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Camby postpones Heat visit; sign and trade discussed; Van Gundys, others react to Allen pickup

A Saturday afternoon Heat update plus a Marlins note (Giancarlo Stanton will have knee surgery Sunday and will miss four to six weeks):

Free agent center Marcus Camby’s scheduled Saturday visit to South Florida to meet with the Heat was postponed Saturday morning because the Heat no longer has its $3.1 million mini mid-level exception (which is going to Ray Allen) and Camby first wants to see if there’s a realistic possibility if the Heat and Houston Rockets can work out a sign-and-trade that would deliver him a salary in that range or higher.

The Heat and Rockets have had discussions about a sign-and-trade, according to an NBA source, with Joel Anthony, Norris Cole and a future first-round draft pick among the potential pieces to a deal. The Heat does not have its own No. 1 pick next year but does have Philadelphia's from a draft night trade, though that pick is lottery-protected should the 76ers miss the playoffs.

The Rockets are believed to be interested in Cole, but it’s unclear if Miami would give him up as part of a trade for Camby. And the Rockets reportedly have far more interest in what the Knicks have to offer than what the Heat would.

The Knicks could offer Toney Douglas ($2 million expiring contract) and/or center Josh Harrellson and the non-guaranteed contract of Dan Gadzuric ($1.4 million) or Jerome Jordan. The Knicks also have their $3.1 million mini midlevel, though that could be used on New York-bound Jason Kidd unless New York does a sign-and-trade with Dallas to get Kidd.

Camby, who has no interest in taking the $1.3 million minimum from Miami or any other team, likes the Heat but also has interest in New York, Brooklyn, and potentially others. The Rockets have spoken to several teams about potential sign-and-trades. Camby is expected to meet with the Knicks on Sunday in Houston, then might visit with the Nets, who have strong interest in him. The Spurs also are a possibility.

According to CBSSports.com, the Rockets hope to use some of the pieces they acquire for Camby in a bid to trade for Orlando center Dwight Howard.

Camby would be receptive to meeting with the Heat if it’s determined that the teams believe a sign-and-trade is a good possibility. But neither team could provide him with that answer Saturday morning, and the meeting was thus postponed.


The Heat’s playoff success re-affirmed that the team’s stars often do their best work when surrounded by skilled shooters that can spread the floor and give them space to operate.

That’s why Miami’s addition of Ray Allen, among the elite long-range shooters of his generation, holds such tantalizing possibilities.

“Great pickup for the Heat,” former Magic and Heat coach Stan Van Gundy said in a text message Saturday. “Ray Allen is a great veteran player. Can play a Mike Miller role as a shooter. Mike has more size and is a great rebounder, but Ray is a great shooter and has stayed healthy, which Mike can’t do.”

Van Gundy’s brother, ABC lead analyst Jeff Van Gundy, also praised the move, though he added, “As you get up to that age, you don’t know how health is going to treat you. I was surprised. I thought he would go back to Boston, to stick with what they had started.”

Allen, who turns 37 on July 20, underwent surgery June 14 to remove bone spurs in his right ankle but is expected to be fine for the season.

“I coached Ray and you’re talking about one of the fittest players to ever play,” NBA TV analyst Sam Mitchell said. “He can run all day. I can see him playing even better than last year. He’s going to get even more wide open looks now.”

Allen’s three-point accuracy last season (45.3 percent) was the best of his career – a product not only of his natural gifts, but his impeccable work ethic. Allen, whose 2718 three-pointers are the most in NBA history, typically arrives at arenas five hours before games to launch jumper after jumper.

“Ray Allen is the ultimate professional, a great player and a great team player,” ESPN Radio analyst and Hall of Fame coach Jack Ramsay said. “He’s great moving without the ball and he knows how to get open.”

The Heat cannot discuss the acquisition until he is allowed to sign on July 11. But coach Erik Spoelstra is expected to use Allen in a guard rotation with starters Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers.

Ramsay said either Wade or Allen could be the primary ball-handler when they are paired together in the backcourt. "Ray is very good with the ball," Ramsay said. "There were times he served as the point guard."

James and Wade were thrilled with the pickup.

“Heat Nation continues to grow,” Wade tweeted Friday night.

James sent out two tweets – one showing Allen, photo shopped, in a Heat uniform and another that read: “Heat Nation, please welcome our newest teammate, Ray Allen.”

Earlier in the day, before Heat owner Micky Arison announced the news on Twitter, James told reporters covering the U.S. Olympic basketball team practice in Las Vegas: “Who wouldn’t want a dead-eye shooter like that, a complete professional and a champion?”

Does Allen’s acquisition significantly help Miami’s chances of winning two, three or who knows how many titles?

“I already thought that,” Jeff Van Gundy said. “It doesn’t change my belief in what I think they can do. You admire their aggressiveness.”  


Forward Rashard Lewis is expected to visit Sunday, knowing all Miami can offer is the $1.3 million veteran's minimum. He has told associates that he’s not hung up over salary because he’s making $13.7 million in a Hornets buyout next season. The Spurs, Knicks and Hawks also have shown interest, and though Lewis likes Miami, he has indicated he plans to speak to other teams as well.

Riley, incidentally, has spoken on the phone with both Lewis and Camby.



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With Camby being more difficult to land now it appears Riles on Sunday will be prepared to really do another GREAT presentation to Rashard Lewis.Though I preferred the defense and rebounding skills of the 6 11 Camby....... in regards to Lewis here......if he can get along with LeBron and his new teammates..........I d be fairly happy with another 6 10 Offensive weapon and Big man in Lewis.Having to act quickly with free agents....Miami won t have the luxury to wait on a "MAYBE" sign and trade from another team to the Heat.Riles will likely go full-tilt now for Lewis.Timing is everything and Lewis will be here on Sunday and quite simply.......Camby wont.GO HEAT.


I'd rather have Allen than Camby. This team needs shooters.


Just leave Bosh at center.




Marcus Can-be a champion only if he signs with DA HEAT!


DONT TRADE COLE! RREMEMBER IN THE FINALS WHEN HE GOT US OUT OF A HOLE besides.... Small ball won the championshiP!


Cole's career is on the up and Camby is on the down....
Keep Cole!


Keep Cole at all costs.


They will probably trade JA over Cole. If they trade anyone.JA gets paid 3mil+, Cole is on a rookie contract at about half that

I was really hoping CAmby chose the heat,oh well


Cole will never be a good enough shooter.

Coach K

Cole while not a great shooter can be streaky and come up with a big play when you need him. Cole also plays bigger than his size and one of the fastest players in the game. Camby can't score enough to warrant more than a vet mim contract 5 points a game last year. Doesn't seem hungry for a ring either! The heat team success is built around players who will sacrifice pay! Latest Example Ray Allen who turned down Half of what he is offered. If Camby did the same thing it would be 1.5 mil a vet mim contract.


If it's my decision, just say NO to any S&T for Camby please. There should be more or better targets available once rosters shake out after training camp or even till & thru next yr's trade deadline.

Elton Brand was just amnestied. The Heat won't get him on waivers, but Riley always like Brand, almost snagged him for MIA as an F/A (which became Odom) and could still make a play with the team who eventually lands him.

Not drooling over Lewis but if he's willing and able for the vet min., why not? Camby is chasing $$$. Lewis apparently wants rings. Couldn't hurt Heat chances with Allen now onboard.

n.b. re Allen: He's just not a "guard." Allen, 6-5, played 10% of C minutes at small-forward over his first x 2-3 seasons at BOS. He could do the same here (w/healthy wheels), esp. when MIA goes "small."


err. "n.b. re Allen: He's [not just] a 'guard.'"

Jean Cazimir

The Heat Familly is thrilled with the acquisition of the sharpe shouter guard Mr. Ray Allen. Excellent job by the Front Office.
I think a sign-and-trade involving Joel Anthony and a first round pick would make it for the aging Marcus Camby. Elton Brand is a better fit at Power Forward if he doesn't care about money. Chris Bosh would move to Center. Dexter Pitman and E. Curry will back him up at 5. We also welcome R. Lewis who understand the building block of the Heat.
We need to keep Cole who is in the rise.

damian radiano

The heat have joel anthony,who does the same thing as camby.Anthony can cover sf,pf,c,and Camby can only coer the c position at this age.Anyways Bosh is our starting center.So no sign and trade with Houston.WE especially need Cole,if the Heat would have had Cole against dallas to cover Barea,it would be 2 titles.


The thing everyone forget is that the Rockets control what they would accept in a S&T. Would you want JA, or would you want Toney Douglas and Josh Harrellson, a big man who showed promise before an injury. No team does another team a favor by taking less talent in a trade.


We still need a center. OKC was a good fit for Miami in finals with their playing style unlike some of the other teams that play slow with their big bodies.


I'm torn on Cole. I would love to watch him grow into a solid PG for years to come. I just donte think it's gonna happen. He will be the odd man out with Ray Allen on the team. He willl collect dust and lose trade value. Anybody that has followed the Heat over the years knows this will happen. Hell he showed a lot of promise last year and collected a lot of dust. Chalmers would have to get hurt for us to find out how good this kid really is. Then again, the Heat would bring in a veteran. I'M NOT KNOCKING THAT STRATEGY, just pointing it out. That sh*t works.

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