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Garrard said he will have chance to win starting job and that Fins offense perfect fit

Here’s what new Dolphins quarterback David Garrard had to say in his conference call Tuesday afternoon:


### He said he was told he will be given a chance to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job:  “They said it will be a competition. A competition is great for everybody. That is what was presented to me. I wouldn’t expect anything else.”


### On his health, after missing last season with a back injury: “I’m perfect. I feel great, I’m 100 percent, ready to roll.”


### On whether the team will add another quarterback: “They didn’t talk much about it. I’m sure they’re always looking at different positions.” But he said Monday that the Dolphins said “it’s a possibility they could add another quarterback, whether in the draft or whatever.”


### Impressions of Joe Philbin and the Dolphins: “They were great. Coach Philbin is a great mind, a great coach. He really understands what it takes to put together a great team. He had a great vision, a great purpose. Everything he said, I felt was already in my head. You can look at his history, and hopefully that can continue.”


### On Steelers safety Ryan Clark saying no player wants to play for the Dolphins: “I’m not sure why Ryan Clark would say that. Maybe he just had some hard feelings for Miami. It’s unfortunate any player would dog another [team] like that. That shouldn’t happen in the NFL.”


### He said the team “definitely” will run a West Coast offense “and that offense is right up my alley. I was in that when Byron Leftwich was the starting quarterback [for Jacksonville]. It is perfect for me. I love getting the ball out of my hands fast, moving in the pocket, bootlegging. The style and scheme they are doing is going to be great. A lot of the terminology is similar to what I was already running. It’s not all the same but a lot of it is. It’s going to be a smooth transition. It’s great that it’s already familiar to me.”


### He decided not to visit the Rams “because the Rams already have a guy in place there. Not that I discounted being a solid backup. [But] I wanted to give another shot at being able to at least compete for a job and giving myself a chance to start somewhere. I feel I still have that ability. It’s still in Florida. It’s a great organization.”


### How much does he feel like he has something to prove? “I don’t know that I have anything to prove. I proved a lot of things as a starting quarterback. I want to go further than I’ve ever had before. I want to have a shot at winning the championship.

I have a number of years left in me, and I wanted to make sure I left this game with no questions.”


### On his outlook: “I’m just excited to be in Miami. It’s a great opportunity for me and the organization and city…. I know [Dolphins GM Jeff] Ireland is going to do some things moving forward with the team.”


### On why he passed up signing with Miami last October after Chad Henne’s injury: “Last year, I was having the first stages of having my herniated disc. I didn’t know what was going on. I had a little treatment. My leg was really starting to bother me. I was starting to get myself kind of healthy. It continued to get worse. I knew by the time the Dolphins were calling, I wasn’t feeling good. I didn’t find out until a couple weeks later that I herniated my disc.”







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i said bring tebow in ,afer whatdid to the phins last year give the kid a chance he wil beat peyton manning in the playoffs i g you on this one.


A perfect fit? Garrard is absolutely horrible. If he is anything but a no. 3 backup, his signing was a waste of money.


Dolphins sucks, I'm a season ticket holder and I will not renew this year. I might just start cheering for Tampa Bay, at least they have the guts to make some power moves. Ross and Ireland are going to take this franchise to the dumps....


Im a season ticket also .Ive beenn hoping for some signs of intelligence and football knowledge to come out of this front office Im dropping my seasons ticket too because with Ross and Ireland its not going to happen you know Tampa Bay sounds good ...


You guys suck. Screw the peimism. Were getting tannehill. Mark my words Matt will be starter and tannehill will come in next and be our franchise quarterback. Y'all need to quit whining or get out. Support you team you losers. Same guys who wanted Quinn.


David Garrard? You mean to tell me Y.A. Tittle wasn't available?


@ Hall EZ. You must have just moved into the area and started following the team cause no rational human being could be as composed and not frustrated as you. Im sure you were one of the guys who said that not getting Manning was good cause we'll get Flynn but we couldn't close that deal either. How is a guy that was cut by one of the worse teams in the league last year an upgrade. And Tannehill was a projected 4th rounder before Landry and Barkley dropped out. Were reaching on him. Go Heat

Thanks B. Jackson, like always the first thing I look for when opening the paper or looking online.


Guess what I think he will do just fine in miami...but we need a receiver there's alot commin from the draft that r good and even good qbs ..WEEDEN*** he's so good.....tannehill is not a accurate passer at all....but there r good receivers commin...but Idk y we don't trade a 7th pic for ocho and trade the first for wallace what better receiver will we get at number 8 not blackmon...and we can still get weeden in the 2nd or third....or I say trade our 1st pick n move up a few to 3rd pick and give them one of our 3rd round picks for doing the switch, than we get blackmon that's good


I agree about trading first pick and 1 of the 3rds we got for Marshall and get Wallace..a plug in #1 ready to roll, no Tannehill, lets keep our qbs build our line and get some pass rushers, we could develop Bess into a Welker and Hartline(who puzzles me,about wanting him long term?)We just need a couple of receivers.. i've been a fan,still am, for 40 years but its heartbreaking year in and year out to see your team so conservative on the field and in free agency...please lets bring back the excitement,fans love the feeling of a comeback,not marching down the field,get in the red zone then turning it down to kick a field goal...THAT HAS BEEN THE DOLPHINS FOR YEARS...Jay Fiedler was asked to not create turnovers, be conservative and thats what we've been ever since

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