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Media column: Pundits assess what Heat needs to become multi-champion juggernaut


The question was posed to several pundits: What must the Heat do with its roster to be a multi-champion powerhouse like the Spurs (four in a 12-year stretch) or the Lakers (five since 2000)?

All agreed the Heat needs help, though resources are limited beyond a $3.1 million mini mid-level exception. Some feedback:

### While the Heat would be fine going forward with Chris Bosh at center and proved it can win playing small, TNT’s Charles Barkley insists Miami cannot win multiple titles without adding a quality “big guy. And they need more depth. They’ve got flaws.

“LeBron James covers up a lot of their flaws. He leads them in rebounding because they don’t have a legitimate big guy [aside from Bosh]. They’re a very small team. They are going to play against some bigger teams in the future. Oklahoma City did not have any big guys down low who can beat them up. The Bulls will be back and they have a good size team. You don’t know what’s going to happen trade-wise.”

### ESPN’s Jack Ramsay said Miami’s “bench really isn’t good. They need better backups.” (Adding at least two will be an offseason objective.)

### TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal insists the Heat needs not one, not two, but three additional players to win more than one title: “Another big man and two more bona-fide shooters.”

Miami plans to pursue shooters in free agency, including Ray Allen, who reportedly likes the Heat. But Stephen A. Smith reported Thursday that contrary to reports saying Allen-to-Miami is inevitable, there’s “a very good chance” Allen re-signs with Boston. Also, Yahoo reported Thursday that the Heat is not the leader for Allen and that the Suns plan to pursue him. Suns president Lon Babby was Allen's agent for much of Allen's career, and Phoenix could offer more than Miami.

### ESPN’s Kurt Rambis has two words: Steve Nash. He said if the Heat can convince him to take $3 million, “it would be unbelievable, scary and absolutely terrifying in transition. Getting Nash [or another] top-echelon point guard would put them on a level way beyond what anyone could see.”

But the notion of Nash taking $3 million would be very surprising, especially after he made this comment this week: “I definitely feel like I want to be validated monetarily to an extent. Maybe not to the same extent, but it’s still very important.”

### ESPN’s Jalen Rose counters: “You don’t need a point guard! They have a point guard! Mario Chalmers. And they have a backup with Norris Cole. I like what they’ve done there. What they need is somebody that can consistently give them baskets in the interior.

“Chris Bosh is going to give it you mid-range. Joel Anthony gives it to them on the defensive end. I have a good pulse on that team, and that’s what they need. I like Lamar Odom as a good fit.” But Odom reportedly could be dealt to the Clippers.


### Poor judgment by WQAM host and former UM defensive lineman Dan Sileo for tweeting a picture of himself standing over a Penn State quarterback, celebrating an apparent sack, with the words: “This is how you molest a Penn State player the right way.”

### Warren Sapp said he apologized to fellow UM alum Jeremy Shockey, at a Heat game, for claiming he was the “snitch” who informed the NFL about the Saints’ bounty scandal. But it wasn’t much of an apology because Sapp added, “The information that was passed to me, I stand by my source.” Shockey and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have denied Sapp’s allegation.

So what exactly was Sapp apologizing for? “For putting it on the street level and making it derogatory towards you.” Oh.

### The NFL announced Thursday that the second game of CBS and Fox double-headers will start at 4:25 p.m., 10 minutes later than past years. That will reduce frequent overlapping of games.... ESPN will have Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer call the second game of its opening Monday night NFL double-header (Chargers-Raiders), which follows Bengals-Ravens…. NFL Network will add a live 6-10 a.m. weekday studio show beginning July 30.

### NBC’s 115-person Olympic broadcast team, unveiled Thursday, includes two active NBA coaches: Doug Collins working men’s basketball games and Doc Rivers serving as a studio analyst; Olympic speed-skating legend Apolo Ohno as a reporter; Ryan Seacrest and John McEnroe as contributors; and Dan Patrick and Al Michaels sharing daytime host duties (with Bob Costas again handling prime time).

All events will be streamed live on NBC’s Olympic web site, and NBC and its cable partners will carry live events in the morning and afternoon. But NBC’s prime time show will be taped, because of the time difference with London. The Olympics begin July 27.

### Decisions will be made soon on 790 The Ticket's morning show (the station was pleased with how Jon Weiner and Marc Hochman did as fill-in) and Michael Irvin's future at WQAM. If Irvin leaves this summer, Jorge Sedano would be the favorite to replace him. Sedano left The Ticket's morning show this spring to concentrate on his TV career, but he might be able to juggle those endeavors with a midday show.

Note: See elsewhere on the site for a story on Wade deciding to have knee surgery and skip the Olympics. He expects to be fine for training camp.


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Unfortunately, Dan Sileo is a man-child frozen at age 19...and that's being generous. He and LeBatard demonstrate the necessity of immaturity to perform their jobs...which is to attract like-minded children who also resist growing beyond the snickering teen years as listeners.


Didn't Sedano leave the ticket to do other stuff, and now might show up on QAM? WTF!! So what was the real scoop with Jorgito leaving 790.


Michael Irvin's show on WQAM is awful.


Raz: Sedano was fired from 790. The whole thing about him leaving to do other things was BS.


OneEyedJack: Sileo is a jackass but you must be a real piece of work yourself. You don't like laughing and snickering with your sports? I bet you are the kind of indignant sports fan that spends a lot of time whining and complaining rather than enjoying life.

There are a lot of important things happening in the world. I'm surprised a serious, mature person such as yourself has time to listen to sports radio, let alone to post on a sports blog.


Eric - any details about Sedano getting canned? Beyond he was being paid a good amount of money and his ratings were never great? If you can't beat Joe Rose that doesn't speak well of the show.


I like M Irving as a person but Irving sounds as if he is drunk half the time he's on. Terrible show.


Sedano was beating Joe Rose for the better part of the last 2 years according to this newspaper. He's doing tv for CBS. Jackson writes he can juggle both. Are we reading same thing?


Moultrie 1st impressions (incl. assimilated reports from NBA.com, nbadraft.net, draftexpress.com)

On paper, has the versatility you'd like for combo F who could also see time at 5. Production spiked after transfer to Miss. Strong build/frame, decent length + quick hops = consistent boards in traffic. Not quite jets but good speed for size. Solid faceup j out to elbow and could develop NBA 3. Has postup skills despite limited moves. Decent handle, at college level with attacking mentality but tends to force, rush or play out of control against equal/better athletes/defenses. Gets to the line (.484/FGA as jr) & converts but hard to say if he'll get same calls in The Show.

YouTube clips from swishscout http://bit.ly/LHzwz7

Don't miss the clip on ball-handling.


Never mind. Heat traded back with Philly for #45 + future 1st.


Lefty: Sedano wasn't beating Joe Rose and the tv show with CBS never materialized. He got fired because his ratings sucked and they were paying him money to lose every morning.


Eric: This newspaper reported that 790 was beating 560 in every day part for 5 consecutive months just prior to Sedano's departure. I just saw Sedano on CBS TV last night and almost daily for a month. What never materialized was the network tv show. CBS still employs him locally.


Irvin stinks. Sileo stinks. Without Sid & Sedano, no good talent in S. Fla anymore other than Le Batard

Fake Jim Sarni

Sedano supposedly left 790 because his contract was up and they weren't going to sign him for the same money. I believe he'll end up on QAM and even have some sort of programming role there, joining his former producer Andy King.

Sileo should been suspended, if not fired for his tweet but once again Jolly Joe and the Beasleys show that the inmates run the asylum, and not very well looking at their ratings.

Only a matter of Tim before Irvin is done at QAM and Jax is done at 790. Any chance either station puts together an innovative show? No.

Fake Jim Sarni

Sorry for thel typos. Autocorrect blows

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