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Media column: Time for Barkley to get off D-Wade's back; Pundits rip Dolphins; ESPN to hire J.T.


In the recent history of athlete commercials, few were as clever or memorable as Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade kibitzing on those catchy T-Mobile cell phone ads. Wade finally cracked Barkley's Fav Five, to the relief of much of America, but then immediately lost his spot after Barkley discovered Wade's nickname was "Pookie."

Fast forward three years, and here’s my question: Why in the world does Barkley keep needling D-Wade?

It’s one thing to criticize Wade for his horrendous Game 3 against Indiana, from which he has rebounded splendidly. But it’s quite another for Barkley to level puzzling shots at his former T-Mobile partner. Among them:

### Wade, Barkley said recently, “gets far too much credit” for the Heat’s 2006 championship, asserting that Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning made the difference against the Mavericks. You might recall – even if Barkley doesn’t - that Wade averaged 34.7 points and 7.9 rebounds and led the Heat to four straight wins against Dallas. Even O’Neal, on TNT’s set, scoffed at Barkley’s theory.

### Wade, Barkley said, “doesn’t make players around him better.” You know who might disagree? That mostly undistinguished cast that Wade led to the playoffs – without LeBron James – in Erik Spoelstra’s first two seasons as coach.

### While making a broader point that James should be taking more late-game shots, Barkley inexplicably felt compelled to add this:

“You know the thing that’s funny? Dwyane Wade never gets any criticism because he didn’t close in the Finals last year. I actually think LeBron got tired. He used a lot of energy shutting down Derrick Rose. Then he had to guard Jason Terry. I think he got tired. But it's funny how Wade doesn't get any criticism for not finishing in the Finals last year. Wade’s a great offensive player, but LeBron makes everybody around him better.”

Barkley should check the stats. Wade scored more than any other player in last year’s Finals – his 26.5 average a shade over Dirk Nowitzki’s 26.0 and much higher than James’ 17.8. He also shot 54.6 percent – better than James’ 47.8 and Nowitzki’s 41.6. Could Wade have done more late in close games? Certainly. But so could have everybody else on the Heat.

And Barkley wants to make an issue of Wade’s play in the Finals? As the ESPN NFL studio guys would say, “C’mon, Man!”

Let’s be clear: Barkley shouldn’t speak favorably about Wade just because they worked together. And Wade wouldn’t expect that. But Barkley comes off as if he’s searching for something negative to say about him.

Wade said he wasn’t aware of Barkley’s comments and “I respect Charles for being a great player. I respect the relationship we have. He has a job to do. Whatever he’s going to say, he can say it. It doesn’t change the time I go to sleep, the time I wake up, and what I do in between. It’s TV ratings.

“It’s not going to change ’06. So sorry, Charles, it’s not going to change ’06 at all. I was a big part of that championship. Did I do it all by myself? No. I had a lot of help. But I had a couple of games in there that helped lead my team to a championship.”

Wade said he has not spoken to Barkley “in a while. When I see him, I show respect as being a player that came before me that helped pave the way, especially a guy that’s not that much taller than me in a sense of what he did in the game. But I don’t get involved in what those guys say because they have a microphone and get to talk."


### This was predictable: National pundits ripping the selection of the Dolphins to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks. “Other than Reggie Bush, the Dolphins?” ESPN’s Michael Wilbon asked incredulously. “Who are they?”

Woody Paige, on ESPN’s Around the Horn, complained: “Who really cares about the Dolphins? They’re no longer relevant in the National Football League.”… NFL Network announced it will retain Warren Sapp, who was dropped by Showtime.

### ESPN plans to hire Jason Taylor as an analyst on assorted studio shows - including NFL Live, NFL 32 and SportsCenter, according to industry sources.

### Stephen “Screaming A.” Smith, whose show was canceled by ESPN in 2009, is back with a fairly prominent role. Hired to do a talk show on ESPN Radio’s New York affiliate in February 2011, the bombastic Smith will join the cast of ESPN2’s First Take beginning Monday, serving as Skip Bayless’ sparring partner.

Both are as polarizing as anybody on the ESPN payroll, and their debates could either enthrall viewers or send them reaching furiously for their remote control.

### Don’t be surprised if WQAM-560 pursues Jorge Sedano if the station and Michael Irvin part ways. WQAM said it’s uncertain whether Irvin will remain beyond July. Sedano left 790 The Ticket last month to focus on his TV career. He does a sports fantasy show for CBSSports.com.... WQAM and WMEN are making progress in negotiations that would allow Sid Rosenberg to escape his WQAM non-compete clause and soon begin his job as WMEN-640's morning host. But a deal isn't done, and if the sides can't break through the final stages of talks, he could not begin the gig until the second week of August.

### Oops: WPLG-10 news reporter Sasha Andrade said last Saturday that the Heat would play the winner of the series between the Celtics and “the Philadelphia 69ers.”

Was Andrade the victim of a co-worker’s TelePrompter error? No, the station said. Andrade bears sole responsibility, and she has suffered enough for the mistake, including lampooning on talk shows and web sites.

Note: Check out my last post for Heat notes from today, and check on the home page for my story previewing Game 3 of Heat-Celtics.


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Yawn. Sedano sucks. He's as analytical as a 12-year-old girl from Pembroke Pines.


Boston is a jump shooting team., When can u remember in that game of them comin at the rim like wade and bron did? and, NO ONE RECALLS> at end of OT, they fouled 4-5 times for free throws that added what 8-10 shots to the total. Man, big cry babies. I hope lebron has one of his games. HE IS DUE. and we sweem em. If we win Friday, its a sweep.


YES Wade should have done moe in last years finals I aree with Barkley on that...Wade had to play at a more trandescent level...similar to what he did in 06 and yes Im especially talking about late in those games.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Wade scored more than LeBron and he scored more than Nowitski.

Barkley's a moron.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

And that was in the same breath where he said Wade got too much credit for 2006 where he averaged 35 and 8 and single handedly won a crucial game 3.


Barkley has a definite grudge against DWade. Even a moron like him has to be aware of the undisputed facts that Barry lists above. Don't be surprised if it's some minor, petty, personal detail nobody knows about. Maybe Barkley is jealous that DWade is a stud off the court as well, and is dating one of the most beautiful women in the world. And Barkley is just a fat has been who likely has trouble getting a decent date. Sometimes silly things like this can lead a moronic person to hold a grudge against another person.

Kwaku Azar

Barkley does not understand basketball. His analysis, if any, is always shallow. His contribution on TNT is to talk about himself not shed any insights on the games.


Barkley's a big baby and a loser.

Sid Rosenberg

I am back baby. The best radio host between Yamato and Congress! We are celebrating at Tootsie's this weekend and drinks are on me. Also, if you get a chance place some wagers on Bovado.com., their odds are much better then Vegas!


Sid, didnt drinking in the first place get you fired. When will you learn?

Sasha Andrade

Oops is right lol! However, life is short and sometimes you just have to be able to laugh at yourself:) Happy Friday everyone...and GO HEAT!!!
-Sasha Andrade-


So, ... who is a Charles Barkley?

Coach Shula

The national pundits once said the same thing about the Celtics before they got Garnett and Ray Allen, and now One championship, two Eastern Conference titles, two trips to the NBA Finals and three trips to the Eastern Conference Finals and the Celtics are plenty relevant. The national idiots all saying that the Dolphins are not "relevant" will change their tune if the Dolphins start winning, and then they will all of a sudden start talking about their history and their relevance. These fools on tv are all bitter fans who watched Shula and the Fins beat the behinds of their pathetic teams for close to thirty years and now that the team is struggling they are getting their revenge by taking shots. The one thing they fear the most is a Dolphins return to relevance because they know how tough it is to win in Miami when the Dolphins are good, because the fans really get behind the team. They love this now, because the fans don't show up.

Anyone who thinks the Heat will win both games in Boston and sweep the Celtics has never stepped foot in the Boston Garden for a Celtics playoff game. Better teams than the Heat have wilted under the greatness of that crowd who just intimadates every visiting team. The Heat may luck out like last year and barely win one game, but they will not win two in Boston. Anybody who think the Heat will sweep doesn't know anything about basketball. What they are about to endure will be good for them, because the Heat have no shot in the Finals against either SA or OKC so they might as well get used to rough times.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Talk about delusional, I'm a Dolphins fan but no one is bitter about the Dolphins being good 40 years ago, no one remembers Don Shula and the 1970s teams!

The Dolphins won't be relevant just by winning games or making a wildcard, they'll be relevant when they find a star quarterback and win a Super Bowl.

And the Heat would have a great shot against either Western Conference team, anyone who thinks that they have no shot against the Thunder doesn't know anything about basketball.

And anyone who thinks they have no shot against the Spurs knows too much about basketball - yes the Spurs look unstoppable but that's what everyone says about the favorite. Watch what happens if the Heat see the Spurs in the Finals with three games in a row at home.

No one's ever told the Heat they can't win before, they've never been an underdog, it's a good spot to be in.


Barkley must have attended some event at Florida. He sounds just like a Gator. All mouth and no brains. Gators innerbreed that is why they say stupid things and act so crazy.

Ray Finkle

If possible, could you keep your stupid internet nerd rivalry that has nothing to do with football contained to that cess pool of a UM blog?


Canada Mike

In last year's finals... if ANYONE on the team scores 6 more points per game... and Wade does nothing more than he did - then they're talking about his HEROIC EFFORT in the finals YET AGAIN instead of blaming him. I'm taking exception to Barkley comments here. When are you morons going to learn to NOT CARE what he says. Tune in for the jokes and banter, but his opinions are clearly NOT RELEVANT! I'm referring to the so-called "fans" on this board who actually AGREED with him!


I forgot about all those times that Fat ### Barkley carried any of his teams to a championship. You are a babbling IDIOT BARKELY. What he is doing now is a completely ham handed way of trying to suck up to LBJ after similarly idiotic comments came out his pie hole. Go Away Charles. Just Go Away. By the way, all of you with Degrees from Clemson should be ohh sooo proud.


Sid used to trash 640 as a station about to go out of business! Amazing, glad he is out at WQAM, He will screw up at 640 too, just a matter of time


Barkeley reminds me of craw-dads who try to pull every other one back down to its level.


I know what has been said about starting Pittman against the Pacers -- and maybe he should have come off the bench -- but it was the right thing to do to give him a try against the Pacer's height. The Heat have to decide whether to keep Pittman and I think he should be given a chance to play against Duncan if the Spurs take the Western Conference. Dexter needs to study Tim's moves and see what he can do to counter him. I would definitely give Pittman another opportunity to prove himself, even with all the pressure of Primetime. You never know what a guy has inside until he has a chance to show it. It could be tough -- or he could make his breakout. In any event, it will be a learning opportunity. I think coach Spo ought to give him that opportunity, both for the player, himself, and for the team.


Barkley is a loud mouth has been. He's looking to try to be controversial to keep his TV job.

I honestly could do without him and his comments very easily.


Here's a final point or two. Limiting the isolations and keeping other players involved has helped Miami tremendously. It has allowed Haslem, Chalmers, Anthony, Miller and others to make critical contributions. Everybody must keep running plays and playing without the ball; that's what makes the isolations much more effective. The only other thing I would add is that someone(other than James or wade) should challenge Rondo much more, especially when he's
bringing the ball to the frontcourt -- and should disrupt his passing, making it more difficult to pass to players in their favorite spots. Of course he will get by his defender a few times, but you want to make him behave DIFFERENTLY and not be in his comfort zone.

Sid Rosenberg

Posted by: Boner

Whoever helps me pay off my gambling debts will be blessed to have my services as I am the BEST in West Boca. I am hiring a driver to and from the studio if any of my minions are interested. My first guest is my main man Chuck Todd.

Carlton White

I like Barkley as a player but he has some nerve. Dwade got his championship and was phenomenal in the 2006 finals run.

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