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Tuesday night Heat-Knicks notes


Two days after squandering a last-second chance to tie or win Game 4, the Heat spent part of Tuesday’s practice working on late-game situations “so we’ll be more comfortable in our package,” Dwyane Wade said.

To refresh: With his team down two, Wade received the in-bound pass with 13.2 seconds left, dribbled, fumbled the ball briefly, recovered and missed a difficult 24-foot three-pointer with 2.4 seconds left.

“Look, guys,” coach Erik Spoelstra said Tuesday. “If you get Dwyane Wade going down the lane with an open lane, and you’re down by two, I think you take that. It was a pretty good opportunity to attack the rim. It was a broken play and we know what happened from there…

“We had an open trigger for LeBron James. We had an open window on the second one with Chris Bosh. Just made the wrong read and it ended up being a miscommunication between him and Dwyane. Otherwise, that would have been a pretty good opportunity.”

The Heat is now 6 for 16 this season – and 9 for 36 since the Big Three was assembled – on shots to tie the game or go ahead in the final 24 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime. Wade is 3 for 7 on those shots this season, James 1 for 2.

“I got a step on Amare Stoudemire, which I wanted,” Wade said of the last play. “I just lost the ball. I would do it all over again.”

James said, “Last play, we could have executed a lot better.”

Bosh said he “was trying to get to an open spot” on that play to give Wade another option. “Michael Jordan made it look so easy,” Bosh said of late-game shots. “It’s a low-percentage shot.”

TNT’s Kenny Smith said on that last possession, “I would have had the ball in LeBron’s hands and let Wade set the pick” instead of Wade with the ball and Bosh setting the screen.

“The Knicks are not going to switch and all of a sudden you have a runaway train [in James] going to the basket and/or if they switch or double team, you have the ball kicked back to Wade. Wade has hit many big shots in his career, but you still need to have the two best players involved in the play.”


Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, who had knee surgery April 2, will not play at all in the series, coach Mike Woodson said. “He’s just not ready.”

### Wade, on Spoelstra’s predicament: “It’s tougher to coach us guys together than one of them apart. Perception is it’s easy.”

### Though Spoelstra has praised the job James and Shane Battier have done on Carmelo Anthony, he said where his team erred Sunday was giving him “an incredible amount of room to gain confidence as the game went along. We talked about that today. He was struggling in the first half. Then, because of our inefficiency offensively, we gave him three open court opportunities he took advantage of. We bailed him out twice. He had 14 free throw attempts.”

Anthony, who scored 41 points in Game 4, is averaging 26 points but shooting 39.8 percent in the series. James is averaging 27.5 points and shooting 48.6 percent.

### According to ESPN’s statistics department, Anthony is shooting just 29 percent in the series with James defending him (12 of 41) but 53 percent (20 of 38) with Battier guarding him.

### Bosh said the Heat needs to do a better job on Stoudemire, who had 20 points and 10 rebounds Sunday: “Amare is too talented for us to be giving him dunks. We have to make him work harder, get someone between him and the basket.”… Bosh said he’s sleeping fine despite having a newborn: “I’m a lucky dude. I’ve got a good baby.”