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Late Monday night Heat-Lakers notes; Heat assistant meets with Portland; Marlins; Michael Irvin bids farewell

A Monday night update on the Heat's Summer League victory, Marlins items and a local radio shakeup:

### The Heat's 106-56 thumping of a dreadful Lakers team in Las Vegas was not only immensely impressive but also historic: It was the largest margin of victory ever in an NBA Summer League game. (Do you get a prize for that?)

Here's what was most encouraging: Norris Cole's exceptional work. He was in attack mode throughout, driving to the hoop and drawing fouls or making pinpoint dishes for baskets. He closed with 13 points (three for four from the field, 7 for 9 from the line) and nine assists, and just one turnover.

Some of the assists were highlight-worthy: a bounce pass to Dexter Pittman, a back-door lob to former Duquesne forward Damian Saunders, and another nifty dish to Pittman for a dunk. 

"I want to continue to get better so I can have a role," Cole told NBA TV afterward.

### Pittman scored 14 points - including an impressive sweeping hook - but remains a foul magnet, picking up five in 14 minutes. He had one rebound and no blocked shots, but managed to have two of his shots blocked for the second consecutive game.

### Terrel Harris, who shot 4 for 12 in Miami's first game, was more efficient offensively, closing with 13 points (6 for 11 shooting) and three steals. On defense, Harris drew two offensive fouls.

### With Justin Hamilton and Jarvis Varnado sidelined by injuries, Mickell Gladness continues to make a strong case for the Heat's No. 4 center job. He had three blocks in 18 minutes and his 10 points included a snazzy jump hook. "He reminds me a little of Rasheed Wallace," NBA TV's Rick Mahorn gushed.

### Drew Viney, a 6-8 rookie forward from Loyola Marymount, continues to impress (12 points, four rebounds, five assists). He's a very good perimeter shooter and also made an impressive move for a layup. He has led the Heat in plus/minus each of the first two Summer League games, confirming the impression that Miami plays very well with him on the court. (We assume this will be our first and last ever reference to plus/minus in a summer league game.)

### Adrian Thomas, who played what seemed like 14 years at UM (actually, six), hit three three-pointers (in eight attempts) but is obviously a long shot to make the NBA. He spent last season playing for Bakersfield in the NDBL. Saunders, a 6-7 forward who was cut by the Rockets during training camp last year, had 13 points and two blocks.

### Heat assistant David Fizdale, who is coaching Miami's Summer League team, told The Oregonian at the Las Vegas Summer League that he met with Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey about the team's head coaching job on Sunday but then removed his name from consideration.

"Head coaching will always be there for me," Fizdale said. "I still have a lot to learn from coach Riley, coach Spoelstra, coach Rothstein. I didn't want to waste Neil's time at all, but I'm flattered he would even think of me to interview."

### Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said before Monday's game that there's "nothing" more he can do to jump-start the team's wheezing offense. "It's on them," he said. "We have everything they ask us to have. When you go to the plate, the video, the hitting coach, the manager can't help."

### The Marlins then scored five runs, a veritable eruption considering the way they've been hitting. Miami entered with a .241 average, which would be lowest in franchise history, and with 337 runs (third worst in baseball, ahead of only the Cubs and Padres). What's more, the Marlins are hitting .201 with runners in scoring position and two outs.

### With his contract expiring, former University of Miami great Michael Irvin left his WQAM-560 talk show on Monday, telling listeners that it "hurts" that his two-year stint on the station has ended.

Irvin’s agent, Steve Mandel, said WQAM wanted to keep the former Dallas Cowboys star but only if he moved from Dallas to South Florida.  Irvin “wasn’t prepared” to do that, Mandel said.

After Irvin declined that request, the station asked if he wanted to appear weekly on Joe Rose’s morning show and make other occasional appearances, Mandel said. But Irvin said no.

WQAM general manager Joe Bell said he prefered Irvin do the show from South Florida because it would have been easier to market it.

Irvin, who has been an NFL Network analyst since 2009, plans to explore options elsewhere in the market, with WMEN-640 and WINZ-940 among stations he is expected to approach.

Though 790 The Ticket has an opening, Irvin appears unlikely to end up there in a full-time role. The station is looking at pairing Marc Hochman with either Jon Weiner or Jonathan Zaslow on its morning show.

“I promise you – stay tuned,” Irvin told listeners. “I will find my way back on the air to you.”

He told listeners that leaving WQAM “absolutely hurts” because “I’ve got a season coming up at UM. I wanted to talk you through this season. But business is business. I can’t begrudge anyone. I wish everybody the best.”

Irvin hosted the show for the first year with former TNT NFL analyst Kevin Kiley before Kiley retired last year. This year, his co-host has been South Florida-based WQAM staffer Curtis Stevenson. In January, Irvin’s program was shifted two hours earlier (to 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Jorge Sedano, who left 790 The Ticket’s morning show in April to concentrate on a television career, is the front-runner to replace Irvin. Because of a non-compete clause in his 790 contract, Sedano could not join WQAM until after Aug. 9.

### One other broadcast note:  ESPN announced Monday that it will carry the Gators’ first three football games of the season: against Bowling Green at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 1, at Texas A&M at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 8 and at Tennessee at 6 p.m. on Sept. 15.

In past years, CBS often has aired the Gators-Volunteers game as its college football opener. But CBS is opting for Alabama-Arkansas instead in that 3:30 p.m. Sept. 15 slot.

The Gators’ opener will compete with UM’s opener at Boston College at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 1, which will be an ABC regional telecast.             


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Since the passing of Jim Mandich (we still miss him) WQAM seems to work tirelessly to get it wrong. It is a wonder they eventually managed to rid themselves of Name Dropping Sid Rosenblatt, despite his record. They should go after Ditz and Fritz who spend the afternoon totally negating all the undoubted quality of the rest of 940 WINZ. This would clear time for Michael Irvin.


WQAM has fallen into an abyss. Irvin, Rosenberg, Sileo and pretty much everyone that they've hired over the last few years have been awful.


I thought Sid was hilarious at times


Say what you may other than Hank Goldberg, Sid was the most knowledgable sports talk show host in town, but Sileo is the worst. He made a lot of friends in town
by speaking of Dan Marino, his first few days on the air. He is boring and conflictive, WHY WAS HE FIRED FROM TAMPA FOR AGAIN?


Yes, it's hard to draw much from another SL season on a team with an almost-full roster built to win now ...

But overall execution was still impressive (compared to g1), even though the Laker jv was obviously unprepared to compete. Fiz doing work!

2nd seez exp of Cole/Harris/Pitt showed up tonite.

Thought Viney "sounded" intriguing before VSL [ http://bit.ly/NAUVtC ]. Think so even more after 2 x appearances. Notable ball iq + court awarenes. Good feet, stroke. Has midrange game. Can score in post. But needs to muscle up. Plenty. If he's still effective after 5th game, could make someone's roster.


Sports probably has more highly-publicized employment changes than any other American industry. So please, Miss Manners, give the participants some tips on gracefully coming and going!


I can't imagine who is a bigger jerk. Sid Rosenberg or Sileo. Rosenberg by a nose. As soon as I hear their voices, the station changes in a millisecond.


After the Joe Rose show, my radio will be turned off now or on fm......


I gave Sileo a try, his interviews are okay but So negative,do not enjoy listening to him. I turn the dial to 640 or 790. Irvin the preacher was good, I'll miss him, even with the mumbling. Considering how much money these people get paid, don't they have voice coaches. At least there was insight with him. What difference did it make if he was in Dallas? It sounds the same way on the radio.


Irvin can barely speak legible English! That should be a requirement for any broadcaster.

Home on the Heat

The Heat are quickly becoming a dynasty

Even the Summer league players are outstanding as mentioned by Barry

The Heat Dynasty is def building as the Dolphins sink into the abyss

The Heat should repeat as NBA Champions

The Dolphins should sink lower this season as Ireland's poor draft with no starters and several busts will not have to compete for last place in the division again like last year, as they will easily earn the spot of last place w o tying w Buffalo @ 6-10

5-11 for the stinky fish

Go Heat!

1st and Goal 2 Go

As a UM fan I will miss Michael on the airwaves. Yes, he did not speak the Queens English, but unlike most of the people on the air, he was not a jerk who thought that his opinion alone was what was right and that everyone should be honored to hear what they thought. The majority of the guys that are on the air (especially Rosenberg and Sileo) believe that they have all the answers and that their opinion matters the most. Granted, THEY are the host of THEIR shows, but they leave know room for meaningful conversation. Michael was not like that. Hope to hear him again on the South Florida airwaves.

Frequent Eater of the Buffet of Knowledge

Bring back OJ McDuffie "whatz poppin peeple"

Home on the Heat

Lebron and Wade could help the low hapless fish if they played WR w Matt Moore at QB, not the interception machine TannyREACH


560 is sinking, Sid and Michael were their best people - including Joe Rose, now Joe Rose is the only one left worth listening to.
790 is not much better, Dan Lebo's show has gone from hilarious fan participation with made up songs that were great to stupidity - they actually think that THEY are the funny ones - StuGotz is an idiot, only Hochman is funny. Dan is talented but funny he is not.
Can't wait for Sid in 940(can't believe I actually like a loud mouthed NYer but he is talented as hell and has the best guests).

Jeffrey J. Hill

Dan Sileo is engaging, knowledgeable and a former Cane to boot. Sid Rosenberg is a New York transplant with chemical-dependancy issues. I will admit that that Sid "knows his sports" but to me, I never "bought it" when he said "I'm a Dolphin & Hurricane fan." Although I wish him well, I wish he'd move someplace else. Preferably, back up north. Jeffrey J. Hill Miami Florida


Just tried to tune in Michael Irvin on WQAM...guess what? Another good one has left and and it's Julie Collins time with "Bring in the Clowns"...Joe Rose an dthe Joe Rose Show are the only reasons to listen to the Q...AGAIN. For those of you critical of his speech, please do me a favor. Listen to his audience when they call in. Personally, I had no problem with his delivery, meter, syntax or semantics...he was real and honest. And extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Goldie was acceptable for me until he teamed with Kuperstein. What a contnetious and opinionated sphincter that guy is! If he doesn't like what a listener says he simply pulls the plug or tells him that it is his show and his opinion is what matters. The problem with that "10 Watt" is that without the Listeners, you HAVE no show! Remember that Neil used to broadcast from Amsterdam, very year and even from Canada, if I'm not mistaken. And Sileo? Silly ol' what? Please. OK, rant over. Go Bills! Go Air Force!


,,,one more thing. Even with all his demons and foibles, Sid Rosenberg, in my estimation, was the best host on WQAM (aside from Hank Goldberg) that I have listened to in the last 11 years (when I began listening to the station). if you caught his interview with the big man, Clarence Clemmons, that Sid re-broadcast after his death, IO think you would agree that it was magic to hear the memories, anecdotes and just plain good vibes that Sid was able to draw from the man. He was a very good interviewer, actually, still is, as he hasn't died, as far as I know. He's just hit another bump in the road,from what I know about him. What I find most distressing about sports talk show listeners in general, is their cannibalistic and "what have you done for me lately" attitude. The most recent and most surprising example of that was Jason Taylor. After all the years that Jason was a stud here in Miami, once his skills began to diminish, the feeding frenzy was disgusting. He wwnt from hero to zero almost overnight. So unfair and so unwarranted to be so beraated and denigratred by people that aren't even has-beens...THEY'RE NEVER-WAS'S!!! That's the pity. So, if you buy a ticket to a game, you in effect become a team owner, or at the very least, every player's paymaster? And that entitles you to certain expectations. I would submit that if each and very one of you that ascribe to this theory were to be subjected to the same scrutiny on Monday morning about YOUR job, whatever it may be, you would not find it a pleasurable experience. Then throw in the media, or at the very least, the company bulletin board. How would you feel? Oh, well. What's the use. for the most part you're a ll a bunch of whiney babies that really need to get a life or at the very least, a real hero like our troops deployed around the world that bring it EVERY SINGLE DAY just so that you can consider yourself a "warrior" back home on the block. OK, rant #2 over. Go Bills! Go Air Force! Forgive the typos.

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