's a dude magnet.

The problem is, LeBron has never really had that person to tell him what to do.

Is he truly ready for something like this?

(Wise Article)

Today, Riley also leaves a league of players who have insulated themselves with people -- agents, family, friends -- who tell them what they want to hear. Riley told players what they needed to hear, and that is how he made multimillionaires compete as if they were trying not to get cut from the junior varsity.

Shaq talked about his military upbringing and how Riley reminded him of that lifestyle. He called him the greatest coach he has ever played for.

Then when push came to shove it ended with him and Riles almost coming to blows. Which led to Shaq becoming a member of the Phoenix Suns.

Here's the last great excerpt I'll share from the Wise article:

Indeed, Riley was the coach who could teach how to never lose another grade-school fight behind the cafeteria. He could teach how to make peace with a hard-knock father without saying a word. He could teach how to -- in the most medieval sense -- be a man.

LeBron James has been a basketball prodigy for as long as we can remember now.

The question remains if he's ready to -- be a man?


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Thanksgiving no time to panic for HEAT

I know Heat fans are a little bitter this Thanksgiving morning.

Meanwhile, the brigade of haters/doubters are relishing. They have a little extra pep in their step.

You can still give thanks to Pat Riley and company on a day like today.

Though, judging from my twitter account very few of you are in a forgiving mood.

Lebronbitterface The reality is this fan base and this team needs to keep perspective of the situation.

I know this is a football town, but this obviously isn't a 16 game season.

The point is folks, they (Heat) and anyone else was wrong to think this team was going to just breeze through the season.

They should treat the regular season like 82 preseason games. LeBron and Wade particularly need to figure out how to play together.

They play very similar styles. So, that will take a little longer than anticipated.They both have extremely high basketball IQ's. So, as long as frustration doesn't set in. They will figure it out soon enough.

Now, what they really need is a shooter/play maker (Miller) in the rotation.

Having Miller back will help the motion offense they wanted to run. Spot up shooters don't help the motion/transition game, they wanted to play

Miller has PG skills, can penetrate, and also shoot 3's at a 45% clip. No one else on this roster can do that.

All they need to find out is if they can replace Haslem's rebounds? Either with Dampier or a trade in Feb.

This year this team had no margin for injury.

If you have been following along, that has obviously, not been the case for the Heat. So as everyone in the country takes great joy now. If/When they figure it out as JVG said tonight, they'll be pretty bleeping nasty. Much like what everyone had anticipated.

Nevertheless, until then it will be a struggle.

That's the reality of the situation. So, enjoy the turkey and the fixings. All will be alright eventually.

It just may take longer than anyone expected.



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Rodman claims he was drunk during interview

I know... I know... SHOCKER!


Dennis Rodman -- a recovering alcoholic -- is now pleading "intoxication" to explain why he did an outrageous early morning radio interview.

Dennis Rodman called in to the "Jorge Sedano Show" on 790 The Ticket Tuesday morning to talk about the Miami Heat-- but that was quickly derailed by sexual moans and giggles from the woman Dennis said was in bed with him.

Rodman's rep tells TMZ, "Dennis was clearly intoxicated and doesn't remember much."

The rep continues, "Dennis wants to apologize to his family, friends, and fans" -- and says it was a bad day for Rodman's ongoing alcohol issues.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to the interview yet, you can hear it below.

Dennis rodman interview - 11-23-10

Seriously, I love Rodman. I loved him as a player and as a personality. However, after what I heard yesterday on my show, he needs major help.

I hope he gets it.


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