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TIme slot opened for Sid Rosenberg; Heat Game 1 reaction; Bosh update

We''ll get to postgame reaction from Game 1 of the Heat-Celtics series in a second, but first, a quick broadcast note:

WMEN-640 has decided to use former WQAM host Sid Rosenberg on its morning show, according to the people who are being replaced. Rosenberg could start very soon if WMEN and WQAM can agree on a "trade" that would waive a non-compete clause that prevents Rosenberg from appearing on air until the second week of August.

If the sides cannot reach an agreement, he would start in August.

Rosenberg was dropped by WQAM last month after he was arrested and charged with DUI. Rosenberg worked the 3-7 p.m. shift on WQAM, a slot now handled by Dan Sileo.

Armando Salguero and Chris Perkins have been WMEN's morning hosts, but Salguero left the station on Friday after being informed that Rosenberg will be hired to handle that time slot.

# # #

Some reaction from the Heat's Game 1 win against Boston:

### Rajon Rondo was upset that "we gave up too many points in the paint" and layups: "We've got to make those guys [Dwyane Wade and LeBron James] play outside the paint. They got where they wanted to." He said the Celtics shouldn't do "anything dirty" but "they [the Heat players] have got to hit the deck, too."

###  Said James: "We expect to hit the deck every single game, me and D-Wade. Teams... feel like they need to put us on the floor, hard-foul us. It doesn't change our approach. We still have to be in the attack mode no matter what happens, because that's when we're at our best as a team."

### Kevin Garnett said, "We can't beat this team by giving up layups. Second half, they got what they wanted. We have to put up more of a fight."

### Garnett said the Heat showboated "a little" at the end: "They are home and they are comfortable. When you're comfortable, you do things like that. We have to make sure we take them out and of their comfort zone."

### Paul Pierce, who scored 12 points on 5 for 18 shooting: "I've got to be better on the offensive and defensive end. I've got to slow LeBron down a little bit."

### Wade, who scored 22: "We're playing great team ball. We're not playing as much hero ball as we did last year. We're trusting each other a lot more. That comes with time." Wade said he and James "are doing a good job of playing off each other. We're playing a lot of minutes together." He said Chris Bosh's absence means "we have to get better looks because we have one less guy who can get us 20 points a game."

### James (32 points, 13 rebounds), on playing with Wade: "We just feel more comfortable out on the court, no matter who is out on the floor with us. We try to complement one another. We try to feed off each other's energy." James said: "We didn't play our best game tonight. We had a lot of breakdowns defensively.''

### Celtics coach Doc Rivers: "The third quarter got away from us. Our offense was rushed. They had way too many layups. There's no way any team should get that many layups against our defense. When we took our time in the second quarter, we got everything we wanted. We let Wade and James play in extreme comfort and gave the other guys everything they wanted as well. LeBron and Wade - their defense was phenomenal. They're cat quick. Their speed at times overwhelmed us."


Though Erik Spoelstra called Chris Bosh’s light on-court work Sunday a “positive sign,” he warned not to overstate the significance.

“There is still not a timetable,” Spoelstra said of his return to game action.

Bosh, who has been out since suffering an abdominal strain May 13 in Game 1 against Indiana, did light shooting and worked on lateral movement during Sunday’s session, which was witnessed by Heat president Pat Riley, among others. He did some light on-court work again on Monday.

A return before the end of this series hasn’t been ruled out. "Seeing him like he is right now is significant progress, but his return is still indefinite."

Spoelstra said Sunday's session "was a very light workout. He just did the next step in the progression of his rehab. It was more of the progression of his rehab than it was more of a basketball workout. I wouldn’t over-read into his workout. We’ll continue to re-evaluate every day. He’ll continue to do rehab. When he starts legitimate basketball work, I’ll pay attention a little bit more.”

Dwyane Wade said Bosh remains an active participant, attending team meetings and giving input on defending the Celtics’ big men.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said: “In some ways, you can say they’re more dangerous because those 15 shots Bosh had – they’re going to Wade and LeBron James. It almost activates them to be more aggressive, which puts a lot of stress on the defense. Obviously, Bosh makes them better. [An injury] shouldn’t make you… worse. It should make you different. I say that with all the guys we’re missing.”

Forward Paul Pierce said the Celtics have planned as if Bosh will play at some point in the series: “We’re prepared to see him. If he’s able to come back, that’s great. As a competitor, I don’t mind taking on the opposing team’s best. It helps prepare you for the championship round.”


### Pierce said it has reached the point with Rajon Rondo that “we almost ask him to get a triple double every night. He’s capable of it.”

### Ray Allen’s ankle injury has made it impossible for the Celtics to know what to expect from him.

“It’s tough, because we don’t know game to game with him,” Rivers said. “We don’t know how he’s feeling and how he’s going to deal with it during the game. If we feel like he’s moving enough to help us, we keep him on the floor. If we don’t, then we take him off the floor.

“In the huddle in Game 7 [against Philadelphia], the argument our staff is having is take him out, bring him in. Honestly, it’s just luck sometimes. We left him in and he made two threes. The hook was close. He’s getting more and more comfortable with his shot.”

### Game 1 marks the 19th time that James and Pierce have faced each other in a playoff game.

Wade said for James, Pierce has become “closest thing to a rival if he has one.”

James said, “We know each other more than any other matchups in the league. It’s always fun to go against the best and he’s one of them.”

### Spoelstra predicted Celtics and former Heat guard Keyon Dooling, a Fort Lauderdale Dillard alum, eventually will be “a future coach or a radio talk show host. He’s one of the funniest guys around.” Rivers said Dooling “is one of our best defensive guys.”

### Despite the Heat’s collection of stars and the Spurs winning 19 in a row, Pierce reiterated, “We feel the championship is wide open” this year.

### Pre-game predictions from the TNT studio analysts: Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith surprisingly picked the Celtics in six but were given no opportunity to elaborate. Charles Barkley shook his head at those predictions and said the Heat will win in five.


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HEAT in 4

Canada Mike

HEAT in 3!


HEAT in 2!!! CelTICKS retire and buy real estate in Century Vilage of Pembroke Pines,lol


640 has such a weak signal so hard to listen to that station I always hear people talking about Castro in the background


Bosh better comeback and play his Butt Off. Cause if the Heat can Win a title without him contributing much. Why keep him?

Trust me, if we lose bosh will be the first one gone. Cause even Spo is showing some growth, spo should still be the second guy to go if things go bad (No Title).

KG is done, Pierce is done, and Allen is Finished. The next game will be interesting, cause we all know the national media (ESPN) is going to cry foul that the ref's shouldn't call it down the middle during a heat game. It's unfair, The heat are to big and strong for Boston, is not a reason to not call the game right.

They need to see Wade and Lebron Bleed. Can U give Boston a break, please only call fouls 1/2 or 1/4 the time on everything we do. Specially on KG who loves to grab and hold on screens (Defense and Offense). That's OK KG the Pitt is coming out the cage for game 3 in Boston, if game 2 happens to get physical like the pacers series.

I got 50 on Pitt against KG in a 1 on 1 fight, if KG wants to act Tuff (KG will get suspended and Whooped in his house so win-win)

"Let's do it" KG


Armando and Perkins was a great show, to can them for Rosenfail is a big mistake.

I like Big O but I'm done with 640


Yeah, the ratings definitely backed up the "great show" description.

jacob is a boob

You don't know the ratings so what are you talking about? I listened to Armando and he's really funny and he mixed in just the right amount of serious.

That show will be missed and from what I understand from my guys at work, they will miss it too.

Sid Rosenberg

Armando couldn't compete with me, pal. I am the most talented radio host in all of Florida.


Shaq and Kenny Smith picked Boston in 6.OK.Whatever.........no one has a crystal ball.......true....but I pick Miami in 6.Hope Heat win Game 2.THAT would put tremendous pressure on Boston.I like the Celtics but nowhere near how I m for the HEAT.GO HEAT.

Sid Rosenberg

I borrow gerbils from David Sampson


Yay, Sid Rosenberg again... I wasn't a fan of his show before but I guess he "speaks" to (or for?) many displaced New Yorkers down here. More importantly though, I find it hard to believe he's straightened his life out in the short time since he was let go from QAM and I think the guy really needs to get serious help before jumping back into the seat.


Considering Armando said the ratings weren't good enough, so they're canceling the show.......yeah, I'm going to say I know that the ratings weren't good enough.

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