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Tuesday afternoon Heat-Pacers notes: LeBron discusses challenges of PF

Some Heat and Pacers notes from Tuesday morning's shootaround:

Though LeBron James is willing to play any position where he’s needed, he admitted before Game 2 on Tuesday that logging significant minutes at power forward takes a toll. With Chris Bosh sidelined by a strained abdominal muscle, James is expected to play more minutes at power forward to compensate for the loss of the Heat’s top power rotation player.

“It’s a lot more taxing being in there with bigger guys,” James said. Defensively “is the biggest difference. When you’re on the perimeter, there’s more space. The interior is more cramped and physical…. But I’m ready for the challenge.”

The advantage of playing power forward is that “I can get more rebounds and start the break.” James said he has played more positions this season than any of his seven years in Cleveland.

### James noted Tuesday that when he has the ball, “I don’t really see the defender in front of me. I’m looking at the next guy. I believe I can go around and beat the guy that’s in front of me any time I want to.”

### James, who entered Game 2 averaging nearly 39 minutes per game, said, “Forty minutes in the playoffs is different than 40 minutes in the regular season. Intensity is raised. The grind is much more intense. Hopefully, I can get a few minutes here and there.” James said he’s staying off his feet on off days more than he would in the regular season.

Dwyane Wade said he stares at Erik Spoelstra when he needs a brief rest. “Forty minutes – when you play both ends of the court – it’s like 80 minutes,” Wade said.

### Wade said when Bosh is out, “me and LeBron are a lot more aggressive at the same time. That would be a good thing. It’s something our team needs us to do.”

Wade also said he would be inclined to post up more often in Bosh’s absence. Wade was generally effective when he did that this season.

### Ronny Turiaf said he takes no joy in his expanded role because it resulted from an injury to Bosh. “There is no way for me to be happy about it,” he said. “Obviously, I’m not Chris Bosh, but I’ll do my best.”

James and Wade called Turiaf to lobby him to sign with the Heat after he received a buyout from Washington. “It’s very fortunate” he signed, James said. “A luxury to have.”

### Coach Erik Spoelstra, on Bosh’s injury: “It’s a no-excuse season. We’ve prided ourselves on being a no-excuse team.”

### Pacers forward Danny Granger conceded, “We have the height advantage but it doesn’t mean we have an advantage. Every time you drive to the basket, there are defenders. Before you get to the basket, there are a couple guys there. They have a shot-blocker in Joel Anthony.” But Granger said Bosh’s injury “weakens them in halfcourt sets because he can score in the post.”