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NCAA investigation update: Nevin Shapiro rants from prison; UM optimistic



As he sits behind a computer in a New Orleans prison, the rage still boils inside Nevin Shapiro.

The angry e-mails this winter paint the picture of a man determined to destroy the UM football program. But UM remains optimistic he won’t be nearly as successful as he claims he will be.

“The public is going to hate me worse in the next coming months,” Shapiro, serving a 20-year sentence for a Ponzi scheme, wrote in numerous e-mails over the past few months. “It’s going to be severe and catastrophic. My feelings are getting inflamed and I’m going to pop off pretty soon with regards to them and the NCAA. I’m coming for them both [UM and former players] and I’m going to be successful.

“I’m taking that program down to Chinatown and the former players and links to that program. Why? Because the U.S. government lined up 47 former players to testify against me in open court if I went to trial. That in itself is motivation to shove it up their collective [butts].”

Nobody at UM believes Shapiro when he claims “UM is getting the death penalty or damn close to it.” The NCAA isn’t commenting on its investigation, which began last March, but here’s what people are saying, including UM administrators and Board of Trustee members:

### The NCAA has not told UM what punishment to expect, but there’s cautious optimism. UM’s understanding is the NCAA will dismiss any of Shapiro’s claims that it cannot corroborate and is highly skeptical about some of his allegations. Many of them have not been corroborated.

One top UM official said if Shapiro were under oath, UM could punch holes in much of what he says. UM expects to hear from the NCAA by early summer.

### One UM official said he expects “one more bowl ban, maybe two at most” plus undetermined scholarship losses. But that’s speculative, because UM hasn’t been told anything on either issue. Some are hopeful of escaping further bowl bans after last year’s self-imposed one.

### Al Golden said: “We think the worst is behind us. The [current] coaches and 95 percent of the players weren’t here when that thing went on. There’s a shift by the NCAA to go after the perpetrators and that’s not us.”

### Surprisingly, the NCAA hasn’t contacted many former players implicated by Shapiro. Samuel Shields said his son Sam, whom Shapiro claimed he gave a television, was never called by the NCAA and said Shapiro’s allegation is false.

The school believes none of the former Canes, excluding those still attending college elsewhere, are talking to the NCAA. The NCAA called several college players who aren’t at UM; some gave information that could hurt UM but others, such as ex-Cane Storm Johnson did not. Johnson, now at UCF, told the NCAA he had no contact with Shapiro, his father said. (Remember, only current college players, current coaches and current college employees are required to speak to the NCAA; all others are not.)

### Former UM basketball coaches Frank Haith, Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez denied wrongdoing to NCAA investigators and claimed no knowledge of Morton’s alleged payoff intended for DeQuan Jones’ family, according to friends. The NCAA hasn’t corroborated the Jones allegation. "DeQuan Jones didn't do anything wrong, but that won't stop the proof of the cash payouts to Morton, with Haith's knowledge," Shapiro e-mailed. The NCAA apparently has no such proof, as of this time.

### Former assistant football coach Joe Pannunzio, now at Alabama, said he would do nothing to implicate UM, according to a friend, though one active player told the NCAA that Pannunzio was to blame for taking him to Shapiro. More problematic is Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt, who was implicated by several players for providing lodging during recruiting trips.... Also still problematic, among other things: Shapiro's co-ownership in a sports agency that signed Vince Wilfork and Jon Beason and recruited lots of others. But his partner, Michael Huyghue, has disputed Shapiro's claims and denied NCAA violations. 

### The owner of one prominent local business where Shapiro allegedly took players said he did not return the NCAA’s call. Fashion Clothiers owner Shelly Bloom said the NCAA hasn’t called him, notable because Yahoo! claiming Bloom confirmed that Shapiro spent thousands of dollars on suits and clothing for Devin Hester, Tavares Gooden and Willis McGahee. Bloom disputed that Yahoo portrayal, saying he didn’t know for whom Shapiro bought the clothing.

### Shapiro said “114 is the true number” of players he has implicated “and that’s what the NCAA is working off” – not the 72 mentioned by Yahoo! But aside from the eight who were disciplined last year, allegations against many will be difficult or impossible to prove.

### Shapiro spoke of claims that have not “been brought to light yet” and that “the NCAA is aware and involved.” If there are such claims, UM people we spoke with aren’t aware of them.

### After a December agreement ensured that no current or former UM players will be asked to testify in front of the bankruptcy trustee, Shapiro said the former players “are going to have to tell the truth, but it’s not going to be [to] a trustee.” He has suggested UM players will be required to speak to the government.

But Michael Ward, who’s in charge of Newark’s FBI division (which investigated Shapiro's Ponzi scheme), said Shapiro’s allegations “against the players would not rise to the level of a federal crime. There is no FBI investigation of Shapiro’s allegations.”

Overall, Shapiro sounds like a desperate man, willing to say anything to exact revenge and still furious that "once the [ex-UM] players turned pro, they turned their back on me.'' Incredibly, he says of himself, "I'm more of a victim than a Ponzi schemer and assailant." The federal government doesn't see it that way.

A member of the Federal Department of Justice said Shapiro, 42, must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence, equal to 17 years, for orchestrating the $930 million Ponzi scheme. He pled guilty, in September 2010, to one count of securities fraud and one count of money laudering. 


### Carl Peterson’s friends say even though he and Stephen Ross discussed an executive position with the Dolphins, Ross would not give Peterson a title that would put him over CEO Mike Dee and GM Jeff Ireland because of faith in both. That eliminated any chance of it happening.

### One prominent NFL agent predicts the Dolphins and Redskins are the most likely to make the highest bids for Peyton Manning (health provided), but NBC’s Peter King expects Redskins executive Bruce Allen will tell owner Dan Snyder, “I’m not going to screw up my salary cap unless his physical comes back perfect.” Said King: Dolphins owner “Stephen Ross is most likely to give him whatever he wants, including the keys to his house.” Besides the Dolphins, Redskins, Cardinals and Jets, keep an eye on Seattle, which has a lot of cap space.

###  Though much was made of Larry Bird’s comments that he would take Kobe Bryant over LeBron James “if you want to win and win and win,” Bird also predicted James “is going to win multiple championships and will go down as one of the top three, four, five players to ever play. He’s so good, I think people nitpick and expect so much of the kid. We should just enjoy him instead of pounding him.”

### The consensus on Marlins target Yoenis Cespedes is scouts love his speed, power, and arm and range defensively. The only concern we’ve heard is whether he’ll be more than a .260 or .270 type hitter. “I would have concerns about him being an above average bat at the big-league level,” one AL scout said. “He looks like he gets everything out in front of the plate. When you don’t see the ball longer and let it travel a little deeper, you are generally using one side of the field. He might hit for power, but if he doesn’t control the zone very well, he will have trouble hitting for average.”

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen told a Chicago radio station last week that Cespedes is "pretty impressive" but "there are a lot of question marks out there. How is he going to handle major league pitching? We don't know... Whoever signs him is gambling.'' The Marlins remain cautiously optimistic about signing him; Cespedes' agent has spoken to other teams, but the outfielder reportedly has met only with the Marlins so far.


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Damn I don't want to wait til early summer to get this over with. I believe one more bowl ban and scholarship reductions. .

Go Canes!!!

sonny corleone

Hey Nevin....looks like you can send emails out which means you can also read enails as well. Keep this on your little phucked up mind while you sit there and cry for the next 17 years....we're waiting for you.


Shame on ESPN, Yahoo, and all the other haters for salivating over this story when it first came out, which had little credibility from the start. Most of it is proving to be just sour grapes, but I doubt any of these media clowns will come out and admit they overeacted to the story.

When I think about this punk Shapiro, I ask myself, "is he in segregated population?" with the child molestors and such? If he's in General Pop, there has to be some thugged out 'Cane fan just itching to toss his salad. If this punk makes it a whole year without an incident in the showers then I presume 1 of 3 things: he's in a country club financial prison, he's in segregated pop, or he's in a prison with FSU and UF bumbs.


I watched American Greed...This guy Shapiro is a lying nut job with severe anger management issues. He will be his own worst enemy with anything he says...What a joke...no crdibility unless he admits he was a con man who stole millions, as the record shows....

Marty Anson

No worries you dicksuckinglittlebastard, you'll be dead soon.

Georgia Cane

My predictions will come true. I said this when all of this began. "No Death Penelty" just one or two more Bowl bands and Scholarships cut. That's it, a bump in the road. I beleive in two years we will be in the top ten. Go Canes!

tony in miami

What is the credibility of this Mopther F**** has, when he lie to people for stolen money, and the funny thing is the NCAA is still listen to this repugnant human been.


One can only hope that he experiences further misconduct during his extended stay and turns his misfortune into a lifetime career. At least a transfer to a higher level of prison where he will need to be concerned with more personal issues than raining on the UM's parade.


It's just sad how 2 simple words can be so devastating to so many people...Free Will...



Those comments alone show that Shapiro is a degenerate. He wants to destroy a program. He manipulated young men with flash and cash! What kid from a low class neighborhood would not want those things they have dreamed of four years early before they enter the draft! Hey if someone waved cash in front of me and said no worries kid, pay me when you can....than I take it. I see the NCAA make millions of dollars off bowl games. Universities make fortunes off alumni contributions. What do the kids get, yes I know a free education others cannot afford, but give me a break. Shapiro's record is novel size. Who is wrong here?? The young kid trying to help his family


No doubt this is a convict and a piece of garbage that ruined the lives of people through theft, lies and deceit. But the fact that the NCAA does not have the ability or the stomach to pursue the NCAA violations and the fact that those who may have taken illegal benefits are not required to testify as to their participation in said events does not mean that illegal benefits were not offered or taken. The fact that this piece of trash was a University of Miami booster is damaging. Even if the sanctions are light because the NCAA doesn't have the juice to track down every allegation Shapiro is making and because those who benefitted don't have to sing, only the most delusional Miami fans and those that are in denial can possibly believe that these events did not occur.


Gatorsam, obviously some of the allegations are true. The issue is most of the yahoo story had little support or even had evidence against it. Almost all of it was only corroborated by Shapiro, and most of the "Evidence" was simply a receipt saying he ate at a particular restaurant. By that logic, everyone has taken canes players to dinner. Obviously some of it is true, the issue is a huge chunk of what was alledged was simply shapiro looking for anything he can manipulate to be damaging

Michael Payne

Shapiro, You are one dumb SOB. Why would you want to screw up the university that you obviously once cared for.You can't blame the student kids for testifying against you. They were jammed up with all of the authorities talking to them, what else could they do? You are the one who did the deed and now you are having to pay for it. Just do your time like a man, dude, or Bubba might come looking for you and you might fall in love!
Don't you think that just maybe some of your room mates are Miami football fans and may not like what you did to their team? Well, good luck Shapiro, I hope you look! cute in stripes By the way, I am a Nole fan and I don't like what you did to Miami!


Vengance and revenge taken out on someone shows the desperation a liar and thief will use to pull others into the gutter with him.

He is the lowest form of humanity in depriving others of what is rightfully theirs.

Snakes are skyscrapers compared to the type of humanity this animal pretends to be..

The 'Canes are bigger than this piece of trash and everyone is getting the true picture of this "Jock sniffer " ass****as JJ rightfully called it..

If I don't ever read anything about this filth again I would be happy..
Rot in jail you piece of S***

The 'Canes are bigger than you and reality hurts so suffer for the next 20 years.


Good stuff Barry, keep it coming!


Any investigators with half a brain will be able to see that Nevin Shapiro is just retaliating against the U and his claims are coming from his hatred towards a group who spoke out against his illegal and unethical ways.


Ifnthe NCAA has any guts, the additional sanctions and penalties against Miami willmake USC's look light.


Gatosam surely you know that what Shapiro did at UM as a booster goes on at every University in America. Including your UF. Just be thankful the U puts more players in the pro's than UF, or he would have been throwing the money to your school.
It is easy to see his plan was to get into the sport agent business to keep the money moving to hide his ponzi empire. He cared nothing about UM, but to use the University and it's players to further himself. He will say anything to keep the spotlight on him.
You and the rest of the haters can say and pretend you are above what happened here. Just remember people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. This could easily have been any college in America.


Shapiro isn't what going to bring down the CANES, Golden will. He couldn't even finish with a better record than SHANNON. He really DIDN'T....... HOW could the CANES fire SHANNON for going 7-6 but give Golden a CONTRACT EXTENSION for going 6-6? THANK GOD WE BEAT mighty USF by 3 points or the CANES would have finished 5-7.The NCAA will hit US with a 3 year bowl ban and a REDUCTION of 40 scholarships. I HAVE GOOD SOURCES. Yes I REALLY DO! IF it's 114 CANES INVOLVED like SHAPIRO SAYS, then it WILL BE WORSE..... BUT DUKE WILL WIN THE HEISMAN next year since he's the best FRESHMAN since HERSCHEL WALKER. He'll finish with 1800 yards and 24 TDS. It's going to be a tough DECADE FOR THE CANES, but I don't care. NOT ONE IOTA!


Micheal Payne, you should be ashamed of yourself!! No upstanding Nole fan would back SCum in any matter!!


GK I beg to differ.

The guts of the NCAA are based solely on the ability and authority vested to them in investigating allegations...
No one can institute sanctions unless the infractions can be proven without a doubt...in every instance..

Without undeniable proof of every infration you are carrying water in a strainer buddy.

Read the article again.

On the words of a convicted Ponzi schemer....

No way,.


dannyboycane13 clean up your sources sounds like you are riding on the Canes incognito as a Gaytur..Easy with the CAPS will you.


....and I need to add that WHEN the NCAA hits THE CANES with a scholarship reduction of 40 over a 3 year period, like MY SOURCES are telling me, WE are in TROUBLE. That's 13 per YEAR and we only have 13 seniors NEXT YEAR. THAT MEANS the CANES CAN NOT SIGN ANY PLAYERS NEXT YEAR! NOT ONE IOTA! Don't trust USNavyCane (Staff writer, HA!), Tre0five, ibcane1, TYRONE62, LACane818, Canes9210, 01rodric or any of those fools at that TROLL AND LEECHING WEBSITE! They're idiots. THEY REALLY ARE. I know what the NCAA will do.


This sort of rant reminds me of the black knight guarding the bridge in Monty Python's "Holy Grail." He keeps getting limbs cut of and then challenges and threatens again....almost funny if it wasn't sad. Nevin Shapiro could have done much better with his life and put his energies to a positive use and been a great addition to the U family. It appears that enough just couldn't be enough and he got seduced into the idea that happiness could be bought, owned and controlled when none of that is actually true.


Hey, DannyBoyCane, I thought you died? Something about a bear with SARS, but I can't quite remember. All ghosts aside, I believe credibility has to mean SOMETHING here. Does this guy have any reason to lie? A few that I can think of: 1. Anger against former players. 2. Would making some over-the-top claims about spending some money on players which he actually sent to the Cayman's or Switzerland be a way to make that money actually disappear in the eyes of the gov't. I can think of more, but I'm more intrigued by DBC's ghost's love for Golden.

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