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Saturday update: Good news for UM; another Dolphins visitor signs elsewhere

FYI: If you are clicking on this link through the Dolphins page, please see our most recent post (to the left of this), on ex-Canes wondering why the Dolphins don't draft more of them.

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Saturday update on three items of note:

### The UM basketball program received good news Saturday morning when Kenny Kadji announced he will return for his senior season. There had been some concern internally that he might turn pro.

"Since everybody keeps asking me, I am going back to school for my senior year," Kadji tweeted.

He averaged 11.7 points and 5.3 rebounds last season and led UM with 51 blocks. Reggie Johnson hasn't announced if he's coming back for his senior year. If Johnson leaves, Kadji and Julian Gamble (who missed this season with an injury) would be the team's most experienced power rotation players.

### Linebacker Philip Wheeler, who visited with the Dolphins last weekend, agreed to a one-year deal with Oakland on Friday night. Wheeler tweeted Thursday that he had a tough choice to make between the Dolphins and Raiders, then tweeted later that ''Raider Nation'' showed him "love."

If Wheeler had signed with Miami, he would have had a decent chance to beat out Koa Misi. Instead, the Dolphins will look for linebacker depth during the second wave of free agency, or during the draft.

Wheeler was the second starting defensive player who signed elsewhere after visiting the Dolphins. Linebacker/defensive end Mark Anderson signed with Buffalo for far more money than Miami was willing to offer.

### Here's the latest on Misi, who was arrested by the Broward Sheriff's Office on a battery charge on Friday morning. A warrant had been issued in Santa Barbara for an incident that occurred in April 15, 2011, at 2:35 a.m.

According to the police report, witnesses say several people on a balcony got into an argument with a group of people walking by on the street below. One of those individuals allegedly ran to the apartment's entrance and attempted to break through the front door.

Witnesses say a 19-year-old male resident was sleeping on the couch when Misi gained access to the apartment by punching a hole through the wooden front door. The man stood up and was allegedly punched in the eye. Misi left the apartment shortly after that but was followed by three adult females who demanded that he pay for the damage to the apartment. According to the police report, one of the women said when she told Misi she was calling law enforcement, Misi grabbed the cell phone and threw it on the ground.

Sheriff deputies arrived moments later. Misi was cooperative and agreed to pay for the damage. The male did not request to file charges until the next day.

Misi's attorney, Adam Braun, said the alleged vicitim initiated the conflict by shoutring verbal taunts at Misi and friends. Braun suggested Misi should be protected by a California state law that holds someone responsible for verbal statements that start a fight.

Bond was set at $10,000. Misi had 34 tackles and one sack in 12 games (nine starts) last year before a neck injury sidelined him late in the season.

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Here's the buzz column from earlier Friday:

The Dolphins do not announce the draft prospects that are summoned to team headquarters, but sources say Miami’s list of upcoming visits includes North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples (an option at pick No. 8), Mississippi offensive tackle Bobby Massie (ESPN’s Todd McShay has Miami picking him at No. 41) and West Virginia linebacker Bruce Irvin (combined 22.5 sacks the past two years).

Among others booked for visits: Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler, guards Brandon Brooks (Miami of Ohio) and Desmond Wynn (Rutgers) and Montana cornerback Trumaine Johnson (a potential second-or third-rounder). The Dolphins drafted Johnson’s former defensive back teammate, Jimmy Wilson, after he visited last year.

Teams can bring no more than 30 non-local players to their facilities. Among players with local ties, Miami invited all the notable UM and FIU prospects, plus others including Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David (5.5 sacks), Wisconsin All-Big 10 cornerback Antonio Fenelus and Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley.

The Dolphins want to spend time with Coples, considered the draft’s best 4-3 end, and reconcile the widely-held perception that he didn’t always play as hard as he could last year.

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, also in the mix at No. 8, had dinner with Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin on Wednesday, then had an impressive throwing session in front of 21 teams (including Miami) on Thursday. Linebacker Melvin Ingram, another option at No. 8, met with a Miami coach privately before South Carolina’s Pro Day.

As for Massie, he has “great upside but he's unpolished,” Sports Illustrated’s Tony Pauline said. Philbin wants to upgrade the offensive line. But if the Dolphins take some combination of a lineman, pass rusher and Tannehill with their first two picks, they would urgently need to address receiver with picks No. 72 and/or 73.

Sometimes, teams book visits with players that are very talented but have had off-field issues. For example, Montana's Johnson -- who has very good top-end speed -- pleaded not guilty last year to obstructing an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Irvin, who ran an impressive 4.5 in the 40, was charged last month with destruction of property after breaking a sign at a sandwich shop. But Irvin overcame a tough background to thrive at West Virginia. He dropped out of high school, earned a GED and has impressed teams in interviews. 


### The Dolphins have several players entering the last year of their contracts, and doing extensions with Jake Long and Cameron Wake is the team's priority, according to a club source. Talks with Wake have not started, but are expected to begin soon. Long is due to earn $11.2 million next season. Wake is a bargain at $565,000 but would make significantly more in a new deal.

Though Long and Wake are the priorities, the Dolphins also would like to extend the contracts of Randy Starks and Brian Hartline, among others.

### The Dolphins are considering whether to leave Wilson at cornerback or shift him to safety, where he has some experience.

### Consultant Carl Peterson, the former Chiefs president and owner Stephen Ross’ buddy, no longer has an active role on the Dolphins’ football side after assuming a big one during the coach search. Peterson, who met with all the candidates, did a lot of background work on Philbin, calling Packers coach Mike McCarthy, general manager Ted Thompson and others. Peterson said this week that even though Philbin didn’t call the plays in Green Bay, “McCarthy told me that on first and second down, he asked Joe, ‘What do you think?’ Joe has a great capacity to communicate with everyone at all levels. He’s impressive.”

 ### Former Dolphins majority owner Wayne Huizenga, who owns five percent of the team and knows what it’s like to be bashed by fans, can commiserate with Ross. “I feel for Steve that it’s not going the way he wants it to go,” said Huizenga, who cracked that he came to the owners meetings for free drinks. “I don’t think Steve is doing a bad job.”

### Ross got plenty of moral support from other owners this week. The Jets’ Woody Johnson (a Dolphins fan growing up) and the Giants’ John Mara stressed how “smart” Ross is and have “no doubt” he will win. “Giants fans, in 1978, marched and burned tickets,” Mara reminded me, referencing the Dolphins’ fan protest last week. “The good thing is [Dolphins fans] are showing they care. The worst thing you can have is silence. People have to show some patience.”

Rams coach Jeff Fisher was effusive about Ross this week – “very, very impressed with Steve as an owner, his enthusiasm, his passion.” But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, asked Wednesday about his impressions of Ross after meeting with him in January 2011, said only that Ross is “professional” and had nothing more to say.

### Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt was genuinely “disappointed” to lose cornerback Richard Marshall to Miami and raved about his competitiveness and versatility. “He was an outstanding player, one that we wanted back. Very good feel for the game.”

### Pat Riley told people he’s likely done tinkering with the roster. After losing out on Derek Fisher, the Heat hasn’t called about Anthony Carter or any other free agent point guards. “We’re patient with Norris Cole because we believe in him,” Erik Spoelstra said. Cole, who has played poorly since the All-Star break, looked good against Dallas on Thursday.

### UM shifted Denzel Perryman to middle linebacker but isn’t sure whether he or Jimmy Gaines will ultimately end up there… Linebacker Kelvin Cain “is finding a home” at defensive end, coach Al Golden said, and could end up playing a lot there, especially if Shayon Green doesn't prove worthy of starting opposite Anthony Chickillo

A.J. Highsmith has risen to first team at safety; Vaughn Telemaque, demoted to the second team, has been “inconsistent,” defensive backs coach Paul Williams said… UM posted a flier on a campus bulletin board, asking for walks-ons who are at least 6-1 and 230 pounds and are interested in playing on the offensive line. Some pundits, including ESPN's Woody Paige, have poked fun at that. “The hope is you find one or more that help us,” Golden said Thursday, noting other schools do the same thing. “It's an easy target, so if people want to make fun of us, that’s fine.”


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9/11 was a Inside Job

Please draft Tanehill at #8... & if he doesn't become elite, continue drafting QBs in the first round.

We will never be a Superbowl contender without an all pro passer...


Al Golden is focused, and doesn't pay any attention to hacks like Woody Paige, have at it folks the U will be back and with a vengeance!


please dont draft tannehill, he sucks. he couldnt find the pocket if no one was rushing him. he is a scrub.

George S

The Dolphins will trade down this draft for a late first rounder and early second rounder. They'll probably then trade one of their 3rd and 4/5th rounders for a late second round pick.

This would give the Dolphins 3 picks in the first two rounds. Because of the fact this draft is heavy with good OL and WR talent but thin on pass rushing, I firmly beieve they'll go first with Tannehill and utilize that first pick in the second round to pick up the best available pass rusher. Because the WR class is deeper than that of the OL class, I then think they'll utilize the other second round pick on a RG or RT. They'll get their receivers in the 3 and/or 4/5th rounds.

Would love to see them pickup T.Y Hilton with a late pick as well as pickup Olivier Vernon in the 5th or 6th. That dude's a freak of an athlete that's waiting to explode onto the NFL with the proper discipline, teaching, and maturity.


As usual, one-stop complete coverage and special insights into all of Miami's major teams.


I love that NOTHING BOTHERS COACH GOLDEN, and he's basically telling ESPN and the rest of the UM haters to F**K OFF!

ESPN, the NCAA, and the entire nation has had it HARD for UM for many years now, and I'm sure Golden knows that.

Their babies are teams like N.Dame, Ohio State (even with their cheating and arrests, etc), Florida State (Bobby could do no wrong at FSU, even when they had "problems, FSU only got wrist slaps in the past), and teams like Michigan, Olkahoma, etc....personally, I say F**K THEM ALL!

Utimately, it will be Golden who will get the last laugh!


Franciscan Otterman

I think the Browns take Tannehill. I hope they do. He is going to be a bust. Trading down is not a bad idea considering how many needs the team has and the lack of a clear first round franchise QB at our disposal.


George S,

Your comment is dead on, If Tannehill is there there at 8th they have no choice to get Tannehill...Don't forget I need a little help over at Cote's blog from time to time..


Golden will prove in time ( once he gets rid of Shannon's garbage ) that he is the best coach / recruiter we had around since J Johnson, I'm very impressed.

Felix El Gato

Why do we need 2 or 3 WRs to replace 1?


We got rid of Marshall mostly because of domestic problems he was having...why not Misi? He has far less to offer to the team than Marshall had. Can his but and save the money and get a Big Bad Charging defensive end or OLB.

Franciscan Otterman

I think it's time to include Misi with the many other 2nd round busts this team has drafted in the past several years. Those early Parcells drafts will go down as the worst ever. Chad Henne, Koa Misi, Pat White, Sean Smith- all second rounders and the best one is a borderline cornerback who may end up not starting. How can you miss on so many high draft picks? I have little faith in anything this franchise does, and those of you who have any intelligence should wake up and stop supporting these clowns till they put competent people in place.

Franciscan Otterman

This could have all been salvaged if Ireland/Parcells would have turned things around. But we are past the point of no return I am afraid. The reputation and image of the team has been ruined. Anyone younger than 30 absolutely views the Dolphins as losers. The way I used to look at the Bengals and Lions. The problem is those other teams at least stunk bad enough to get the top picks in the draft year after year. This circus act cant even lose properly. Forever mired with 7-9 and 6-10 records that won't let the team get the best players available. Honestly, 3 or 4 straight 2-14 seasons would have been the best thing for this team. Maybe by now they would have a great core of stars instead of an entire team of average players.


Dolphins will not draft Tannehill at #8. If the Dolphins had not signed Garrard I would think they would draft a QB at 8, but not now. Franchise QBs are expected to start from day one. I dought they would spend money to have Moore and Garrard sit the bench.

George S


I've heard from football people (Omar Kelly, Mike Mayock, etc.) things such as "Tannehill has some Aaron Rodgers DNA..." and "He's a first round talent and with experience would arguably be the second best QB in this draft class..." That's enough for me. Again, if Philbin and Sherman are high on Tannehill and feel he can be a franchise QB, then I don't care if they spend the 8th or a later first round pick to get him.

George S


I disagree with your assessment of the Dolphins. Yes thye aren't a great team but you are labeling Bush, Wake, Long, Pouncey, Dansby, Davis, Soliai and Odrick (potentially this upcoming season) as average players? This team has a top 5-7 defense and has weapons to boast on the offensive side of the ball. They got off to a terrible start but played tough in every single game with the best competitors. What this team needs are impact players at S, DE/OLB opposite Wake, and a franchise QB to build on. Let's put it this way, if you put a good QB on our team...say someone like Stafford, then this team would easily be 11-5 or even 12-4. Easily.

George S

What the hell is Kadji thinking? Why in the good Lord's name would he even consider turning pro? He had one decent season here at Miami. MAYBE if he plays very well next year and they get into the NCAA tourney and they get past the first round or two, then he'd have a good shot at being drafted, but as it stood, I really dont' think there was even a chance of him to get picked up. Same applies to Johnson. They should both stay in school and get this team to a better place in the ACC.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Otter Man - the Dolphins current laughing stock status has nothing to do with their talent over the years and everything to do with not drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Dan Marino was the last first round quarterback taken by the Dolphins and that was a quarter century ago.

The Dolphins have fielded plenty of teams since then that could be playoff or even Super Bowl contenders if they only had a franchise quarterback leading them.

Instead they keep bringing in second tier draft picks and proven veterans who can win them just enough games to keep them from getting a franchise quarterback the following year.

I doubt this is the year everything changes, I don't think Ireland is going to take Tannehill at #8 if there is an offensive lineman available.


Fins went 6-3 to close year and were in every game early on vs toughest schedule in league. People are wrong to say were a terrible team, we just have terrible fans. If they pick Taneyhill they know him better than anyone so fine if they do. We just need red zone offense to pull out the close games we lost. I'm amped for next year, we just need to cover TEs better and pressure QBs more. GLAD Marshall is gone, he was overrated and in WC offense we don't need him. Matt Moore and Garrard are a solid QB tandem. Let's play ball!!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Matt Moore and David Garrard will never, ever, ever, ever, ever win a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback.

They're a waste of time, the Fins are a fine team and could easily win 8-9-10 games next season and maybe a wildcard berth but what's the point?

All they do is keep the Dolphins from drafting a quarterback and finally being able to build a contender in 2013.


Trade down from number #8 get an additional 2nd or 3rd and use common sense in the drafting of needed positions, we need a TE and no one is mentioning that need! Wait until next year when the QB crop is much better, we will survive with a good draft this year!

Larry Boy

Draft David Gandi out of Clevland State....he is a real slepper at QB......check out his statistics.....he could be the next Norris Cole

Fed Up

Seeing how Kenny Dodgy played in the postseason, his return is not a good thing. Subtraction by addition. He couldn't do a damn thing in the ACC Tournament or in the NIT. I guess he remembered that he was originally a Florida Gator and, therefore, he wants Miami to lose. He sucks.

Fed Up

I also refuse to believe that Koa Missing was able to make contact with anyone.


Al Golden should move Dyron Dye back to DE from TE. He can help far more rushing the QB than catching passes.

Longtime PhinFan

Let's define the word Supporter. I am a staunch Dolphin fan since 1967. I haven't attended a game since 1987. What I have spent since then, in being a
(financial) supporter of the team, is minimal. Yes, I own a few T's, caps, and a muffler ( if I could find it ). So, while I am certainly a "dyed-in-the-wool" fan, I am hardly a supporter. I think Mr. Ross is looking for supporters rather than fans. What say you ?

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