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Monday update: T. Johnson visits Dolphins, Heat players vent

The Dolphins, looking for help at safety, brought Vikings free agent Tyrell Johnson in for a visit. A second-round pick in 2008, Johnson has been a disappointment in four years in Minnesota, failing to hold onto a starting job.

He started 15 games in 2009 but just two in 2010 and three in 2011. He has only two career interceptions, none in the last two years. Johnson is a natural strong safety – a position vacated in Miami by the release of Yeremiah Bell.

As reported Sunday, Redskins free agent linebacker Rocky McIntosh also visited team headquarters.

Keep in mind that several of the players who visited the Dolphins have not signed here, including Matt Flynn, Mark Anderson and Philip Wheeler.

### Draft analysts (Mike Mayock, Todd McShay in particular) have gone from projecting Ryan Tannehill as to a mid-to-late first rounder, back in January, to now saying he’s someone who should be taken in the top five. And all of this has happened even though Tannehill went two months without throwing for teams because of a foot injury. He looked good at Texas A&M’s Pro Day last week, but he was throwing against air.

“I think Cleveland has to take him at No. 4,” Mayock said. “He’s not ready to play Day One, but to me, he’s a franchise quarterback.”

Former Colts executive Bill Polian said on ESPN said Tannehill throws very well on the run and is the ideal fit for a West Coast offense.

### The buzzwords at Heat practice on Monday were “unacceptable” (that’s what Erik Spoelstra said of his team’s performance against Boston) and taking ownership (Spoelstra and LeBron James repeated that cliche).

"It’s perplexing that it happened,” Spoelstra said of Sunday’s debacle. “We’re much better than that. We’re a tale of two teams sometimes. We’re going to change that.”

Spoelstra said the biggest fall-off has come defensively. But James said, “The improvement has to be at both ends. We scored 72 points yesterday.”

### James made clear Monday that he expects more from himself. “I have to be play better, be more aggressive. I had only two free throws” against Boston. “Chicago is probably the only team that hasn’t gone through a tough stretch. We have to play better basketball period. We own a lot of our mistakes. We’re not a team that hides behind it.” Is the team fatigued? "Everyone has fatigue," James said.

### Why has the intensity level dropped? Chris Bosh had no explanation, beyond saying, “We’re not bringing it right now. We have to start bringing it. We need our sense of urgency. If we have that, I feel we’re the best team in the league.”

### Dwyane Wade’s take: “I ain’t gonna point fingers. We just have to figure it out. Sometimes you get out of your habits. This game is all about habits. We’ve had bad third quarters. It’s nothing coach can do. It’s something players need to do. We’re going to continue to learn from our mistakes.” 


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Ray edwards

Stop,stop,stop it! Play basketball- the problems I see is too much iso's, Not enough pick-n-rolls with just LBJ & Wade only! Bosh has to roll to the basket more & BOX out!!! Everybody else MAKE ur shotsss!! No team can stop that, there is no defense for that. Eric spo- is overthinking this whole thing.. Relax, trust the bench more! If you get a ten point lead give the starters more breaks.


I don't picture the brownies picking Tanehill at 4th. They can get more offensive value from players like Richardson or Blackmon which their fans are expecting. If anything, this Tanehill hype looks more like a declaration of intent (to trade down).

I expect Dolphins to pick Tanehill at 8th even if I dislike the idea. Ireland's situation is just desperate after so many refusals. Anyway, good luck overpaying for a prospect you didn't even wanted a few days ago (before losing RG3 and even Flynn to vulgar stinginess).

Philbin should find a top QB prospect he would endorse regardless of price so Ireland & Co. have enough confidence to trade for the right pick. Just in case.

What about Matt Barkley (2013)???

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Dolphins have no shot at Matt Barkley next year, he'll be a top two pick and the Dolphins will be a 6-10 win team under Matt Moore.

George S

Dolphins will end up drafting Tannehill. He will not be drafted by the Browns. They know he won't be able to come in and be a good starter from Day 1 so they'd rather play it out with McCoy and if all goes wrong, then they end up with Landry Jones, or Matt Barkley, or another solid future NFL QB. It ultimately comes down to whether or not the Phins think Tannehill will be as good as some of the experts are saying.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Shouldn't matter what they think of him, he's the best quarterback they can get so they should get him.

No one knows if any of these kids will be good pros anyway.


The NBA schedule this year has a lot to do with the up and down play of all teams. Just look at some of the scores. David Stern and the incredibly greedy owners can take a lot of the responsibility for the uneven play. Teams are pacing themselves and giving up games to survive the ridiculous compressed schedule. This is the only way you'll have half-way healthy bodies going into the playoffs. I suspect the Heat will be strong defensively when the playoffs begin. The question will be who is healthy.

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