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Friday evening update: Flynn visits, Manning indirectly helping Fins; other notes

The Dolphins will host a visit with Green Bay Packers free agent quarterback Matt Flynn on Saturday and are expected to try to sign him before the end of the weekend.

Flynn flew to Miami on Friday after visiting with the Seattle Seahawks over the past two days.

The Dolphins are optimistic about their chances, partly because of Flynn’s limited options (the Seahawks are their only known competition), and partly because of Flynn’s relationship with coach Joe Philbin, who was the Packers’ offensive coordinator during Flynn’s previous four seasons in the league.

But money still must be worked out, and that could be an issue. As of Friday afternoon, the Dolphins had not given indication that they were prepared to offer a huge deal. They instead appear to be hoping to sign Flynn to a more modest contract. That process must play out during negotiations.

The Dolphins’ chances could be helped by Peyton Manning, of all people, in this regard: Because Manning is now considering the 49ers, the Seahawks might wait to see what happens with 49ers free agent quarterback Alex Smith before offering a big contract to Flynn. The 49ers have held off on signing Smith while awaiting a decision from Manning.

“No way Seattle gives its top offer for Flynn with the possibility that Alex Smith could be in play if San Francisco gets Peyton,” NBC’s Peter King said Friday.

Manning, who is also considering Denver and Tennessee, informed the Dolphins on Thursday that he does not intend to sign with them, according to two sources and an NFL.com report. ESPN reported Friday that Ross did not attend Manning’s meeting with Dolphins coaches on Monday night, but flew to Durham, N.C., to meet separately with him.

A representative for a free agent who plays a different position said the Dolphins told him they hoped to resolve the quarterback situation this weekend, then move onto other needs.

Flynn, 26, has started only two games but threw for a combined 731 yards and nine touchdowns in those games.

The Dolphins hope to sign Flynn because they would prefer not to leave quarterback unaddressed until the draft, though they will draft one if necessary.

As King tweeted Friday, “I can’t imagine what Ross says to Jeff Ireland if, on May 1, Ireland says, ‘Our QB’s Matt Moore.’”



Also Friday, the Dolphins hosted a visit with Patriots free agent defensive end/outside linebacker Mark Anderson, a skilled pass rusher. The Dolphins made clear they want to sign him, and they are a strong contender for him, according to a source. But Anderson, 28, is expected to visit at least one other team before deciding. The Patriots also remain a possibility.

Anderson, 6-4 and 255 pounds, had 10 sacks, 29 tackles and two forced fumbles for the Patriots last season.

A former fifth-round draft choice out of Alabama in 2006, Anderson had 12 sacks as a rookie for the Bears. His sacks dropped to five, one and 3.5 the next three seasons.

Anderson was released by Chicago and signed with Houston in October 2010 and collected four sacks in 11 games for the Texans, before moving to New England last season. Anderson started 14 games for the Bears in 2007 but has started only seven games combined in his five other seasons, including one in 2011.

### Though nothing was announced, the Dolphins finalized a one-year deal with Jamaal Westerman, the former Jets backup who had 3.5 sacks last season. The Dolphins expect him to play defensive end and linebacker when they’re in a 4-3 and outside linebacker when they’re in a 3-4.



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Can any objective person really blame Manning for shunning the Dolphins. I'd question his intelligence if he came to Miami. Why would he want to join an organization that is in complete chaos and has no leadership from the top. As a Dolphin fan , I'm aware of many of the Dolphins woes. Can you imagine how much more he and his agent know about the Dolphins mess than just a fan like myself. I know a lot of what plagues Miami. These guys are paid to know a lot more.


Manning is a douche and so are the lame internet fans.

samuel burnside

I agree....I cant see why he would sign with us. The org is at the bottom. We need someone in the GM, President of operation.....Ownership position who has knowledge of football and is for winning. The owner is counting tickets sells....when he decide to be concerns about wins...then we will move forward...also he is jumping every season for the quick fix....it takes good drafts...and personal decision...
The GM needs to be ugraded...why are we keeping this guys...he has had time to build a good team..but the coaches and players get the axe...why not him ? Upgrade at the GM...

bryno in LA

sign Flynn. who knows his skill and ability better than Philbin? NOBODY. if coach signs off on him (as well as Aaron Rodgers) then that is enough for me.

Marc Kaplan

I have been a dolphin fan for 45 years. The state of the team as currently constructed is as bad as I've ever seen. The Leadership and Confidence vacuums are at the point of most of teams litany of personnel failures. One after the next. I can't see much hope in the near or mid term. It is very sad to watch.

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

This whole thing blows. Matt Flynn, god help us.

It sucks being a Dolfan, for a long time now.


They don't need an owner who know football. How many NFL owners have a football background. None.


Moore went 6-3 as a starter, why is he being overlooked? Don't get me wrong, i like Flynn and his familiarity with the offense, but Moore can get the job done

George Siblesz

Again, I hope they land Anderson. I had never heard of him but 10 sacks and two forced fumbles as a situational pass rusher? That's simply phenomenal. I think the Dolphins defense will be vastly improved, considering they should be getting better at the front 7 while Coyle has managed to get the best out of his DB's for years as a DB coach. Let's not overlook that. Dolphins could easily have a top 3 if Coyle manages for the DB's to overproduce; something he's gotten his DB's to do over the past couple of seasons.

Disgruntled Fins Fan

Joe Philbin may very well turn out to be another Cam Cameron. Hot shot OC but not Head Coach material.

Matt Flynn is NOT the answer. He will turn out to be another AJ Feely.

Our team is cursed!


going after matt flynn??? desperation has set in. He's not that good.


This owner is so dumb.!!!!!!!!!!!! A year ago, the solution was simple: Stink for a season, don't resign Jason Taylor, don't sign Reggie Bush, trade away Brandon Marshall for a 2 and a 3 if you can. Do all that and you guarantee yourself a shot at Andrew Luck. What boneheads! This owner can't even wreck the franchise ala Indianapolis and get the best prospect in a generation to play here. We were neck and neck for Suck for Luck with the Colts. All these fools who actually believed Peyton was coming here. This franchise will suck for a long time. Ross better start wrecking it this year: Don.'t sign Flynn, don't draft Tannnehill or Justin Blackmon?, Start Matt Moore and hope you are Bad for Barkley. Until this team drafts a stud franchise qb, we will have another crappy decade of qb play just like the last one. :(


Excellent news! Flynn and Anderson would be great additions.


Its a lost cause. Nobody with any talent wants to play for this organization. Ross needs to sell and take his but buddy with him far away. Until then, we will be the leagues laughing stock pile.


WHO CARES if we get flynn or stick with Moore. Don't get excited about a team who charges you to watch sub par play and players. This franchise is a joke and I along with smart fans will not give this organization a dollar out of my pocket for the product they are putting in the field.



we have become the buffalo bills and the cleveland browns- a team nobody cares about and a team nobody wants to play for. How is that possible when we play on real grass and in the sunshine state- everything to offer players except a quality run team.

Michael G

Wow you guys need help, your just expecting the worse from this team. At the start of the week there were only 4 teams in the race for his services, Miami was one of them that speaks volume that 28 or so other teams were not in contention. Lat year the owner went after the best coach on the market and gave it his best and failed. Have faith in this team things will work out just give it time.

joana misura

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Julio A. Avello

The Dolfins should sue Tuna for malpractice in drafting players and fraudulent behavior in selecting team leadership. It something akin to.. getting Iran for Ireland . Ugh!! Ugly!!! Will there be any season ticket holders at the end??? It is going to take a lot more than Gloria's voice and JLo's ass to keep these Keystone Kops going. And God knows that JLO's ass can pull a couple of trains at once.



Good one Julio. LMAO

tony r

I am 79 have been a dolfan from day (1), true we have been down since Wangsted thru Cameron, but for the last 4 years the fins have updated this roster like i never seen before,so stop bitching and let this team do their job. The negatisu that all you morons show does nothing to create a miss conception thru out the league. IWILL BE A DOLFAN UNTIL THEY PUT ME ON THE GRILL AND BQ ME

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