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Tuesday update: Marlins open to dealing Hanley; Fins roster breakdown by position

We'll get to Dolphins stuff in a bit, but a quick Tuesday update:

### An official with an American League team tells us Hanley Ramirez is very much available - if the Marlins can get the right pieces in return - and that the asking price "is not ridiculous." The Marlins wants young players in return, but want quality pieces - not a salary dump, per se.

We've heard Oakland and Boston have interest, and USA Today mentioned Toronto as another possibility.

Fox's Ken Rosenthal reported Tuesday afternoon that teams also have been inquiring about Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Carlos Lee and Randy Choate. Lee and Choate are impending free agents, and it wouldn't be surprising if either is moved. The Marlins would love to dump Heath Bell, but good luck with that.

# # #


The Dolphins have been holding monthly conference calls with season-ticket holders, allowing fans to ask questions of Joe Philbin, Steve Ross or in Monday night’s case, receiver Brian Hartline.

Some snippets from Hartline’s remarks to fans:

### On whether he will be 100 percent after an offseason appendectomy: “I’m feeling pretty good. 100 percent is a lost thing, at this stage.” Hartline said previously he doesn’t expect to miss any games.

### On whether Ryan Tannehill should play his rookie season, considering Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III likely will start for Indy and Washington: “If you look at the [Colts and Redskins], they’re not as fortunate as we are to have [veteran quarterback] talent. No one wants to win more than the coaching staff and players. You are going to play the best guy. If he separates himself and is the best guy, he’s going to play. We’re fortunate we’ve got a couple veterans that can handle it and take the starting spot.”

### He echoed other players in noting: “Coach Philbin communicates on an excellent level. I’m excited about the offensive coordinator…. We aren’t that far away. We have a lot of great pieces.”

### On where Miami stands at receiver: “I love being evaluated…. I’m not worried what the world thinks of the Miami Dolphins receivers. I know what I think of them. I’m impressed. It’s definitely the best overall group we’ve had” even without Brandon Marshall. Hartline said he knows some fans like “flashy names” but “there is more involved than just personnel.”

### He said “a guy people are sleeping on, who’s going to be around here, is Julius Pruitt. Breakout, Victor Cruz kind of thing? That’s not what I see. [But] he’s doing a great job at it. He’s going to have a huge impact on the special teams.” Among other receivers, “Roberto Wallace is doing a great job as well.”

### Asked by a fan how he will be used, he cracked: “I have Philbin’s number, if you want to give him a call… I’m ready [for] a bigger load.”

# # #

Here's a quick look at how the roster breaks down at every position excluding quarterback, with camp set to open at 8 a.m. Friday: (R denotes rookie)


Automatics: Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Lamar Miller

Competing for two spots: Steve Slaton, Marcus Thigpen, Jonas Gray ® and fullbacks Jerome Messam ®, Jorvorskie Lane ® and Ryan Mahafee

Comment: Bush closed last season with four consecutive 100-yard games before missing the finale and hopes to duplicate last year’s 5.0 per carry average. But Bush -- well suited to the West Coast offense -- expects the Dolphins to throw more and he will be lined up at receiver at times. Bush said the speedy Miller is ready to contribute immediately. And Thomas, who has much to prove after an injury-plagued rookie season, said the Dolphins’ new zone blocking scheme suits his skills. Thigpen needs to impress on special teams to have any shot of sticking. Miami would like to keep a fullback and hopes one of the three seizes the job.



Automatics: Brian Hartline, Davone Bess.

Good chance to stick: Chad Ochocinco and Legedu Naanee

Competing for two or three spots: Roberto Wallace, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt, Chris Hogan, B.J. Cunningham ®, Rishard Matthews (R), Jeff Fuller (R)

Comment: The Dolphins say Ochocinco must earn a roster spot (and learn the playbook), but he looked good in minicamp and still might be the most physically gifted receiver on the roster. Naanee had a solid offseason and has a good shot to be in the top-four rotation. If Wallace and Pruitt impress as much as they did in May and June, the question is whether the Dolphins will give up this soon on the speedy Gates. That would be surprising because: 1) it's only his second year; 2) he has value on kickoff returns: 3) Jeff Ireland has said this offseason he believes Gates has a bright future and was disappointed coaches didn't use him more last year.



Automatics: Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Michael Egnew

Competing for any remain roster spots: Jeron Mastrud, Will Yeatman, Les Brown

Comment: Joe Philbin’s Packers kept five tight ends last year, but Mastrud and Yeatman must show more in camp to justify roster spots. The tight ends will be a key part of the passing game, and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has crafted packages to use Fasano, Clay and Egnew together on occasion.



Automatics: Tackles Jake Long and Jonathan Martin ®, guard Richie Incognito, center Mike Pouncey

Very likely to stick: guard/tackle Artis Hicks and tackle Lydon Murtha

Competing for two or three spots: guards John Jerry, Ray Feinga and Derek Dennis ®; guard/center Ryan Cook and Josh Samuda ®; tackles Will Barker, Dustin Waldron ® and Andrew McDonald and guard/tackle Nate Garner.

Comment: The Dolphins hope Martin, their second-round pick, can win the right tackle job. Hicks and Jerry figure to compete at right guard, but Jerry could be in jeopardy if he bombs in camp. Samuda got some work at center this offseason and would a cheaper alternative to Cook, who’s due $1 million if makes the team. Garner’s $1.4 million salary could put him at risk.



Automatics: Cameron Wake, Jared Odrick, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai, Olivier Vernon

Very likely to stick: Tony McDaniel, Jamaal Westerman

Competing for one or two spots: defensive ends Ryan Baker, Jarrell Root ®, Derrick Shelby ® and Jacquies Smith ®; tackles Kheeston Randall ®, Isaako Aaitui ® and Chas Alecxih ®

Comment: The Dolphins played a 4-3 well over the half the time last year, so they anticipate a smooth transition from a 3-4 to a 4-3 base. The starters appear set (Wake, Odrick, Starks and Soliai), but the Dolphins hope to get a consistent pass rush from Vernon and Westerman (3.5 sacks for the Jets last year), and productive snaps from McDaniel, who’s earning the highest base salary of any backup on the team, at $3 million.



Automatics: Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Koa Misi

Very likely to stick: Jason Trusnik, Gary Guyton

Competing for one or two jobs: Austin Spitler, Jonathan Freeney, Josh Kaddu ®, Cameron Collins ®, Shelly Lyons ®.

Comment: Dansby has transitioned smoothly to a 4-3 middle linebacker – a position he said he never played before. Misi has a good grasp of the third starting linebacker job and hasn’t yet been pressed by Guyton as much as some expected. The Dolphins consider Trusnik their best special teams player.



Automatics: Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Richard Marshall

Competing for potentially two or three spots: Nolan Carroll, Jonathan Wade, Vincent Agnew, Marcus Brown, Anderson Russell, Quinten Lawrence ®, Kevyn Scott ® and Trenton Hughes ®.

Comment: Marshall will be on the field more than half the time. Carroll needs a good camp to hold off Wade and others for the No. 4 cornerback job. Among the backup corners, Wade and Lawrence made the most impressive plays in offseason practices open to the media.



Automatics: Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, Jimmy Wilson

Competing for one or two spots: Tyrone Culver, Tyrell Johnson, Kelcie McCray ®

Comment: Jones and Clemons are the heavy favorites to start, and Culver has a good chance to stick after playing well when called upon last season. Johnson, a former second-round bust with Minnesota, must show more playmaking ability after a disappointing offseason program here. McCray impressed the front office during the Dolphins rookie minicamp.



Kicker: Dan Carpenter. Unopposed after hitting all 26 extra points and 29 of 34 field goals last season.

Punter: Brandon Fields. Returns unopposed after finishing fourth in the league with a 48.8 net average.

Long snapper: John Denney is back for his eighth year in the role.

### Note: See our last post for Monday news on the Heat, UM recruiting and Randy Shannon's expected next job.




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Pee Wee Allen

The only words I want to hear from Brian Hartline are the words "goodbye" when he's finally released. Bum.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Barry Jackson reserved the rights of every Dolphins rookie. It's a bold move, let's see if it pays off for him. Hartline is a regular goebbels with this propaganda. He's great, but he'll never be 100% again. Colts and Redskins are unlucky to have to start their star rookie quarterbacks right away. The competing scrub receivers are great! Not Victor Cruz great but they'll have a huge impact on special teams.


Good post.

Hartline better check himself, He's only "automatic" cause this is the last year of his contract. The fins will let him play it out, His starting spot might be at risk this year though. If hartlne doesn't start I see him dropping on the depth chart. Not to #3, but more like 4th or 5th and he doesn't play special teams. so BH better get on his job.

I understand we all want to see Clyde Glyde, but we have to remember he didn't play football til college. When they drafted him last yr we knew it would take 2-3 years. He was a project pick. Next Yr training camp might be gates last.

Now don't get me wrong he has to show some growth this year. But Clyde is 1 of the few if not the only Wr who can return kicks. Bess also returns kicks, but I don't see him or bush returning the majority of the kicks this year. I see Miller and Gates as our Main returners. Just off of potential and special teams play Clyde will stick this year. Next yr different question.

I see nannee being odd man out. If he doesn't earn a starting job, do u keep him over a 4th rd pick(gates) or Wallace.

Dashi top 5 WR


LN needs to beat out 8-5 and Hartline. If not he's battling the other 12 for 1 spot. I don't see the fins keeping him over Wallace or Pruitt for the last spot


Les Brown should at least make the practice squad. He's already better then the 2 bums named Will Yeatman and Jeron Mastrud.

Home on the Herald

Hartline is underrated and will be the Dolphins leading WR this season

Then Bess

Then Chad Johnson

Home is expecting Miami to keep an extra WR and one less TE

Our 53 will NOT make the Play Offs this season, and Ireland still sucks at drafting football players,
Despite his very high opinion of himself

Home on the Herald

Home prediction:

Fraud Poser Boy CB sean smith will be replaced by a "Dick"

Go Phins!

Home on the Herald

Patriots drafted Championship Captain 265 lb
Bone Crushing LB Hightower

Jeffery Ireland drafted a lightweight "Kaddu" @ LB




OK a 1st rd pick against a 5th rd pick. Who will make that argument

Logic, buddy
Use it

That's the Truth to real knowledge, Not just ur Bias opinion Homey of the Sentinel.

NE can only draft a couple LB's and a Couple TE's in the last 5 draft. 50+ picks and what do they have to show for it 4-5 players top. Hightower is going to Replace that BS he drafted out of UF. So 2 lb's and 2 TE's

yep the patriots know how to draft. Cornball

Get off Ireland's jock, Maybe ur the reason it's on Fire


Home on the Herald, you're an idiot. I read your posts and can't believe how unknowledgeable you are.

Home on the Herald

Home believes the Patriots WIN the AFC again this year

Mayo is an excellent LB

Spikes from UF that Dashi refers to played terrific last season esp after coming back from his injury later in the year and the postseason
If u weren't such a fish homer u would realize this

Hightower is a very intimidating LB and great pick for the superior drafting of New England
Vince Wilfork from UM LOVES the LB Hightower pick and has praised him immensely as well as superior DE/DT Chandler Jones instead of the Dolphins weak pick at pass rush - Vernon, the mentally challenged DE w only a grand total of two years exp on the recently disastrous losing UM football program

The whole world knows the Patriots got an "A" in the draft w their stellar defensive picks
and soon even the clueless biased fish lovers will come to realize FIRELAND had one of if not the worst 2012 Draft in the NFL

TanneREACH - poor performance in the NFL, bad draft pick esp at 8th overall to prance the sidelines in a baseball cap only to come in and throw to the wrong colored jerseys or get sacked. complete bust. loser in college, loser in the NFL

Martin - NFL weak, soft weak body that is an absolute joke at RT getting tossed around like a garbage can

Egnew - Ireland is the laughing stock of the NFL once again, trading the MVP of the Pro Bowl for a non physical, non blocking TE , an "Egnew"

Kaddu - a lightweight LB that was one of the worst of the college litter and will never translate to a starting NFL LB

2 WRs - that look like clowns in Miami practice, neither will make the 53

and FA
All Jefferey did was sign one "Dick" to replace who Home told from day one is a Fraud Poser Boy CB that contributed to three losing seasons and now is ranked by PFF as 105th CB in the 2011 NFL, another Ireland 2nd round pick bust sean smith to go w Pat White and not playing/developing Pat Turner who now is on the Jets scoring TDs over Vontae Davis

Good Grief Jefferey!

What have you done!

Home on the Herald

Home knows the Miami Dolphins

WILL NOT have even one player drafted by Jeff Ireland in 2012 start this year on the low hapless 6-10 team

WILL NOT have even one of Jeff Ireland picks during his entire tenure with the Miami Dolphins earn a spot to the Pro Bowl this year




I would like to know what credentials Home on the Herald possesses to make him/her such an authority. To me you are just a hot air windbag with an IQ only shoe sole high. GO FINS.

Home on the Herald

Home is the light and the way

NostraHomeUs - a Miami Dolphin visionary who has made more accurate posted Miami Dolphin predictions and insight than any other "professional", fan and/or blogger

Good or Bad news, Home brings the truth

PA Fish Fan

I am disappointed in all of the fans of the U on this forum. Do you not realize Jeremy Shockey is a free agent?
On a more serious note, I am excited to get it going, at least there is hope with the new regime!

Home on the Herald

Always like Shockey and Wilfork too

Unfortunately neither has or will play for Miami

Home on the Herald

by position

Brandon Fields is the best player on our team

Home has witnessed punter Fields punt the ball 90 YDs in practice!

and 75-80 YDs w regularity

Amazing and Home would not have believed this until was witnessed w his own eyes a couple years ago as reported from, "Home From Camp"

LA Phin Fan

Nice break-down Barry. Keep the info coming. I'm pulling for Roberto Wallace and Julius Pruitt to stick at the WR position. Training Camp will decide.

Home on the Herald

Tannehill was just a total reach and complte waste of the 8th pick of the 2012 Draft

For the love of God, man

At least pick impact players that can WIN football games

Miami should have signed Tebow back to Florida in Free Agency
A proven NFL winner against AFC teams at his very first try on taking over a dismal losing Denver team w below avg WRs and RBs

Matt Moore to start and now 255 lb superior athlete,
#1 Red Zone scoring QB in the 2011 NFL, Tebow as back up
not Krohns disease and herniated disk 35 by the SB David Garrard who was 6th choice for only one Pro Bowl

Instead of the reach for a bench warmer non contributing QB the Dolphins could have stacked the deck and got a huge impact player that hits harder
(according to NFL network) than DE Dwight Freeney

the pick the Dolphins could have had is a decade long future Pro Bowler
that went to Carolina after the Dolphins picked a bust player that is known for throwing 3 INTs every big game

All-American linebacker and Butkus and Bronko Nagurski Award winner, Luke Kuechly, was the ninth overall selection.
LB Luke led the nation in tackles 2 yrs in a row as a sophomore &junior at Boston college

Luke had 191 tackles last year and 101 solo tackles!

Stack the deck w
Burnett & Dansby & Kuechly


Instead Jeff drafted a lightweight that prob does not even deserve to make the 53, a "Kaddu"


Dolphins would have had the best LB Trio in the NFL

instead we have a noncontributing TannyPUKE


Home on the Herald

LB Luke at 21 is 9 yrs younger than 30 yr old
Karlos Dansby and just signed a contract, ...
a lil more than 12 million over 4 years

Karlos Dansby makes 12 million this year for one yr of play

LB Luke leading the entire country in tackles the last two years would have been an excellent addition to the Miami Dolphins

Luke is also good in pass coverage :)


Home, you are right on with your posts. Everythng you have stated is the TRUTH. Unfortunately fins fans have nothing left to do at this point but believe in Ireland cause it's obvious Ross is too stupid to get rid of him. His drafting has been atrocious, and after 4 years of him being in the job, we are staring at a last place finish in the AFC east and have a grand total of zero play makers in a play making leaugue. This organization will continue to be the laughing stock of the nfl until wholesale changes are made at the top.

Georgia Dolfan

These fins never cease to amase me with stupid decisions and bad drafts I support them no matter what but I've just about had it with current leadership


Their could can widen ten she any. As so we smart those money in. Am wrote up whole so tears sense oh.

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