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Mike Mayock talks quarterbacks, Dolphins draft; CFL back signs with Miami

Some snippets, of Dolphins interest, from NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock’s conference call Wednesday:


### He raised questions about Packers free agent backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who’s on the Dolphins’ radar. Mayock said “the league has a minimal amount of tape” on Flynn and that the NFL didn’t think that much of him coming out of LSU, when he was a seventh-round pick.

Mayock also wondered aloud about how much of Flynn’s success in two starts with Green Bay is the result of the talent around him.

And Mayock raised this question: “Over eight, 10 games when the league has a chance to get tape on Matt Flynn, how effective will he be?”

### Mayock said, “I love everything” about Baylor’s Robert Griffin III and said Cleveland is the “logical” trade partner to acquire the No. 2 pick from St. Louis. Mayock believes if the Browns offer the fourth and 22nd picks in the first round, that would be fair value for a trade-up. “If I was the Rams, I’d be ecstatic with that deal.”

If the Browns make that offer, it’s difficult to envision the Dolphins having enough ammunition to pull off a trade with St. Louis.

### Jake Locker and Christian Ponder rose into the top 12 of the first round in last year’s draft, and Mayock said “the same thing could happen with Ryan Tannehill.”

“He hasn’t started as many games as I’d like from a first-round quarterback, but I think he will be a first-round quarterback,” Mayock said. “He’s got everything you want – size, arm strength, a really good athlete. What I don’t like is he waits for routes to develop before he throws.”

Tannehill, who played for new Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman at Texas A&M, was a receiver earlier in this college career and had just 20 starts at quarterback at A&M. If the Dolphins don’t get Peyton Manning or Flynn, they conceivably could trade down in the first round to get Tannehill and another pick. Or they could pick him at No. 9, though that would be awfully high; Mel Kiper, for one, doesn't even consider him a first-rounder.

### Though Mayock said Iowa’s Riley Reiff “would make sense” for Miami with the eighth or ninth pick, “I find it hard to take a right tackle at 8 or 9.” He said Georgia’ Cordy Glenn or Mississippi’s Bobby Massie would be second-round tackle options. (Kiper has Glenn pegged as a first-round guard.)

### He said a case could be made for Miami to draft South Carolina defensive end/linebacker Melvin Ingram with its top pick, though “it’s probably a little high” for him.

### In an unrelated note, both encouraging and discouraging reports continue to surface about Manning. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reiterated Manning is throwing well and making progress. But Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks reported Wednesday that it is “nearly inevitable” that Manning will require more surgery at some point, and that he has potentially developed bone spurs in his neck.

### As expected, the Dolphins signed running back Jerome Messam, who ran for 1057 yards and averaged 5.4 per carry for the Edmonton Eskimos last year, his second season in the CFL. He went undrafted out of Graceland in Iowa, and isn't nearly as coveted a prospect as Cameron Wake was when Wake joined the Dolphins out of the CFL.






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After the Buzz hiatus, these daily blogs are a relief. Solid info.

Chris H

Last year everyone had Locker and Ponder as late first round picks and they went early, and the teams that took them are happy they did. If the Dolphins like Tannehill they should pull the trigger and draft him, not twiddle their fingers and trade down in the first round and hope he is still there. Because he probably won't be.

RG3 would be my first choice, but another year of Moore with Tannehill spending a year getting coached up is not a bad option.


Interesting, ESPN reports that Manning had a FOURTH procedure on his neck in 2011.

Seriously Dolphins...look elsewhere.


Mayock said “the league has a minimal amount of tape” on Flynn and that the NFL didn’t think that much of him coming out of LSU, when he was a seventh-round pick.

Which means - Mayock didn't think much of him, and since Mayock's paid to be a draft guru, there is some value for Mayock in seeing Flynn not succed. Kind of an, "I told you so" type of approach.

Messam - That's what I'm talking aboot!


I like Tannehill on tape.....looks sharp....I think there's room for growing for him but that he would be a lower first round pick......and actually, with the increased value for QB's these days...I would take him at 9 and not mess around and take a chance at missing him. QB is the single most important position on the team....the D-phins haven't even taken a swing at a 1st Round QB since Marino....that's flat out wrong! If you believe he can be your franchise QB, then take him or 9 at 8 or else you just might lose him like we lost out on Mallet last year!


Mayock also said Pat White would be an NFL starting qb by his third season.


why dont they get Flynn and draft blocmon


It will definitely be an EPIC fail if the Fins draft Tannehill with the 8th pick(or ninth). Twenty games is not near enough experience to waste a first rounder on "potential". You people drinking the Kool-aid refer to all the other reaches in Dolphin draft history.


Great work, Barry. The Buzz has been sorely missed...Now, JOIN TWITTER ALREADY SO WE KNOW WHEN THE BUZZ IS POSTED!!


Stop Messam with me!

Felix El Gato

We need some people who can block - starting with a Right Tackle and followed up with a Right Guard.

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