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LeBron says Ibaka is "stupid"; Lots of notes from Tuesday Dolphins mini-camp

Note: This is updated from earlier in the day. See below for Dolphins notes from Tuesday afternoon.

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Dumbest remark of the playoffs so far? Had to be Thunder forward Serge Ibaka saying that LeBron James "is not a good defender." That's the same LeBron James who earned the most votes in balloting for the NBA's all-defensive team.

James responded Tuesday morning. "I don't really care what he says," LeBron said. "He's stupid. Everyone says something to me every series. Then [the media] keeps trying to get a quote. I don't care what he says. It's stupid."

Ibaka, per the Post, went on to the say that James "can play defense for two to three minutes but not 48.... LeBron can't play [Kevin Durant]" one-on-one.

Responded James: "First of all, I'm not playing 48 minutes and K.D.'s not playing 48 minutes. I'm not sitting there saying I'm a Durant stopper because there's no such thing."

Durant missed four of five shots when James was guarding him in the fourth quarter of Game 3. Durant was asked Monday what James did to him in the fourth quarter. "Nothing," he said. And the news conference ended thusly.

It will be interesting to see how Ibaka explains himself. Some backtracking is likely, or at least a scolding by Scott Brooks.


### Chad OchoCinco made three receptions at the first day of the Dolphins' three-day minicamp on Tuesday, including two terrific catches on the sideline, both from David Garrard. He jumped over Vontae Davis to make one of them.

"He's fast, he's quick, and he's got that attacking mentality you love in a wide receiver," Matt Moore said.

### He spoke to reporters less than two minutes afterward.  He said he wants to get "back to who we're all used to seeing and how I became what I am. I think I kind of lost that. For me, it's about getting back to basics, getting back to where it started. I'm looking to go back to Chad Johnson and just make it live again."

### OchoCinco said playing for the Dolphins "has been a childhood dream of mine growing up watching the Marks Brothers, watching Dan Marino. To be able to wear teal and orange, it's a pretty good feeling."

### He cracked, "I'm developing Brokeback Mountain chemistry with the players." He ended his session with reporters by saying: "I love you. Enjoy the show."

### Asked how OchoCinco is learning the playbook - which was a problem for him in New England - Joe Philbin said, "So far, so good." Philbin added: "It looks like he's fitting in well."

### David Garrard took the majority of the first team snaps but said he and Matt Moore are splitting them about evenly overall, with Ryan Tannehill receiving very few with the starters. Garrard looked the best of the three on Tuesday, which was also the case during the last practice open to the media, eight days ago.

### Garrard led a touchdown drive that ended with a rollout and strong throw to Roberto Wallace for a score. The offense was forced to punt on Matt Moore's final drive.

### Garrard's only glaring error was an interception to Sean Smith, who would have returned it for a touchdown if the play had been allowed to continue. Smith has been very impressive all offseason. "I like what I've seen from Sean," Philbin said. "His approach has been serious."

### Matt Moore also threw what would have been an interception return for a touchdown, to Karlos Dansby.

### Tannehill made some sharp passes - to tight end Les Brown, Marlon Moore, Wallace and others - but also threw a pick to Jason Trusnik.

### Jonathan Wade, competing for Nolan Carroll for the No. 4 cornerback job, made three terrific plays to break up potential receptions. And rookie Josh Kaddu, who couldn't join the team until this month because of his Oregon class schedule, looked sharp - including a would-be sack of Tannehill. (We say would-be because sacks aren't allowed.) Kaddu also knocked away a Tannehill pass over the middle.

### Wallace made several impressive catches, and Garrard raved about him afterward. Also, Philbin spoke very highly of receiver Legedu Naanee, noting "you like his size and ability and he can attack the middle of the field."

### Jonathan Martin, the second-rounder out of Stanford, got a lot of work with the first team at right tackle, with Artis Hicks at right guard. Lydon Murtha also got some first-team work at right tackle. And Martin got some snaps in relief of Jake Long at left tackle, which was Martin's position at Stanford.

### Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons remain the first-team safeties, backed up by Jimmy Wilson and Tyrone Culver. Free-agent pickup Tyrell Johnson continues to work with the third team.

### Rookie third-round tight end Michael Egnew, who was used a lot as a blocker in earlier practices, made two receptions across the middle, showing nice burst after the catch.

### Dan Carpenter kicked a 59-yard field goal but missed, to the left, from 57.


### Encouraging news for the Orange Bowl: College presidents are expected to approve a four-team playoff, with plans to be announced perhaps as early as this week, and ESPN reported Monday night that the decision-makers are leaning toward incorporating the semifinals within the current bowl system, meaning the Orange, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar would alternate as hosts. It's not definite by any means, but the OB certainly would take that scenario.

The national championship game is expected to be put up for bid, with Cowboy Stadium among the potential suitors. The new format would take effect with the 2014 season.



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The size 'issue' is just the same old noise from the same old noisemakers. Yes, it's OLD.

I hope the Heat go even smaller by spotting Harris minutes & more floortime for Cole. Reason: defense. I really don't care if the bench delivers points. So long as the Heat keep 1 or 2 of its Big 3 on the floor at any time and the rest *aren't* simply standing around waiting for kickouts, there more than enuff opportunities for scoring. What the "rest" must deliver at all times: stops, boxouts, boards. It's in this area where Harris -- with his hops, chops, length, quicks & overall athleticism to defend Harden, Durant or Westbrook -- could deliver MUCH MORE than either Miller or Jones AND, just as importantly, reduce foul exposure while increasing blowtime for Wade, Bron & Bosh.


"... there['s] more than enuff opportunities for scoring."


Serge Ibaka is a dummy.


Serge Ibaka is a Phony. They asked him about Flopping and he went on a Rant. Oh, Shane Battier Biggest Flopper In NBA. Serge just repeats what Perky and the WB tell him to.

Hey, Ibaka how can U jump so high and still suck at Rebounding? Huh, Mr. Goaltending

Again whats up with The NBA. Spo got fined for saying he saw the tape and he was sending a copy to the NBA in the Indiana Series. Yet, OKC has been calling out the Ref's, Accusing People of Flopping.

Where are the Fines, Mr. Stern?


taheati, how much have you seen of Harris, really that you can say he's really that good. Are you talking about the same Terrel Harris that has been scratched from every playoff game from the start. Have you been at practice to watch him play. Most fans are so naive about player that sit the bench and don't play. They are better than the players playing until they get on the floor.


You are right Mike.

He keeps calling for Cole when Chalmers is clearly the better player

Ray Finkle

What are you talking about dash? Have you been listening to any interviews OKC players or their coach have given?? They don't say two words about the refs, they say "we fouled too much, we need to play better defense". You even put a link to that interview where the reporter directly asks who flops and then tells Ibaka to say "Shane Battier"! Only the dumbest fans complain about refs. It's because they don't have anything to say about what the players are doing.

I think the Heat might not come away with the W tonight. Hope I'm wrong but a sweep at home against the Thunder is a bit much to ask for.


Hey buddy I'm not Complaining about the Ref's trust me U will know If I was Complaining.

Someone is an Undercover I hate Miami at Everything Fan.

U throw in a phony explanation. Really I've heard many Interviews when the WB frog is on the Soap Box talking about the Ref's.

Then the I think They will lose, but I hope they win backhand Remark.

How about this MR. Twinkle. Let's Go Heat. Crush Okc Tonight. Break their Will to Win. Heat in 5. Said it Before the Series and I'm Sticking to it. Look it up!


The only size that matters is the size of your win at the end of the game. As far as that goes, Battier has gotten Ibaka beat, and Bosh dwarfs Perkins ... even in the size of their glare !!!


Sometimes, the only good Serge is Surge Protector.


If not for Obama, we wouldn't be getting a four team playoff championship in college.

Yet another win for the Prez.

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