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Saturday night Heat summer league wrap up

The Heat ended its Las Vegas Summer League schedule with a thud on Saturday, losing 81-55 to Portland, while playing without leading scorers Terrel Harris and Norris Cole.

Heat assistant/summer league coach David Fizdale, whose team finished the week 3-2, also opted not to use center Mickell Gladness and forward Drew Viney, a Loyola Marymount alum who was probably the most impressive of Miami’s rookies in Las Vegas.

Center Dexter Pittman led Miami with 13 points on Saturday and had some good moments offensively during the week, averaging 11.5 points and 4.3 rebounds. But he remained foul-prone, committing 21 in 76 minutes.

Harris, who hopes the Heat offers him a new contract, scored 25 points in Miami’s Friday win against the Spurs and averaged 15.5 points on 45.5 percent shooting in four games, with just two turnovers. Cole averaged 13 points, 4.8 assists and 2.3 turnovers and did his best work in Monday’s 106-56 thumping of the Lakers.

The Heat, which has 13 guaranteed contracts, eventually will decide whether to sign a veteran center or instead opt for a young player such as Gladness, who played just 12 minutes per game but looked good at times (5.0 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 blocks).

Rookie center Justin Hamilton, the Heat’s second-round pick, missed the first two games with a hamstring injury but averaged 9.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 19 minutes in the other three. He might be stashed in Europe next season. Jarvis Varnado, another internal candidate at center, played only two games because of an injury (2.0 points, 3.5 rebounds).

Among veteran centers, the Heat has had conversations with Darko Milicic, whose agent said Saturday there’s no update beyond an initial “fact-finding” inquiry from Miami.  The Heat hasn’t ruled out re-signing Ronny Turiaf if he’s interested in taking the $1.2 million minimum. Miami has not called about Chris Anderson, released by Denver. Power forward Andray Blatche, amnestied by Washington, could be an option, though Miami did not contact his agent when he initially cleared waivers.

NOTE: Check back Saturday night for the Sunday buzz, including lots of Dolphins and UM/NCAA investigation tidbits.


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Orlando D. Santana

This kid Viney is a good prospect, I'm hoping the Heat will stash him in Europe also. Let's get Terrell Harris and Milicic on-board and the roster is set for another championship..Let's go-Heat....

Home on the Herald

Let us know if Tannehill can hit the side of a barn in practice w o getting sacked or throwing to the wrong colored jerseys

Good Grief Jeffrey!

What have u done?

Seriously? Tannehill!

then Martin whose career should have gone no farther than college and now is getting buried alive in NFL practice?

and an "Egnew" for trade compensation for a
multi year and MVP of the Pro Bowl WR in his prime of his career?

Garrard soon to be 35 by the SB, in his painful last year or two of his fledgling career?

Garrard was never a true Pro Bowl QB!
Garrard was actually the 6th choice for the AFC in his only Pro Bowl appearance, which he only got out of default!

24 yr old Tim Tebow instead of Garrard and 12th ranked QB of 2011 Matt Moore to start

TanneREACH was a complete waste of a pick

Moore and Tebow would have sold out the stadium EVERY week



Orlando how does thw Heat "staah" a player whos rights they dont own?

Home on the Herald

It is gonna be odd seeing our Hometown QB and best player to ever come out of college playing on the Jets for Sparano and Y-Bell leading the Jets defense w Revis

Heard 6.5 WR Pat Turner is about to break out a little bit w Holmes and newly acquired deep threat WR Hill from Georgia - who avg 29 YDs per reception in college

These Fins vs Jets match ups
should be real exciting and interesting to watch 4 sure!

Go Fins!

and Go Tebow! ;)

Home on the Herald


Do u also think the Patriots w their awesome FA signings at WR and stellar defensive draft picks could possibly earn themselves a "Perfect Season"

*Home thinks the Patriots may be Perfect in 2012*

Home on the Herald

Will Poser Boy Fraud 105th ranked CB by Pro Football Focus sean smith finally be exposed and benched this season by Dick Marshall?

Home believes CB Smith is in for some trouble

Orlando D. Santana

In response to TINSOUTHMIAMI's comments on stashing, "THE SAME WAY THEY ARE CURRENTLY DISCUSSING STASHING THE CENTER JUSTIN HAMILTON OVER SEAS"I understand they only reserve those under contract (15) however, were there is a will, there's a way. Just look at Varnado & Dozier!

Orlando D. Santana

Does anyone know anything about guard John Lucas, I saw a video recently where the host said that Lucas left Chicago for the Heat, any truth to that statement?

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