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Jason Taylor on new career, Parcells, Dolphins defense; local radio changes brewing


Jason Taylor begins his ESPN analyst gig in a few weeks, and he’s glad his former Dolphins boss has no control over his new career.

Considering Bill Parcells dumped Taylor twice when Parcells ran Miami’s front office (once in a trade, once by not re-signing him), Taylor cracked that it’s a good thing Parcells – now an ESPN analyst - has no say in the network’s personnel decisions.

“If Bill had anything to do with hiring me,” Taylor said, “they wouldn’t have hired me or they would get rid of me…. I haven’t talked to Bill since he got rid of me a second time.”

Taylor, articulate and media-savvy, has all the tools to be a capable studio analyst, provided he doesn’t curb his candor.

He was cautious at times in media interviews as a player, when he often was asked predictable, repetitive questions. But he spoke succinctly about the Dolphins defense in a recent phone conversation, and his past appearances on Dan Le Batard’s radio show have produced substantive exchanges.

Taylor will start the gig in early August, appearing on SportsCenter, NFL Live, NFL32 and contributing to Sunday Countdown.

The job also begins a new chapter in his life – one that he said might include books, films and other TV projects. He finished as a runner-up on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in 2008, and that could open non-sports avenues.

In his ESPN role, he said he will have no hesitation criticizing players if warranted, but he sees his job largely as “helping fans understand what a player may be thinking, why a play happened. I’m not here to make waves. I won’t criticize just to criticize.”

Taylor, who retired with 139 ½ sacks (including seven last season) and six Pro Bowl appearances, offered an assessment of the Dolphins defense:

### On the change in scheme to a 4-3 base: “I don’t think it’s an uncomfortable fit. Some would say they have 3-4 personnel, and you had the [third-ranked run defense], so why mess with it? But they have guys with good crossover ability. Cameron Wake fits well in a 3-4 and 4-3.

Jared Odrick fits well in a 4-3: big run stopper, athletic guy, can rush the passer. Randy Starks and Paul Soliai fit well in both defenses. Soliai will take up two guys.” He likes how the linebackers project in a 4-3, too.

### He hopes the new scheme will use Wake exclusively as a pass rusher on passing plays. Former coordinator Mike Nolan used Wake in pass coverage several times last season, and Taylor said, “I don’t want Wake dropped into coverage” because of his value as a rusher.

### Taylor questioned the Dolphins’ release of safety Yeremiah Bell, who signed with the Jets.

“There are no deep-rooted loyalties in the NFL, but I thought Y.B. was good enough to be there,” he said. “I would not have gotten rid of him.”

Taylor said even beyond Bell’s play, he has value “getting guys lined up. The type of locker-room guy he was, he has a calming effect. A lot of things go into the value of a player.”

### Taylor challenged Reshad Jones, a likely starter at safety. “You can’t play, ‘I’m the young card’ forever,” Taylor said. “You’re a pro. Now it’s time to eliminate mistakes and be a leader.”

That includes things like “paying attention in meetings,” he said. Speaking about Jimmy Wilson’s move from cornerback to safety, Taylor said, “We all know he can play.”

### On cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith, Taylor said, “They both have talent and it’s time to show that on a consistent basis. Vontae is a special athlete. If you can keep him focused, he’ll be fine.”

Taylor said he likes how Smith “cut his hair” – eliminating the dreadlocks – and changed his demeanor somewhat, “and hopefully that translates.”

ESPN has high hopes for Taylor.

“Jason worked as a guest analyst in studio on a few shows last year, and we were extremely impressed with his performance and the depth of knowledge he was able to share with the viewer,” ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman said.

### Taylor and Reggie Bush will co-host a football camp for boys and girls, ages 7 to 14, on July 23 and 24 in the Dolphins’ practice bubble. Cost is $150 – with proceeds benefiting Taylor’s charity foundation – and each camper receives merchandise worth more than $150. To sign up, call 888-389-2267.


For the first time, the NFL is allowing teams to lift the blackout if they sell only 85 percent of the non-premium seat tickets to a game by 72 hours before kickoff --- as opposed to 100 percent, which has been the case for many years.

The Dolphins might use a number higher than 85 percent -- presumably because teams must give a greater share of the gate revenue to the road team for every seat sold over the "blackout" percentage that a team is using. The Dolphins haven't decided what number they're using, but a final decision is not due until Aug. 9. The Dolphins say they have sold 6000 new season tickets - the most in several years.

As usual, the Dolphins' hope is that every game will be on local TV. The team hasn't had a regular-season game blacked out since 1998.

"Every year it's our goal to sell every seat to have the games on TV," Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said Thursday. "We feel it's important to have games on local TV."

But Dee stopped short of saying every game would definitely be on local TV, saying every season "brings a different dynamic" but that the team will "work tirelessly" in its marketing efforts to try to make it happen.

### No surprise here: NFL Network analyst and former Hurricanes and Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin is not expected to remain host of WQAM-560’s 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. show much longer. His contract expires shortly. Irvin and the station have discussed the possibility of a more limited role. Irvin likes living in Texas and WQAM was never thrilled with him doing a show from Dallas rather than South Florida.

Jorge Sedano, who left 790 The Ticket’s morning show in April to concentrate on a TV career, is the heavy front-runner to replace Irvin. His 790 non-compete clause doesn’t end until Aug. 9 and he cannot begin negotiations with WQAM before that.

### It’s likely that Marc Hochman – the highly creative producer for Le Batard’s radio show – will become a permanent co-host on the 790 morning show after filling in the past three months. He probably will be paired with Jon Weiner, Jonathan Zaslow or some combination of the two.

In June, the Hochman/Weiner combo ranked ninth in the market, among men 25 to 54, from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., while WQAM ranked 20th. (The Ticket’s morning show assuredly got a boost from the station owning Heat radio rights.)

Weiner is adamant about remaining Le Batard’s co-host and isn’t sure if he can realistically juggle a morning gig, too. Unless he spends the rest of his day napping.


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Sedano will be an upgrade on Irvin, no question.


JT is right about YB. Don't feel too confident with Clemons and Reshad Jones as the safeties.


byby curtis

Craving Great Morning Sports Radio

The whole Hochman thing is hot garbage. There's just waaaaaaaaaay too much of this clown on 790. Time for a fresh injection of new talent.

Home on the Herald

Jason Taylor is EXCELLENT as an NFL spokesperson

Was impressed w his work

Appreciate his candor and insight 4 sure

Taylor 4 HOF!

Home on the Herald

Seems JT is not too high on 105th ranked CB Smith

Hmmmm ....


Best weishes taylor on your new carrer. Be harsh on the Dolphins, they don't you need you to be bias towards them.
Critical analysis help them to improve and correct whatever deficiencies you are able to point ou.


Anything or anybody is an improvement over the Michael Irvin show, way to boring.
Hochman and Weiner are clowns, and not the funny kind but the sad clown kind.


I thought Irvin was pretty funny and entertaining. I really miss Sid Rosenberg that dude would literally have me laughing at work. WQAM seems like its going down the drain.


I hope JT farts on the tuna every chance he gets, f--k parcells!


JT will be good to see on ESPN. Him and Parcells will make for Awkward Tv, I hope. He's right about just letting Wake Rush the Passer, Vernon Too. The D-line and LB's are better built for a 4-3. We got better linemen than LB's. I would also rather see JT on TV than Teddy Booty. Can't wait til JT breaks down Mario Williams for being Overpaid and for not being a Horrible pass rusher.

Smith needs to be questioned, VD needs to step it up, They brought in R.Marshall to replace 1 of the 2 next season. Unless they both play real well.

YB was consistent, but he was never really a playmaker(Low T/O, Lw Sacks). The Safetys this year will should be OK. I would also rather see J.Wilson as the 5th DB over Carroll this year. OR give him a shot at FS against Clemons. I'm not saying JW is the answer but he is a better player than Nolan. The Secondary overall is better this year than last year. Which was the big Problem in last year defense.


*The Safety's will/should be Ok this year.


WQAM has a bunch of illiterate host and chronic callers complaining about anything. WQAM host listen to other station conversation and repeat the same matter later on. the station is not worth listening just like its sister station Power 96.5

Julie Durda

Dan Sileo is too immature to hold an audience...he's frozen at age 14


Hoch and Zaslo are the best thing on sports radio right now. Im so glad they are staying.
Ivins show made me embarrassed to be a Cane.

Q's Shadow

CBS Sports just wrote an article about NCAA 13 simulations. FIU is predicted to finish 17th, and be this season's non-BCS darling.

The rise continues.


Dan Sileo is a caveman. I used to live in Tampa and was forced to listen to him because there were no other options for sports. I always found myself flipping around after 2 minutes because of how bad he was.

I move back to S. Fla several years ago and was happy to listen to good radio again. Now, he's doing afternoons on WQAM? What genius thought that was a good idea? Did anyone actually bother to listen to him do a radio show or did they just believe his web of lies?

The guy is so full of it. He made up some story about the Glazer family (Bucs owners) and Bernie Madoff and got in huge trouble. He embellishes or flat out lies about his playing career all the time. The only time he was ever tolerable was when he had a producer named Simon. I stress the word tolerable. Which meant I'd give him 4 minutes as opposed to 2 minutes a day.


Marc Hochman reminds me a lot of Tony Kornholio when he was on Monday Night Football, they both don't know anything about sports.


Local radio has gone in the toilet over the last 15 years down here.

Neil Rogers was number 1 for a reason-he was great entertainment.RIP Neil.

Hank Goldberg was the best sports radio guy down because he had great connections and knew his business.

Eddie Kaplan was legendary-he made you think instead of the same old boring sleep inducing radio.

Tom Jicha the former sun-sentinel TV critic has now retired-he was terrific at what he did and when he filled in on the local radio seen.

Jeff DeForrest-was entertaining as well.He's still on 940 in the AM.

Joe Rose is ok-great guy but, mostly very boring-He's a lucky guy-Hank really helped Joe when he retired-Joe was in bad shape after he left the game financially and emotionally.

Dan Lebatard at times he's very good and at times he's horrible-love his sports writing,he just may be the best in the country but, radio equals a no go.
His ESPN gig with his dad is actually funny and good in my opinion.

Jorge Sedano-he's very average.

Orlando A-he's just the same old same old,nice guy but, his radio talent doesn't equate to great numbers.

Brandon Guzio-I do like him him but, he never gets a shot.

Steve White-good producer and knows his sports but, as a radio host he just can't cut it in this market.

Dan Sileo is just plain awful,if he lasts more than two years it will be a miracle.

Sid Rosenberg is a guy despite the love or hate for him gets it and could be the next Hank Goldberg in this market but, must get control of his demons-this is his last shot with a local station down here-get together Sid!

Boog Sciambi was very good and until ESPN discovered him-thanks to Hank.

Bob Wischusen was very good until ESPN discovered him-thanks to Hank.He slao his the Jets play by play guy.

Rocco Pendola was flat out horrible.


Give Mark Eisenberg a shot!

It looks like he'll be Sid's producer now at 640 but, I love his humor and he knows his sports.

He's a very funny guy!

John Weiner Lebatard's cohost is very good as well and was a very good Lacrosse player at Clark University.

Marc Hochman stay as a producer please.


Kevin Rogers on 560 WQAM is the best sports radio host. He keeps it real, and his shows are actually quite thought provoking. Callers to his show bring an intellect that no other radio host ignites. Great discussion yesterday about the Penn State dramas. He deserves a regular time slot.

Neil's GhosT

WQAM blew it when they fired Neil Rogers. They will NEVER recover from that.
The last thing sports radio needs is another thick tongued New York Jew spewing drivel.


Vonte is the only player in the secondary who actually gets picks. Hopefully this year will be different.

Neil's GhosT

I hope Jolly Joe Bell rots in hell. He has ruined QAM. Must have naked pictures of the Beaslys. Joyce sucks too. FFFFFAAAAARRRRRTTTTTTT!!!!!

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