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Four LBs visit Fins; Rosenberg fired; Cam Wake AWOL

Quick notes:


### WQAM fired Sid Rosenberg on Tuesday afternoon after his recent DUI arrest. Former UM defensive lineman Dan Sileo, who has worked in Tampa and Orlando, will replace him from 3 to 7 p.m. weekdays. See our new post, on the left, side for more details.

### For news on four free agents who visited Dolphins camp Tuesday, please scroll to the "DOLPHINS TUESDAY UPDATE" below.

### Jorge Sedano, 790 The Ticket's morning host since 2009, left the station on Tuesday to concentrate on his daily sports fantasy show on CBSSports.com. An industry source said that program might move to cable's CBS Sports Network.

"At this stage of my career, I need to focus on the TV side," Sedano said, noting that the station produced its highest morning show ratings ever during his tenure.

Sedano, 34, has been at 790 since 2007 and morning host since May of 2009. He will continue his association with WFOR-CBS 4, where he's the freelance No. 3 sportscaster.

Brandon Guzio will replace Sedano on an interim basis, effective immediately.  Station program director Tod Castleberry said there are "a tremendous number of candidates" to replace Sedano but the station won't rush a decision and he doesn't know if he will hire one host or two. 

### Dolphins linebacker Cam Wake skipped the start of the team's voluntary offseason program on Tuesday in an attempt to pressure the Dolphins to do something with his contract, according to a source.

Wake is due to earn $615,000 next season in the final year of his contract - a salary which ranks 30th on the team. Wake, who has 32 sacks in three seasons, has been told several times that the team would address his contractual situation, but nothing has happened, and Wake's camp hopes this move applies pressure on Miami to act.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has said the team wants to keep Wake longterm.

### WQAM on Monday suspended afternoon drive host Sid Rosenberg for a week following his arrest last week on charges of DUI and driving with a suspended license.

The station permitted Rosenberg to go back on the air Friday after he spent much of Thursday in jail. But on Monday, the station decided to suspend him for the week while investigating the matter further, general manager Joe Bell said.

The station did not definitively say that he will return to the air after this week, though that's quite possible. A decision on his longterm status has not been made but will be made by the end of the week, Bell said. Bell denied an Internet report that Rosenberg has been fired.

Bell declined to comment further on Rosenberg's future or whether Rosenberg might receive treatment for his issues.

Rosenberg was arrested early Thursday morning in Hollywood. According to officer Jon Cooke, police found him “laying on the ground behind his vehicle in the fetal position with his fingers in his mouth. He appeared to be attempting to induce himself to vomit…. I noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his mouth. His speech was extremely slurred and he was crying.”

Rosenberg has spoken in the past of his battles with addictions, including alcohol, drugs and gambling. He did not respond to a request for comment.

Steve White was expected to fill in on Monday. Channing Crowder is an interesting option as a fill-in, but he has been busy preparing for a return to the NFL, according to the station.


### The Dolphins confirmed our report from the past several days that linebackers Gary Guyton, Bryan Kehl and Quentin Groves visited on Tuesday. Also visiting: linebacker Jonathan Goff.

Goff started at middle linebacker for the Giants in 2010 and had 80 tackles and a sack. But he missed last season when he tore an ACL prior to the regular season opener. Goff, a former fifth-round pick out of Vanderbilt, has been with the Giants all four seasons.

Guyton started 30 games for the Patriots over the past three seasons and had 47 tackles last year.

Kehl played two seasons (plus one game in 2010) for the Giants and then spent most of 2010 and all of 2011 with the Rams. He had 15 tackles as a backup last season and has started five games in four NFL seasons.

Kehl, a former fourth-round pick out of BYU, and Guyton, who went undrafted out of Georgia Tech, can play both inside and outside linebacker.

Groves started 12 games for the Raiders in 2010, three last season. He had 26 sacks at Auburn but 2.5 in four NFL seasons.

The Dolphins are looking for another linebacker to both provide depth and potentially compete with Koa Misi to start. Former Dolphins Backup linebacker Marvin Mitchell signed with Minnesota on Tuesday.

### Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler arrived in Miami on Monday and will visit with the Dolphins on Tuesday. He's a potential late-second or early-third-round draft choice. 

### Dwyane Wade, who missed Sunday’s win against Detroit, with an ankle injury said he expects to play Tuesday against Boston. He said both of his ankles are hurting.

### Chris Bosh had this explanation for the Heat’s 10-1 record without Wade this season: “The urgency goes up a lot more when you don’t have Dwyane in there. We know the responsibility is higher.”

Bosh then admitted the challenge is playing with the same urgency with Wade playing. “That’s the last frontier for us,” he said. “To win a title, that’s the level we’re going to have to play at.”

### Erik Spoelstra said LeBron James will defend at least four positions Tuesday against Boston. He did not disclose whether Terrel Harris or James Jones would continue to get minutes when Wade returns. Harris was playing before Wade’s injury; Jones was not playing but scored 18 points in his absence Sunday.


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What a joke Miami sports are. You have a drug addicted New York sportscaster, who can't hold a job, touting bookmakers without telling anybody that he's getting paid OFF the books to do it while making crap out the Miami sports teams. You have a drunken Marlins manager who loves Castro and Chavez, performs Santeria rites and spits out cuss words like a machine gun. You have ownership of the Marlins who say they lose money, cut sweetheart deals with the politicians to get a baseball park at tax payer expense and then we find out they lied and made $32 million bucks over two years. Wow and you suckers are going to keep going out to the park and turn the radio to WQAM. Barnum was right, there's a sucker born every day.


Dont mean to seem judgemental but do you have to continue to bring up Sids sad sitiuation?Sid has some issues for sure but he is a good man.Just seems like Barry you should be tring to find a way to help him rather than continuing to help point out his weak moments.Wish I could talk to Sid I think I could help him.Most of people short comings could be helped if they truly understood God Plan!Which you wont and cant get from the pulpit on ever corner!Anyway you do a great job barry on your post.Can only hope your a even better of a person?


Wasn't Sid just suspended a few weeks ago for another "misstep? Will WQAm and fans ever learn. He's not the example a company should approve of.


Just for a thought:And not for a jab at anyone.
Jesus confronted the Disciples for being haughty in their assumption that they were better than someone else."Why do you look at the speak in your brothers eye when you have a PLANK in your eye."Interpation...Cant you see you are what they are in your heart and thoughts!If your angry with your brother you murdered him and....If you look at a woman lustfully you commited Adultery.You are what Sid is and He is WHAT YOU ARE!God Bless!


Jerry, ru related to sid?


I think the bigger part of the story that Barry didn't address is: Is QAM going to try and get Sid help? This story goes beyond suspensions.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Jerry, lots of people don't like Sid Rosenberg, not for the substance abuse, just because he's a bitter unentertaining new york sewer rat.

Who is Barry Jackson to withhold from those countless readers a chuckle when we read about Sid regurgitating his inner scumbag all over his car?

Paul Orndorff

In a related note regarding Mr. Rosenberg...I just dropped a massive deuce, and had to flush twice!


Sid is and has been a low life loser. If wqam GM Joe Bell keeps him employed, then he is a bigger loser. Fire this idiot and send his new York ass and attitude back to the sewer he came from. Sid is a disgrace to his family and should be totally ashamed at his age to display the behavior he constantly performs. See if Larry King or Howard Stern or any of his soo called celebrity friends hang with him now.


wfan should bring back sid rosenberg to replace craig carton


Note to Jerry:

Mr. Rosenberg clearly has some very serious problems. Some would say that he's "self-medicating" through gambling, etc. His employer and local journalists would do him no favors if they pretended that his behavior was acceptable. And that's because, sadly, it frequently takes an epic disaster before someone with a mental illness gets the help that he needs.

Let's hope that Mr. Rosenberg and those who love him read this article and don't like what they see. It's the first step in his road to recovery.


Thanks to all for their respect to my comments.First of all I am not related to Sid except we all came from Adam.I in NO way approve of the lifestlye of Sid at all.In fact I find that His lifestlye and language are very repulsive in regards to what is acceptable when you are to represent a company such as Sid does.I know many dont care for Sid and I understand why.I totally respect that.However when i come to understand that by the grace of God I no longer have drug addictions and alcohol problems. Not because Jerry by his on will power chose to quit it cold turkey.But because God grace empowered me to overcome.I cant take credit and neither can anyone else.Jesus said NO man is good no not one!That settles it for me.Even though this will go over like a lead balloon.At some point in this life or the next for most.We will all learn how to love all people.Because one day God will change all hearts and because I know that It allows me to love them now as well.Sid as well as so many others have problems...we all do.But why must we stick it to a sick man when we ourselfs are sick?AS I said I mean no offence to anyone I am not some Religious freak for sure!But I do love the Lord and by his grace his children which is all of us.So thats all I have to say about this matter. God bless each one here and their families.

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Sid is a scumbag. When Sean Taylor was shot that pig said Sean was a thug and he got what was coming to him. All before the facts came out and what we now know to be truth came to light.

He said Sean's dad shouldn't be worrying about what people are saying about his son and he should focus on finding the killers.

I'll never respect Sid Rosenburg, he's the lowest form of life there is.


LMFAO. It had to take this clown being arrested for DIU to bounce him from WQAM? Really? Do we really need this New York homer here in Miami.

Mr. B

I don't like Sid one bit as a radio host. I truly feel he doesn't belong on the air here in South Florida. However I believe he has two children, and for their well being, I hope he's able to conquer his demons, or at least suppress them long enough to be able to raise them, and raise them properly.


Wqam has no choice but to fire Sid. He was kicked off the univ of Miami tennis team for drug use and has never stopped. He should me in a rehab center not tweeting about things. His ratings have been slipping for a while and this was the last straw.

octavio de armas

Sad story. Stay away from the limelight for a while. Seek help. Concentrate on raising your children and being a husband. We all have our own private demons to deal with. So I won't judge you. Just get help. You may not get your job back at WQAM but that is the least of your worries right now.


lot of classless comments here. i guess those people must be perfect in the way they live their lives. and religion should be a private matter not thrown in people's faces. if you don't like sid on the radio call the station and write the station. the story wasn't about his talent or lack of talent. sid has a problem and sid needs to be the one to seek help if he wants to overcome it.


you guys talk about adam and eve, godplan, and use phony names to hide from those of us who really know; everyone has a comment; there is more loyalty in the movie tv and radio business than there is brains in the morons that comment on this blog or whatever it is called; Get off the computer, go out in the streets, see what is going on around you; People are evil, quick to grab guns, quick to shoot babies, little girls, young men, and then feel good about their machismo; Yes, machismo; Ozzie says the truth and only the coward get angry, oh, the politicians say the right words; murder for a vote; what a crock of crap;

i am peter and I know the truth


Babies are getting shot?



Lt. Lois Einhorn


Idi Amin

Take it easy on Sid. Nobody is perfect, we all have had dark days. If he was as wasted as reported someone from Tootsie's should have taken his keys, a taxi fare is much cheaper than the gauntlet of bs he now faces.

Sid Rosenberg

Hey Pal,

I didn't shoot any babies. You all are losers, I will be back in one week and continue you with the best show in the market. You LOVE it and will listen as my main man Howard Stern does. Next week we will have on my good friend Phil Simms, my dear friend Chuck Todd, and an excellent broadcaster Chris Fowler. Ooops I just went doody.

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