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Local radio news; Reax to Heat-Knicks Game 2; Tuesday Amare update

Tuesday afternoon update: According to the New York Times, Amare Stoudemire likely will miss the remainder of the Heat playoff series because of the injury sustained to his left handle when he punched the glass encasing of a fire extinguisher after Monday's Game 2 at AA Arena.

Heat-Knicks Game 2 postscripts and some local sports radio news:

### Dan Le Batard's co-host, Jon Weiner, and his producer, Marc Hochman, will take over 790 The Ticket's morning show on an interim basis beginning Tuesday. They will handle the gig through the conclusion of the NBA playoffs, which could go as late as June 26.

Weiner and Hochman also will continue to do Le Batard's show from 3 to 7 p.m. weekdays. That means they will be on the air 7 1/2 or 8 hours a day, most days, which sounds exhausting.  

"Little thing I like to call two a day," Weiner tweeted. "I need an alarm clock."

The station is looking for a permanent replacement for Jorge Sedano, who left in April to concentrate on his television career. Brandon Guzio has been filling in the past few weeks.

790 The Ticket GM Jeff Dinetz said he's searching for a host who can discuss not only sports, but also pop culture and other topics.

### The Knicks and NBA were eager to try to hide details of Stoudemire's fire extinguisher incident after the game.

Several reporters wandered into the hall to take pictures, including drops of blood on the floor, but the NBA quickly chased those reporters away. The Knicks kept their locker-room closed for 35 minutes, which violates NBA rules by 25 minutes.

"He's one of the keys on this team," Carmelo Anthony said. "I need him out there."

Stoudemire received stitches and left with his left hand bandaged and his arm in a sling.

Said Chandler: "You can't fault anybody because Amare is a good person that has high emotions at times. One quick decision making mistake and now you have to deal with the repurcussions."

Stoudemire didn't comment after the game but said on Twitter: "I am so mad at myself right now. I want to apologize to the fans and my team. Not proud of my actions, headed home for a new start."

Said TNT's Charles Barkley: "Really stupid thing to do. We've all done stupid things. They weren't going to beat the Miami Heat either way." Barkley said with Stoudemire, the Knicks might have won one game. Now, he predicts a sweep.

The Heat took no pleasure in Stoudemire's lapse in judgment. "We love when Amare is out there," Dwyane Wade said. "He brings out the best in our guys."

### The Knicks outrebounded the Heat for a second straight game but handled the ball carelessly and didn't defend nearly well enough. Consider: The Knicks had 15 assists, 13 turnovers. The Heat had 28 assists and eight turnovers. Mario Chalmers has 15 assists and four turnovers in the series so far.

"That's one of the most efficient games we've had all year, probably the last two years we've been together," LeBron James said. "When we play as a team like that, we're going to be hard to beat. We had 28 assists on 38 field goals - that's a really good game. That means you're getting guys involved, not just the Big Three. Everyone had their rhythm tonight."

### James, who had 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, didn't hit a basket beyond 10 feet the entire night. Asked if he came in with the mindset to pass, he said, "I score, I rebound, and I pass. It's been my game my whole life and I adjust to what's going on throughout the game. They applied a little more pressure on my pick and rolls today and tried to keep the ball out of my hands and I found my guys and they made shots. I don't go into a game saying I'm going to be more of a passer tonight or more of a scorer. I just adjust to the game."

### The Heat's often-maligned bench outscored the Knicks' 25-19, with Mike Miller and Shane Battier each scoring 11 and each hitting 3 of 5 three-pointers. The Heat has done a good job against Steve Novak, who led the NBA in three-point shooting percentage. He was 1 for 3 overall and on three-pointers in Game 2.

### This is the ninth time the Heat has taken a 2-0 lead in a series in its postseason history. They've won each of the previous series they led 2-0.

### One glaring issue has been the free throw discrepancy. The Heat has attempted 60 in two games, the Knicks 30.

### Udonis Haslem has done little offensively in this series (one point in Game 2, three in Game 1), but it hardly matters because he has corraled eight rebounds in each game and played stout defense.


The news keeps getting worse for Marlins reliever Juan Carlos Oviedo, who continues to deal with the consequences of using a false identity.

Major League Baseball, which privately informed involved parties last month that it planned to give Oviedo a six-week suspension upon his return to the United States, has changed plans and decided to make the suspension eight weeks instead, according to an MLB source. Several people involved have been informed.

The suspension is not retroactive and will not start until Oviedo re-enters the United States after receiving a visa. MLB officials are unsure when that will happen. Oviedo, who remains in the Dominican Republic, hoped to receive a visa by early March, but was told he must first complete community service.  

Here’s why the suspension was increased: If Oviedo had received a visa before spring training, MLB planned to suspend him for two weeks of spring training and six weeks of the regular season.

But because he missed spring training, MLB decided recently to add those two weeks to the six weeks. Oviedo had been led to believe the suspension would be only six weeks, a teammate said.

During his suspension, Oviedo will be permitted to participate in extended spring training.

The Marlins envisioned using Oviedo, formerly Leo Nunez, as a set-up man for closer Heath Bell, who has two saves but has blown three. Nunez will not receive any of his $6 million salary until his suspension is over.

MLB wants to make a strong statement that it will not tolerate players using false names and ages.