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Early Saturday morning postscripts, reaction to Heat's acquisition of Ray Allen

A few quick postscripts on the Heat’s signing of Ray Allen:

### Once he signs July 11, Allen will give Miami 12 players under contract. And there’s a decent chance Rashard Lewis becomes the 13th. Lewis is visiting Sunday, and now that Miami has given its $3.1 million exception to Allen, Lewis likely would not object to taking a minimum salary from the Heat --- unless another attractive team offers substantially more.

Lewis has told associates that he’s not hung up over salary because he’s making $13.7 million in a Hornets buyout this coming season. He also has told associates that Miami very much appeals to him.

Unless the Spurs and Knicks swoop in with a better offer, I like Miami’s chances here.

### (UPDATE: PLEASE SEE MY SATURDAY AFTERNOON POST, TO THE LEFT OF THIS, ABOUT MARCUS CAMBY POSTPONING HIS VISIT, ACCORDING TO SOURCES): Marcus Camby says he is visiting Saturday, but he has made clear he’s not interested in a minimum deal. Unless Camby gets no better offers, the only way Miami gets him is through a sign-and-trade with Houston. It wouldn’t be surprising if Pat Riley dangled Joel Anthony, who has three years left on a five-year, $18 million deal. The Rockets' interest in that could hinge partly on whether Chicago matches the Rockets' three-year, $25 million offer to Omer Asik.

The Heat and Knicks hold particular appeal to Camby. But the Heat will be fine with or without him, because Miami proved in the playoffs how effective it can be when it plays with just one natural power rotation player.

### LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who lobbied Allen all week on Twitter, responded quickly to the news of his decision. “Heat Nation, please welcome our newest teammate, Ray Allen,” James said.  James then tweeted out a picture of Allen in a Heat jersey with the words: "Welcome! Looks fitting."

Wade tweeted: “Heat Nation Continues to Grow.”

### Then there was Hornets guard Jarrett Jack, who tweeted: “Am I wrong for thinking Ray Allen is a traitor for signing with his rival team?” Yes, Jarrett.

### James obviously doesn’t buy that logic. Before Jack sent his tweet, James told reporters at the Olympic team basketball practice in Las Vegas: “We’re not stealing him. He’s unrestricted. He isn’t with nobody, man. Who wouldn’t want a dead-eye shooter like that, a complete professional and a champion?”

### Not only was Allen thoroughly impressed by the Heat’s presentation (hardly a surprise), but if you believe a Yahoo report, a big factor in him leaving was a fractured relationship with Rajon Rondo.

### One of 1000 positives of Allen's signing: The Heat can cut back Wade’s minutes a tad, from 33.2 last season. That will prolong his career in the long run.

### Difficult to envision Norris Cole getting regular minutes with this roster, because Erik Spoelstra can now give all of the backcourt minutes to Wade, Allen and Mario Chalmers. Mike Miller's minutes also would be impacted if he is able to play next season. A decision on whether Miller will need back surgery will be made later this month.

For a full report on Allen's signing, see my story on the sports home page.




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I really wish people (okay, right now, Jarrett Jack) would stop treating players like they're breaking the rules when they go to a new team.

It's called pursuing the American Dream, something we're all supposed to be able to do with not only happiness, but with impunity too.

Not to mention that there's a little thing called the Thirteenth Amendment. Just saying.


Let's see if they can go like 15-1 in the playoffs next week. Not to be too greedy.


Make that 16-1. Sorry!


Only Ray knows why he left the Celtics. Possibly the trade talk during the year and acquisition of Terry by the Celtics had something to do with it. I hate to see him go but I believe Miami has been lucky enough to pick up a classy guy and very good player for very little. Good luck to Ray Allen, but I still hope the Celtics can stay healthy and best the Heat. It will be interesting.


RAYS of sunshine!


WOW! Really tough being a Celtic fan today, losing one of our finest players. Ray brought all of his talent and effort to every game for the Celtics. Lots of good memories from the last 5 seasons, even as the Celts slogged it out with the Heat in the eastern finals series this year. Best to Ray and his family, Good Luck!


I'm really happy that Allen signed with the Heat. But I can understand how people think of him in a less than stellar way. Think what we would be saying if Wade as a free agent signed with the Celts at the end of his career. Ummmmmmmm probably the same things we said when Alonzo signed with the Nets. I don't blame people for being made, and I understand why they're mad, but I'm glad we have Allen.


Pat Riley to Boston fans:


joe mama

barry jackson, is there a way to read your stuff on a mobile app? it is the best on the herald and I rarely read the actual website. already paying for armondo's app

Rico 1

Blame the Celtics and Rondo for Allen leaving that organization. It is becoming clear that Rondo is creating problems with the team. KG is too old to make a meaningful impact.All of the sudden, the Heat went from the big 3 to the big 4. And there is more to come.


wow that s all i m going to say

Orlando D. Santana

Let's sign Kaman and we'll repeat for a few years.....

Barry Jackson

Thanks, Joe Mama. The Herald is working on the technology to try to make the blogs appear on mobile aps.


The Knicks have NOT used their mid-level exception.

Tim Wellington

Yeah, Cole was a little reckless this year, but I can't help but think he will learn. Cole and Chalmers rise rise to the occasion in big games. Chalmers is not a natural point guard. I don't like Wade as a point guard at all. He doesn't handle the ball well, and doesn't get the entire team involved. He seems to look for an opening to drive the ball, or shoot. I think Cole and Chalmers are a perfect mix, and work really well off each other. I wouldn't break them up because they will only get better.


Wade is an above average facilitator when healthy. I told everyone that wade had knee issues before the during the Indiana series, I even guessed it was probably his left knee. called the finals in 5 games. right after game one know less had the heat in 6 before that game. I can prove it too but thats not the point. Camby could make the team a modern day show time. might get there any way but Rashad lewis will make a difference. cant teach length 6' 11''. I'll save this post. the OG show coming soon look for me on youtube. heres one for the road. Heat win 4 out of the next six NBA championships. (Not counting this one) dont worry I'll drop more on you in the mean time. Big ups to Mark Cuban for destroying Skip Bayless on national tv. to bad big mouth Stephen A. Smith was to smart to get exposed and stayed out of that contrast of someone who know b-ball and a blabber mouth who doesnt know Jack.


LBJ is a great offense facilitator and he will continue to get better as an all round player. as good as he is there is room to improve and you can see the light has really turned on for this guy. Big ups to him but it cant be understated how much the championship level personell (Riley, Wade, Zo etc) helped him realize he is that man!
I team with 2 mega star and a superstar but still play unselfish enough that there will be plenty of shots for quick draw Allen, if Spolstra tells Miller and Battier to shoot upwards of 10 3 pointers each per game what does he tell Allen? 15 shots a game is not out of the question. Haslem, Rashad and Charmers one of the big four to keep the second running. heatnation domination. they can't say it but I will, Not 1, not 2 not 3...

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