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More Manning reports; and Cespedes; Heat, UM

Seven notes on a Thursday afternoon:


### Two days after Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz said Peyton Manning "is not throwing like an NFL quarterback," NFL Network's Mike Lombardi also raised concerns.

Lombardi told ESPN's Bill Simmons: "He can't throw the ball. I've talked to people who have caught the ball from him. He can't throw the ball to his left. He can't throw the ball across his body because he doesn't feel it. People that catch the ball from him say he doesn't really have velocity on the ball yet.''

But former Colts vice chairman Bill Polian left a far different impression in a Thursday interview with ESPN. Polian said when he last saw Manning throw in December, "It's marked [improvement] from where he was in September. He threw it accurately. He threw it with a good, tight spiral. He threw it with velocity. Generally, he looked like a pretty confident quarterback out there."

Polian predicted Manning will return "at a high level."

As you know (unless you've been on the North Pole), Manning is widely expected to be released before the March 8 deadline for the Colts to pay him a $28 million bonus.

### The Marlins took coveted Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to lunch at Smith and Wollensky on Wednesday, and one oddity of the whole scene is that cameras were rolling.

The cameras weren’t from any local TV station. Instead, MLB was shooting it to have footage for Showtime’s reality series on the Marlins that will air this summer.

Showtime produced six episodes on the San Francisco Giants last summer – the first year the network produced this type of program, which is similar to HBO’s NFL training camp series, Hard Knocks.

A Marlins’ deal with Showtime hasn’t been finalized, but it is expected barring any unexpected glitches.

Cespedes has made clear he would love to play for the Marlins, but his agent will go through the process of eliciting bids from other teams, just in case another team makes a significantly higher offer. The Marlins' meeting with Cespedes went well, his agent told ESPN, adding that other teams are in the mix but declining to say if he has met with them. Cespedes is expected to return to the Dominican Republic this week.

### With Anibal Sanchez and Emilio Bonifacio winning their arbitration cases, the Marlins payroll will end up being around $100 million – at least $20 million more than even the club’s top executives expected before Jeffrey Loria decided to go on his spending spree.

The Marlins originally said they planned to be in the mid-range of big-league payrolls when they opened the new stadium, which would be in the $88 million range. Credit them for topping that. The Marlins 2012 payroll will be barely below their COMBINED payroll from 2008 to 2010.

Their payroll, over the past four years, was $21 million, $36 million, $47 million and $57.6 million.

The 2012 payroll would be even larger if their most recent deals weren’t so backloaded. For example, Jose Reyes will make $10 million in 2012, but $22 million in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

### WQAM says Channing Crowder is stepping away from his radio work for the next couple of months to prepare for an NFL comeback. It won’t be for the Dolphins; Crowder has repeatedly blasted GM Jeff Ireland. But he said he would love to play for the Falcons, who recently hired former Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. Crowder and Nolan already have spoken.

### It was notable that Erik Spoelstra went to Dexter Pittman – not Eddy Curry – when he needed a natural backup center against Orlando. Spoelstra has used Curry in only five games, for 27 minutes, and clearly doesn’t believe he’s ready to be an every-night contributor.

Pittman, for the season, has 10 points, 17 rebounds and 23 fouls. Curry has 10 points, five rebounds and nine fouls.

### Dwyane Wade, who made 63 three-pointers last season and 88 two years ago, is 0 for 9 for the season after missing two against Orlando.

“It’s not like somebody came to me and said, ‘D, don’t shoot threes,’” he said. “I haven’t been handling the ball a lot at the [top of] the key. My spots are different.” Wade is a career 30 percent shooter on threes.

### Despite the departures of Travis Benjamin, LaRon Byrd and Tommy Streeter, UM should be fine at receiver next season, with six incoming players to accompany potential starters Allen Hurns and Philip Dorsett. But receiver will be a major problem when spring practice begins March 3, because Hurns will be out with an injury and Rashawn Scott may be, too. That leaves only Dorsett, Davon Johnson and Kendal Thompkins among scholarship players.



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they should play Curry against lesser teams but if you`re not going to use him than release him and get somebody who can actually help the team




"NO" to Manning... I want a QB to start working with the receivers in March, Not August-September or sometime during next season. Get Flynn, he will NOT be another Kolb because he understands Philbin's and Sherman's philosophy. Kolb had to learn a whole new offense. The only thing that will change in Miami is the verbiage and the Audible calls. We won't have the same Audible calls that Green Bay uses. Arm strength can be fixed by strengthening the arm and practice.

What's the best thing for a Re-generated nerve? And how long would it take to be 100%? If Manning takes a hit the wrong way, will he be carried out in an Ambulance? Don't get me wrong, Peyton is one of the greatest QB's to go down in NFL history... BUT he is 36 yrs old and no guarantee if he takes a nasty hit that it won't set us back.

Free agency, I say "I'm in with Flynn!!"
If we don't land him, let's go after RGIII with everything we have and let Moore start this year and let RGIII take over in 2013.


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this is information i was not aware off, great post thanks for sharing this with us


agree.....not saying that flynn is definitely the answer, and yes, he may be another kolb/feeley, but he gets the packers system and has produced (although very limited in it),

what we really need is for ross to take a seat somewhere in new york and allow the football people (yes, jeff ireland and joe philbin) to do what they get paid for and run the football operations of the team

Mark Wynn Sr.

The Heat need to stop all the foolishness and stop making excuses when we lose. Coach Spoelstra of the Heat should just coach his team with more execution of plays down the floor. We need a veteren point guard that can and should handle the ball each time were on offense. The 2 wanna bees need to play team ball. I love the Heat, but until this happens the Heat want even make it to the Finals. TRUST ME.

Mark Wynn Sr.

The Dolphins shouldnt pass up QB Manning. Again were too smart!!! Somebody that knows how to WIN want. Bottom Line.


I've been saying this all along...once I see Peyton making all the required throws, then we make him an offer.
The biggest test is the 20 yd out route across the body to the opposite side. He makes that on a consistent basis, I'll be happy to endorse this deal.

If he cannot make them then its plan B...RG3. Since there are three teams ahead of us who want RG3, then its onto plan C.
Acquire Matt Flynn off the Free Agent market.

IMO, Flynn will be our starter in Sept.


Manning, if healthy, will only be a short time cure for a long term illness. Dolphins need a young franchise QB.


Flynn is the better choice he is young ,and healthy. He is also familiar with Philbin's system. Manning unfortunately had three operations in his neck and is on his way out. Lets get younger, better and not older or slower.


The Peyton lovers make me laugh. Just think about it – Manning has been in the same system for 14 years – he knew all his players inside and out – they all knew the system inside and out – manning ran the offense from the field. THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN in Miami or anywhere else. Philbin will install the Packer offense or some version of it. Plus Manning can’t even throw the ball yet. Wake up people and smell the roses.

Anyway M Moore was 6-3 while learning a new offense last year – with swinging gate Columbo protecting him – and he almost beat the two super bowl finalists at the end of the season on their turf with 3 point losses. If Philbin doesn’t keep Moore and let him compete they are crazy.


Bottom line is this, if the Fins get Flynn he is READY. Philbin knows this kid inside and out. So stop whining about if the Fins don't get him, if they don't they KNEW better. They know better then YOU armchair warrior.


C'mon idiot Ross & Ireland why can't you see Manning is not a good choice here!!! GET FLYNN HERE he knows Philbin's offense already!!! RGIII will be another V.Y.


Areed. If they pass on Flynn then you can know Philbin did not think tbat higbly of him and they believe Manning is able. If they pass on Manning and get him then the opposite is the case. Either way they will need to make certain somehow an agreement is certain for onee or the other because thefe is no possible way the Dolphins get a shot at RG3 or Luck.


Indeed, Vann. The Dolphins also knew better about Culpepper over Brees. Or Matt Ryan or whoever else you want to bring up who Miami passed on or chose not to pursue for whatever reason. GB has so many more weapons along with an established offensive scheme, which Miami doesn't have. To say Flynn is ready without any trepidation whatsoever is ridiculous. Fiedler had a similar resume as Flynn when he took over. Limited games, but big numbers in those games. Trusting the Dolphins to do anything right is like hoping a politician will actually follow through on his campaign promises...won't happen.


Uh oh, Manning having problems throwing the ball. Here's the deal, whether you go with Manning or Flynn(Philbin would know if he is worth going after) you still must get a rookie quarteback with a high pick(even the 2nd round)because you need a backup for the future. Even if you want to keep Moore we still would need an upgrade as much as possible. We have been suffering with the quarterback position and we must ensure that even if we hit it big with Manning or Flynn,we don't fall back into the quarterback abyss for many decades to come.


The only way the Dolphins should even think about taking Peyton Manning is if they can structure into his contract a clause that gives them a complete financial out if Manning's neck injury prevents him from playing to NFL standard and he is dropped from the team. There should be no guaranteed up-front money, standard payment for an average NFL QB, but a contract laden with very high performance incentives based on Manning's statistics at the end of the season.

Personally, I favor a younger and healthier QB such as Matt Flynn or my most favorite opt, a trade-up in the draft for RG3.

Wicky Rilliams

Just make a trade and draft griffen. If they want to medicore forever, then they wont. I want young players. The peyton manning idea reminds me of trent green. He will be 36...and we wont win with him. Trade whatever to get rg3, then sign a pass rusher via free agency and a guard and right tackle. I'd settle for matt flynn if we can land rg3. But only philbin knows if he truly would be the answer.

Wicky Rilliams

be........and add a "t". over tired. goodnight dolphin land


here the deal maimi fans we want to win right now,if peyton is out there get him ,football is not tell sept. right now it is feb. then go get rg3 if he there but right now we want to win i taking that chance with peyton i know he be ready when the time is right i trust Philbin he know what to do when the season start we have the right QB under center and we will win right now the team need to get heartly for the season . All coaches need to get the very best out of their players that how you win get the best out of your players now is the time work this off season and when the season start you guys will be ready go fins keep in mind hard work pays off.

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