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Heat loses out on Camby; Heat notes; Dolphins quarterback news and notes; Canes, Marlins

We'll get to the Sunday buzz column below, but first, a quick Heat update:

1) The Heat lost out in its pursuit of Marcus Camby Monday evening, when the Knicks and Rockets finalized a deal that will send Camby to New York. The Rockets will get Toney Douglas, Josh Harrelson, Jerome Jordan and two second-round picks --- a package more appealing than anything the Heat was willing to offer. Camby will get a three-year, $13 million deal from New York.

If the Heat adds a veteran big man in free agency, it likely will have to be someone willing to take the minimum. Chris Kaman will get far more than that, and Kwame Brown probably will get more, too.

2) Rashard Lewis ended his meeting with the Heat on Sunday night without giving Miami a decision. "It went well," his agent, Tony Dutt, told us. "We're talking to a couple more teams and will make a decision later in the week."

Lewis is expected to speak with the Hawks (who can offer more money than the Heat) and the Knicks (who potentially could, depending on what means they use to acquire Jason Kidd, who has said he is joining New York).

Dutt denied an ESPN report that Lewis has a meeting planned with Boston.

3) The Heat has inquired about several other free agents in recent days, including Courtney Lee (Miami cannot afford him) and John Lucas III. There has been no offer to Lucas and no visit is planned, but the Heat might speak to his representation later this week.

Lucas, a 5-11 point guard, averaged 7.5 points in 49 games for the Bulls last season and is a skilled three-point shooter. But keep in mind that the Heat felt no need to add a third point guard last season, because they know LeBron James or Dwyane Wade could handle point guard duties if neither Mario Chalmers nor Norris Cole is in the game.

4) The Knicks are trying to get Kidd and Camby $3 million salaries by doing a sign-and-trade for one and giving the $3.1 million mini midlevel to the other. So could the Heat do a sign-and-trade for Allen, thus preserving its mini mid-level to use on another player? 

"I doubt it," Celtics coach Doc Rivers told the Boston Globe. "I don't know if they have anything to give us. I doubt it."  So with Allen taking the mid-level, the Heat is operating under the assumption that all it has left is minimum contracts, maxing out at $1.3 million.

5) Wade will undergo knee surgery in the next couple days, as expected.

# # #


 Lots of Dolphins quarterback chatter:

### Nothing will be determined until training camp, but this is the expectation that has emerged inside the Dolphins: Look for a tight competition between David Garrard and Matt Moore for the starting job, with Ryan Tannehill likely to begin the season on the bench.

“I would probably agree with you on that,” Reggie Bush told me. “Ryan can watch the veterans and learn. When he gets the call, he’ll be ready.”

Judging from offseason practices open to the media and feedback from multiple people, including players, Garrard has been the most impressive of the three, but not by a wide margin over Moore, who rallied the final two days of minicamp.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and in-the-loop agent Drew Rosenhaus (on his WSVN-7 segment) named Garrard the favorite, though Rosenhaus notes it’s too close to call. Remember, August performance is paramount over anything so far. “Close” is how coach Joe Philbin describes the Garrard/Moore competition.

Garrard said he and Moore shared first-team snaps evenly all season. But Garrard joined the starters on the first day of the final minicamp.

### Tannehill isn’t completely out of the running and could play at some point this season. But he got by far the fewest first-team snaps and it was an issue to the point that he went to Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman to discuss it in mid-June. (Tannehill confirmed those discussions.)

“I would like some more, for sure,” he said the day before he got by far his most first-team snaps of the offseason (the final day of the offseason program). “They are planning to slowly get me more first-team reps.”

But how exactly? With Tannehill running third, can the Dolphins afford to give him a lot of first-team work in training camp?

“I don’t know of any team that has had three compete for a starting job,” CBS’ Phil Simms said, off the air, regarding the Dolphins. “It’s impossible to give three the same number of snaps. If you do, you’re doing a disservice to your team.”

### Here’s what’s encouraging from offseason practices: Garrard, 34, and Moore, 27, displayed generally quick decision-making, nimble feet, strong arms, ability to throw on the run and the acumen to run a West Coast offense.

One difference: Moore tends to run more hot-and-cold in practices. He has never been a great practice player, and remember, Philbin wasn’t around to watch his good work in Miami’s 6-3 finish to the season. 

### Philbin speaks well of Moore, but his praise of Garrard has been more extensive and effusive the past three months.

“Garrard’s impressive,” Philbin said. “He looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and you feel good about the guy. He can still move well. He throws the ball with a lot of velocity and his accuracy has been good. His command of the offense is good.”

What about Moore? “I like the way he caught onto the system,” Philbin said. “He’s doing well.”

### Garrard’s back, surgically repaired last fall, hasn’t caused problems, but he admits the true test won’t come until he’s hit in August.

### Tannehill has made a bunch of sharp throws, and Dolphins players rave about his arm. But the speed of the game has been problematic; he holds onto the ball too long at times. Timing issues – throwing too early or late – have contributed to interceptions and a bunch of the drops that seem to plague him. Tannehill was sacked only seven times at Texas A&M in 2011 but has taken a lot of would-be sacks here.

### Garrard’s rise to slight front-runner would surprise many. One AFC head coach told me at the March owners meetings he would definitely start Moore over Garrard; an NFC head coach insisted Moore’s talent is underestimated; and ESPN’s Ron Jaworski called Garrard’s addition “underwhelming,” noting he’s "solid" but “not a guy that will elevate a team.”

CBS’ Rich Gannon said “Garrard has to re-dedicate himself, study, be more of a vocal leader. He’s got a ways to go, and that’s unusual for a guy with as many starts as he has.” A Jaguars source said Garrard got fat and happy after Jacksonville gave him a big contract in 2008. But Garrard has impressed the Dolphins with his performance and professionalism.

### We did a statistical analysis of Moore’s 2011 and Garrard’s most recent NFL season (2010 with Jacksonville), and a few numbers stood out.

Their ratings were similar – Moore 12th among all quarterbacks, Garrard 13th - but Garrard had the better completion percentage (64.5 to 60.5), critical in a West Coast offense.

### Moore was the better quarterback in the first through third quarters. But Garrard was far better in the fourth. Garrard's 108.3 fourth quarter rating in 2010 was second in the NFL behind only Ben Roethlisberger, with seven touchdowns and one pick. Moore was 34th last year with a 68.8 fourth-quarter rating (three touchdowns, four picks). 

What about Tannehill's fourth quarter performance at A&M last season? He wasn't extraordinary but pretty good (five touchdowns, three picks and a 59.4 completion percentage, a number diminished by receiver drops.) Several A&M losses resulted from defensive meltdowns.

### This might surprise you: Factoring in defensive penalties, ESPN’s KC Joyner tells us Garrard had the best deep ball percentage of any NFL quarterback in 2010 (20 completions, five defensive penalties in 46 passes of 20 yards or more). Conversely, Moore completed 23 of 59 such throws last season (38.9 percent), and Tannehill was 16 for 58 (27.6 percent).

### The Dolphins worry about Moore’s penchant for fumbling – 14 last season, six lost.


### So who, besides Ray Allen, were the handful of players the Heat had atop their free-agent wish list? Agent Bill Duffy tells us Pat Riley called Steve Nash just after the midnight start of free agency July 1. “He expressed interest and told him he admired him,” said Duffy, who told Riley the Heat’s $3.1 million mini mid-level exception would not be enough.

The Heat knew it would need to do a sign-and-trade with Phoenix but determined it didn’t have the pieces. But Duffy said Nash would have been interested in Miami (as well as the Lakers and Knicks) if the Heat could have done a sign-and-trade.

NBA officials say Miami also planned to make a strong (though long-shot) pitch to Kevin Garnett had he not re-signed with Boston (for three years, $34 million) and to Lamar Odom had the Clippers not traded for him June 30. But Allen was always Miami's first choice, and the Heat's thrilled to get him.

### Some of the Heat/Allen reaction: Michael Vick tweeted of the Heat: "Loaded. Final Piece. Notfair. LOL."... Suns forward Jared Dudley: "The rich get richer."

### Celtics coach Doc Rivers told The Boston Globe Saturday night that he is "disappointed" about Allen leaving the Celtics. "He should have stayed," Rivers said. "We recruited him just as hard [as Miami]. I respect him for all he did for us, but I thought he should have stayed with us."

Rivers said he spoke to Allen after he made his decision and suggested that Allen might have been irritated by Boston making Garnett its off-season priority.

"I think emotionally, he probably got bent sideways a little bit by us courting Kevin for some reason," Rivers said. ".... Garnett was our focal point and should have been. If that got anyone ruffled, then that's probably too bad." Asked if he agrees with Allen's reasons for leaving, Rivers said, "No. But that doesn't matter."

### Please see our last post for news of Marcus Camby postponing his visit with the Heat, and the sign-and-trades discussions between the Heat and Rockets.

### Though Larry Bird told ESPN he’s bothered by players taking less money to join the Heat for one year, he said of LeBron James’ playoffs: “Has anyone ever had a better run? It would seem like you’d have a bad game once in a while. He never had a bad game. Maybe he can get close to [Michael] Jordan.”

### A UM official said Ray-Ray Armstrong is expected to speak to the NCAA in the wake of allegations of interaction with a booster. But UM is optimistic it's not serious.... Though UM has declined to publicly address the status of embattled baseball coach Jim Morris, a UM administrator said his job is safe for 2013.

### During a front-office summit a couple weeks ago, one Marlins official talked about this season simply not working out and suggested Miami play the season out without making trade.

Then Jeffrey Loria, who was on the phone, said absolutely not, that this team can compete with anyone and he isn’t giving up. That’s why the Carlos Lee trade followed a week later, even though factions of the front office initially opposed the idea, because of Lee's subpar defense and the fact the Marlins believe Logan Morrison would be better at first base than left field. 


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Who needs the other guy when Barry is covering the dolphins just fine.

DG should beat out MM. T-hill will be given his time to develop. It's good to see though he would want to start. It shows that he wants to lead and that he wants to play. U want that out of a QB. RoboHenne never showed passion for the game.

I'm with the no Sign and Trade for Camby, but should we still sign and trade for someone else?


Garrard starting would be the waste of a year. 7-9, here we come!


Dear Coaches, Owners, and What Not,

Just as you have the right to trade team members, they have a right to leave you. Chances are, unless the change is your decision, you won't agree with it. But keep that to yourself. The only elegant thing to do when someone leaves a team is to wish him well. Saying anything else reflects badly on you.

Trust me, Doc Rivers. You are less of a person tonight.

Only Marlin Fan

Loria - Exactly the reason why this team is destined for failure. This Clown is constantly in the mix on decisions. Great job, CLOWN!!


Dolphins best bet is to get the rookie ready to play. Let him be your main focus Philbin. The other 2 QB's are only fill ins. I would make Moore the Back up and have Tannihiil become the starter before the season ends so he can be ready to go next year. Don't worry about this season, let next season be your focus moving forward. Philbin is on the clock and time is ticking.


Some guys benefit from learning the game for a year or two. Considering Tannehill's lack of starting experience at the college level and his struggling with NFL caliber defenses at both the college and professional levels (thus far at least), I think it would benefit him to sit for a year.

Moore is younger and might have more upside worth tapping. Should be an interesting competition to say the least.


Larry Bird.....speaking of players loyalty........like what about him leaving?????Anyway........he and Doc Rivers are CLEARLY whiners............and always....way after the fact....like Boston crybabies and former and a few current Heat haters.Who cares now???????HEATLES ALL GOT THEIR RINGS NOW FOR 2012.HISTORY IS FOREVER.GO HEAT.

DC Heater

Start Moore Philbin... This team has to have some foresight. If Moore has a season like last, you may be able to dangle him at the deadline. There has to be some team out there that would be willing to trade at least a 3rd. Who knows, maybe a 2nd.


No one is trading a third for Matt Moore. He sucks.


Again, My stance on this whole QB thing is let the winner of the DG & MM competition start out the Season until week 6. If we are at 500 or better let them play out some more. If the Fins are below 500 after week 6 switch to T-Hill for week 8. That way they can have the bye week to get ready and give T-Hill some game time in week 6.

The most Moore will fetch is a 4th and he must be having a great season for us to get a pick that high. Remember he is a FA after the season. U would have to compare him to Orton last year and Kyle had a body of work and they still couldn't trade him for much.


As you may/may not know, the Jazz are buying out Raja Bell. Bell, who grew up in Miami, is reportedly interested in the Heat or Lakers. [ http://bit.ly/NShapu ]

Nice fit? Clearwater. Cape Coral. Ft. Laud. Hialeh. St. Pete. Maybe. AAA Arena? Not so much. Because while Bell is only "35", his knees are closer to 95, with no going back.

It was just this April when Bell underwent hyalgen injections (the same process JWill attempted to buy another season) and even contemplated microfacture surgery, the literal make-or-break for balky knees [ http://bit.ly/HakFJp ]

Even worse, the numbers suggest Bell was already done 2 yrs ago, when his DRtg climbed above 110 (114/2010, 112/2011). Coup de grace: PFs/36m, where Bell hit a career-high rate of 3.5/36m this season.

Defense was Bell's calling card. 4xPFs/36 + 112-114 DRtgs means it's just about time for Bell to call it quits.

Home on the Herald

Awesome stuff from consistently good Barry Jackson.

Much better than any other reporter or publication in s. Florida or wanna be Sun Sentinel dumped mindless homer cheer leading drivel plagiarism web site for a self proclaimed, (lol) Chiefen that has been to two Miami Dolphin games his entire drunken life.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Home on the Herald

Home knew TanneREACH ws a complete waste of pick prior to the draft as this WR posing as a QB only one against
one good team during his entire tenure at college.
Averaging three interceptions EVERY game w a decent competitive college team, TanneREACH lost them all.

Ireland truly is clueless , yet still has a very high opinion of himself.

Not sure why ???


Bell Would've been good a Couple years back. We have shane who does the same job just better.

If it was about florida boys we should go with T-Mac. He's 33, already went thru Micro-fracture(reason he sucked for the last couple of years), and he had the knee Procedure in Germany which seemed to give him his legs back by the end of last season. See 2012 Recap

I'm good if we don't go after another wing player, Even Tracy. I'm even turning on the R.Lewis sucks thing. If we aren't going to play with a True Center, it wouldn't hurt having another guy that's 6'10 and can shoot.

Bosh,Lewis,LBJ,Allen and Wade seems like another good line up the heat can use to finish games.

Home on the Herald

Only the Dumbed Downed Sheeple Desperate to believe they finally actually had a number one draft pick @ QB
thought TanneREACH would deliver the goods


Tannehill sucks and so does JEFF FIRELAND and his
two QBs he drafted in college:

Pat White

Ryan & Lauren TanneREACH

Oh, Jeffrey, What have you done!?

Home on the Herald

No one in Florida, but the complete morons and couple of "Garrard's people" will buy season tickets to see this 34 yr old shoe shining QB try to rebuild this low hapless Dolphin franchise.

Think about it

Garrard will be 35 by the Super Bowl

Moore is the only choice for this team earning last place
in the 2012 AFC east

Patriots could have a "Perfect Season"


Hmmm. Heat interest in JL3 again? (Lucas spent a preseason w/the Heat in 2009) [ http://bit.ly/N8MzrU ]

If so, it could only mean ... nah. It could mean anything, including the obvious: Heat "interest" in John Lucas, no more no less.

But yeah, it could also mean NoNo really is in play for some sort of sign-and-trade if the Heat actually give Lucas a contract.

Lucas had a not-bad year at CHI. Career highs in mins, 3PT%, dimes, PER and WS/48 rewarded CHI's investment after Lucas dleagued for 2 season following his last stint with Houston.

Otherwise, no big deal (unless you're Norris Cole). Just one more body to track.


Patriots with a perfect season is a reach.

Ok Less at Qb for 6 Weeks to see how the O-Line is working and to make sure we have more than 1 WR this season.

Bess is the Only Consistent thing the Dolphins have. The Clown will be a Bonus and can Someone check if Hartline is going to make it(I would rather try THLL out there for a couple weeks). If Chad works out he can take Clyde under his wing. So the Fins can have 2 Clowns on the outside with The Bess in the slot.

If we Suck(under .500 in week 6), then bring Lauren in. I would rather have a WR who only got sacked 3 times last year running around than Fumble Moore. What about the 6 Td's he put on RG3? and even in those 3 int games he wasn't throwing a henne. When things went bad they went bad with RoboQB.

Remember it's not a "real game" yet. When The Reach senses pressure and decides to tuck it in, we will see Forrest Run. T-Sizzle can take off for 60+ yards. Was that on OKSU he did it last year.

But U just explain the reason why T-Hill shouldn't start for the Dolphins right away. Thanks Homer


JL3 would only be brought in so Lebron can practice his dunks.

Who can the Heat trade Norris Cole for? Why not trade Chalmers? Wouldn't he be worth more?

Chalmers and JA, U can even throw in a pick or 2. The Heat can also just give them 8 picks like the lakers did? How do u do that?

Remember what I said any 7 footer that can Average 8 & 8 will get 10+ Mil a Yr in the NBA. Even Greg Oden if he decides to give it a try would want at least 5 mil.

Camby is just trying to get his Minimum value. He would not join the Heat with JA earning more than him(Who can blame him?). Yes he wants a ring but big guys are still worth their Value(the most money) in the NBA.


WindHorse is not Qualified to talk heat basketball. ESPN is forced to hire 1 Special Needs Person in every Sport. and Miami happens to get 2 of them. WindHorse and James Walker (Chris Berman's illegitimate Love Child with tom Jackson)


Obviously very difficult to see clearly whether Rashard Lewis or Camby will end up with the Heat.Doesn t appear to be headed that way.However......it seems the Heat will have to take the biggest piece of pie left .....whoever that may be and it s going to have to be a patient and deliberate process now it seems.Another Shane Battier-type pick-up will likely occur.Camby would have been the best available player for a reasonable amount of money and his defense as a BIG would have been a GREAT assest to an already strong Heat team.No choice now but to be very patient.GO HEAT.

Home on the Herald

The Heat are awesome

King James, D Wade and the rest are Simply The Bess


What is meant by calling David Garrard a "Shoe Shining Quarterback?" Please help me understand your description?


U know what he meant. It was right after "Garrard's People". Unless he was referring to Jaguar fans, Doubt it.


I think the QB's job should be MM's to lose. His performance last year was remarkable considering he had no OL. Why did so many teams pass on DG?

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