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Jason Taylor on Jets, plus other Dolphins notes


Now that he has played one season for the Jets, playing against them no longer elicits a strong emotional reaction from Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor.

You won’t hear Taylor saying he hates the Jets, as he did a few years ago.

“They’re a rival of ours. The fire burns as far as the game is concerned,” he said Friday. “But to get me to take a shot at the guys and the fans, I’m not going to do that anymore. It’s another game for us. It will be a fun game, a game both teams need to win.”

Taylor told Jets writers this week that “there are always some people in Miami that don’t want to hear [it], but the fact of the matter is I enjoyed myself last year. We had a good bit of success. I kind of got a chance to walk in the shoes of another man, so to speak, and see it from the other side and had a really good time and kind of changed some of the perspective I had on what the Jets were all about.”

What kind of reception does he expect Monday night at MetLife Stadium? “I’m sure I’ll be booed…. They’re Jet fans and they should be.”

### Taylor has one sack and four tackles this season, but no tackles in three of Miami’s four games. “He’s been kind of almost there,” Tony Sparano said. “He has been disruptive, in the backfield in a lot of rush situations.”

### Sparano said his “vision” for Taylor was to play 25 snaps a game. He played 33, 36 and 28 in the first three, and 50 in the fourth game when filling in for injured Koa Misi.

“We’ve got to keep him as fresh as we can,” defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said. “How much percentage-wise [does Taylor have left]? I don’t know. But I can say he’s got gas.”

### Nolan, who would be a top candidate to become the Dolphins’ interim coach if Sparano is fired during the season, gave a self-deprecating answer when asked Friday about the keys to being a successful head coach.

“I was unsuccessful so it’s hard for me to say,” said Nolan, who was 18-37 as 49ers head coach from 2005 through 2008.

“But my father [Dick] was a successful one. The two things most important to winning are the players No. 1 and the scheme you’re using No. 2.” He also suggested coaches cannot be “real rigid in your scheme.”

### The Dolphins’ run defense has declined this season but Nolan said “I would be surprised” if it doesn’t get back to being very good.

“I’m less worried about that than the back end, the explosive pass plays,” Nolan said. “Those have cost us.”

### Vontae Davis was limited again in practice Friday, but said he expects to play Monday. Tony McDaniel and Koa Misi participated fully and also plan to play. Nolan is pleased to get McDaniel back: “He was one of our productive per play guys we had on the defensive line.” 

Also limited Friday: Daniel Thomas (who has said he expects to play), Nolan Carroll, Chris Clemons and Will Yeatman.

### Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said some plays “may be run a little differently” with Matt Moore replacing injured Chad Henne.

Moore “does not feel very comfortable with all the plays maybe Chad feels comfortable with,” Daboll said. “He’s got a little bit of that ‘it’ type personality when he’s dealing with the other positions. He asks a million questions.”






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Richard D

Nice to see JT will have "fun" playing his old team while getting paid by the Dolphins. Here's an idea Jason. Instead of worrying about having "fun" how about you make at least one tackle this week?

Steven Sheft

It is sad to think the Dolphins season is already over. The new ownership needs to deep six Toni Sparano, which should have been done at the end of last season. Please, I beg you,draft a young qb with some skills and get on with it. Why has it been so difficult to find a franchise qb when other teams has been able to do it successfully? Henne other qb.


HERE'S THE WORSE THING THAT CAN HAPPEN from here....matt moore has a great game, sanchez hands the game to the phins because of his mistakes, they start to get on a little win streak with denver up next. THE 3 STOOGES (ross, ireland snd sparano) start to gain confidence in the players we have (even though THE STOOGES ARE THE REAL PROBLEMS) and they don't make any significant moves AGAIN for next season. PLUS the phins miss out on Luck because they won too many games!!! MORE OF THE SAME!!


What difference does it make if we start winning now with the staff that we have or roll the dice and get an unproven rookie QB from the draft as well as a new coach and new coordinators and a new scheme next year? If we win now we WIN. It makes no difference to me if Tony stays or go's as long as the Phins WIN and get into the playoff. By the way Nolan as interim head coach or permanent Head Coach I don't see any rationale in that. His "D" has been the principle reason we been getting our but_ handed to us this year and it was suppose to have been improved over last year. So if we improved our 6th rank "D" of last year; who is at fault for the miserable failure of this years "D" if not the coach? LET'JUST WIN...STARTING MONDAY NIGHT NEXT!!!!!!!!!


Taylor may still have gas, but the tank is a lot closer to empty than it is to full. In fact, the "low gas" light is blinking full force.

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