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Ray Allen to visit Heat; Jason Terry reportedly close with Boston; Heat calls Lewis, others

Guard Ray Allen, the Heat's primary target in free agency, will visit Heat headquarters on Thursday.

That was first reported by NBA TV's David Aldridge on Tuesday morning, and then confirmed to The Herald by a source close to the situation.

Allen plans to visit the Clippers as well. The Celtics have offered Allen a two-year, $12 million deal. The Clippers can offer $5 million per year over three years. Miami can offer Allen no more than $3.1 milllion per year over three years.

The Clippers will host Jamal Crawford on a visit Tuesday, and the Clippers hope either Crawford or Allen takes their $5 million exception. Unlike the Heat, the Clippers could offer Allen a starting job.

The Heat, by the way, has a smaller cap exception than the Clippers because Miami is over the luxury-tax threshold. Under the new labor deal, teams over that threshold can spend only a $3.1 million mini-mid level, not the full $5 million mid-level. So there's that working against Miami.

Memphis, Atlanta, Minnesota and Dallas also have shown interest in Allen. But the Celtics, Heat and Clippers have emerged as the strongest contenders.

Allen, 36, averaged 14.2 points last season and shot 45.3 percent on three-pointers. He has made the most threes in NBA history.

The Celtics, according to Yahoo, also are close to finalizing a deal with Jason Terry for their $5 million exception. But they are still determined to keep Allen and share backcourt time among Allen, Terry, Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley, with the ability use smaller lineups with three of them.

As we first reported Monday, the Heat also has called to express interest in Rashard Lewis and Marcus Camby, among others.

Lewis intrigues Miami because of his shooting range, size (6-10) and ability to play either forward position. “Rashard definitely would have interest in Miami,” his agent, Tony Dutt said, adding that the Heat called to make its interest known. “He’s looking at three or four similar terrific situations.”

The Lakers and Knicks are also in the mix for Lewis.

Lewis, 32, was limited to 28 games last season because of injuries (including a bone bruise to his left knee) and averaged 7.8 points for Washington. He averaged 11.7 points in 2010-11 and 16.1 in his career.

If he can get back to his level of a couple years ago, Lewis is the type of "stretch" power forward that would be an ideal fit for Miami's offense. He made 87 three-pointers two years ago and is a career 38.8 percent three-point shooter. New Orleans bought him out last week after acquiring him from the Wizards.

Camby has said his first choice is to stay in Houston, but the Rockets have extended a three-year, $25 million offer sheet to Chicago free agent center Omer Asik. If the Bulls don't match, that could change their approach with Camby.

The Heat, Mavericks, Knicks and Spurs also hold appeal to Camby, who averaged 4.9 points and 9.0 rebounds in 59 games for Portland and Houston last season.  

Camby, 38, does not want to settle for the $1.2 million veteran’s minimum. The Heat is holding onto its $3.1 million mini mid-level exception until it gets some clarity from Allen, who is being courted by Miami and at least six other teams. Jason Terry also appeals to the Heat. But like Allen, Terry can make more by signing elsewhere.



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Lewis sucks. There I said it, his contract is the reason Orlando couldn't find more players for D12. On top he is a quitter and was never really that good to begin with. Oh yeah him and lebron don't get along.

Again if we are looking for a guy that can shoot the 3 and play 3 positions on the court. I say it's G.Hill or that guy. Also that guy didn't suffer any setbacks last year.

Camby would be nice. I could see him coming to Miami just for 1 year getting a ring and retiring.


None of these players - except the Big Three and Haslem - ever take less to play on a winner. They talk the talk but never walk the walk.


Interesting. But so is watching paint dry when you only have $3m to spend on new help.


Lewis, 32, converted 31% of his 3PAs over the last 2 x seasons. Jamison, 35, over the same period, converted 34%.

Likewise rebounding. Lewis's board rates for the last 2 x years are 10.4% & 8.4% -- which translate to an avg of 6.5/rpg & 5.4/rpg per 36m. Jamison: 11.7% & 10.8% -> 7.3/rpg & 6.8/rpg per 36m.

Defensive win-shares: Lewis .7 & .4, Jamison 1.0 & 1.0.

Assist rate: Lewis 9.9% & 5.7%, Jamison 11.7% & 10.8%.

Turnover rate: Lewis 13.5% & 11.9%, Jamison 7.3% & 7.2%.


Jamison played with James in Cleveland & is, by all accounts, a high-character good teammate & citizen.

Lewis reportedly mocked Miami's Big 3, has at least 1 x DUI and is often the center of various rumors, whether it's disrespecting coaches (Sam Cassell), ganking someone's girlfriend (LeBron's), sulking over playing time or refusing to re-enter games after quick hooks (Washington).

But rumors are just that: noise.

Only question: are YOU kicking cans or rattling cages to stir it up.

Only bottom line: Can you be trusted deliver over an 82-grind plus 20-25 postseason or are you the kinda loser that promises new starts only to deliver old excuses.


n.b. Not saying the Heat should chase what it can't catch.

If the Cs throw $34m/3 at KG & "Omer Asik" rates $24m/3 from anyone, Jamison et al. could surely wait *if* $$$ was their #1 concern.

Just sayin, if the Heat have a choice and both are willing, it's not as if Lewis' $100m contract a few years ago makes him a better value today.


Lewis and Haslem could split time at Power forward.


Thanks for pointing out Lewis's Issue's. I didn't want to say it, but yeah R.Lewis is a Borderline B.Marshall.

Again that Guy for being such a Horrible person/Teammate has never done anything half as bad as Lewis.

Oh yeah he also earned more than Lewis and was Worth much more to any team he played on. He was just Injured for a bit(Member how G.Hill went thru that period that his ankle was broken for like 3-4 yrs and now he is good). Lewis in his Prime was never a Top 5 talent. Neither Was AJ. Now that Guy, Dropped 40+ on AJ or Lewis. We can get him for the Minimum and he only has to play for 10-15 minutes a game.

He's not G.Hill, but I say we can get G.Hill and that guy. We will be stacked for another run with those 2. Two 6'8+ guys that can shoot the 3 and Distribute the ball when need be, they can also play some D at 3 Positions.

Lewis Can't guard SF and is to Soft to Guard and Rebound as a PF. Also Lewis is a Ballhog. Orlando did better with Hedo and Anderson in the Line up.

Remember what I said about Big Men. 7ft+ and 8 & 8 almost guarantees U a MAX contract. Hibbert got a Max deal and he only put up 11 & 8. Hey if Asik goes Chicago just got a little Weaker.

Coach K

I'm not really on the rashard lewis bandwagon he not the same player. Id rather take Michael BeSilly simply because he has an upside rebounds better and knows the heat team. Hopefully he isn't blazing up a storm and has matured. If not that option id get spencer Hawes who has improved his game almost getting 3 assists per game get you close to 8 rebounds and averages over 9 points a game gives the heat team real size. Spencer also shot 72 % from the line not bad and is entering the prime age.

Eddie Jones

If Riley can convince Allen to come here, it will be amazing.


We lose Curry, Turief, Juwan Howard and maybe Mike MIller


Ray Allen, Marcus Camby, Rasheed Lewis, Varnado (our 2010 draftee)

Orlando D. Santana

What is going-on with Kaman? Any chance we can sign him for the vet min? Same question goes for Jason Terry?

Coach K

Kaman seems Indiana bound the pacers have more money to play with. It also appears Jason Terry wants more than 3 mil. I heard Chauncey Billiups wants to play for the heat though i don't know he coming off a major injury though that guy is clutch. Not really sold on camby your not getting much offense with him and he on the wrong side of thirty. Still Camby can get you rebounds.


I got a strong feeling that Boston and Ray Allen is gonna try to play Miami. Both parties already know he is staying in Boston. The goal is to string along Miami as long as posible.Pat is too smart to lose out on other FAs while waiting on Ray. That Boston area is ALWAYS looking for a advantage in all sports. Rasheed might work out just like Odom will in L A. Neither guy was happy at their last destination. It wasnt his fault that Lando paid him that ridicolous contract. Pat is a better GM than that garbage they had in Orlando. He will have ORDER! I think Rasheed would be a good role player for the Heat but i rather see Camby.


Really would LOVE to see Ray Allen come to the Heat.THAT guy always scared the life out of me whenever he had the ball.Whew.If he wasn t hurt....I doubt Miami would have got past Boston.......seriously.At any rate........doubt he ll settle for just 6-9 mil over 2-3 years with the Heat unless he and his family are just looking for a change in scenery near an ocean.Ha.Like Miami or out near the Pacific Ocean.After him ....??Who s going to accept less money for a chance for a ring???????Don t see too many good options available who ll be willing to do that ...unfortunately.GO HEAT.


Would really like to see Chauncey Billups come to Miami. He is about as clutch as you can get! Every team he has played on gets better and when he leaves gets worse. James and Wade would both respect him.


Joe it seems you did not pay attention in school because Boston the last time I landed at Logan airport, was on the ocean.


Tom.........you re so right.My oversight...........er...I mean my bad.Anyway.......doubt Allen is interested but I like the guy for Miami alot.GO HEAT.


The Heat really need to get Allen Or Terry. Lewis is not a factor and Camby isnt going to take 1 million dollars.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Marcus Camby is the best player the Heat could sign for their $3 million contract.


Lol. NYP reporting Lewis now interested in New York just as the Knicks are dismantling Linsanity to resume their MarshMelo ways. [ http://nyp.st/MSc5Ph ]

Do the Heat need more proof this guy was never "serious" about winning?


Hmmm. SI (possibly Zach Lowe) posted a blurb saying "Report: Ray Allen verbally commits to Miami Heat‎" which was indexed by Google though the link-to story no longer exists (404). [ bit.ly/LNWtin ]

Tick tock tick tock ...


complete link -> http://bit.ly/LNWtin


Mystery solved.

Apologies to Zach Lowe. Sam Amick (SI) just tweeted there was a fake Yahoo story reporting something similar (i.e., Report: Ray Allen verbally commits to Miami Heat).

Translation: SI's news tracker probably picked up the fake Yahoo story which Google then indexed before it was removed (by SI).

Samuel Allison

Frankly, I think that Grant Hill would be a perfect fit for the Heat. With the cranial approach to the game by players like Batier, Lebron and Bosh, Grant would be a significant contributor to their strategic summits. He is also an accurate three point shooter. He can rebound, and he is a decent perimeter defender. He can also play multiple positions. Notwithstanding, if we can get Ray Allen, it is possible that some teams out of fear of embarassment would seek to forfeit their games against the Heat.


I believe the Heat won't go after a FA center. There is No One really available for the Minimum that can Play Center in the NBA.

The Heat will go after some bench help. I Hope Riley sticks to what he said and We find Someone who is long, Can Shoot the 3, Have Position Flexibility and play some D. U know like that Guy.


"With the cranial approach to the game by players like ..."


Luv it. Hill + Allen would certainly double down the Heat for 'smartest'(literally & figuratively) offseason acquisitions.

Meanwhile, according to the twitterverse, Jamison appears to be more serious about playing & then retiring w/Charlotte (NC has been Jamison's home state since middle school) than retiring w/ a ring.

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