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Stephen Ross expects to win, hopes he has playoff-caliber talent

For my report on the first day of camp, please see the story next to this blog.

Here's a quick look at what owner Stephen Ross said during a press conference Friday afternoon:

### On his expectations: "I always look at every season I want to win. It’s kind of like a fresh start. The coaching staff and all the parts we put together – I’m looking to win.... People can talk the talk, but we're walking the talk. Come to the games and you'll see it."

### Does he believe his team has playoff-caliber talent? "I sure hope so."

### On Ryan Tannehill remaining unsigned (as of 1 p.m. Friday) and missing the first day of camp: "It’s disappointing. I look at the players here. I can’t deal with what’s not there."

### On whether Jeff Ireland needs to win this year to keep his job: "You take it one year at a time. I think we have a great team here and that's what I'm looking for... I'm committed to him. If I had any doubts, he wouldn't be here."

### On what he likes about his team: "This is a much faster team. It’s a totally different tone than in the past – you see the enthusiasm. The up-tempo is what people want to see."

### He met with the players and told them "why I bought the team, what my vision was. Letting them know there’s a tradition in Miami; it’s a great place to play. There’s a responsibility to the team and the fan base."

### On David Garrard: "He is a personable guy. Very confident. I think he looks good out there. He adds an awful lot of insurance to the quarterback position. He will compete for the starting job."

 ### On Joe Philbin: "Philbin wants to bring back the tradition of being a winning team. You can see his sincerity and his work ethic. You see how organized these practices are. I’m really impressed what he’s doing. [But] you’ve got to win games."






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The coaching staff gives me reason to believe!

Year after year I've been disappointed in the Fins, but this feels different. This staff seems competent. The new roster additions offer hope. What a 1-2 punch we could have with Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller!

If a LOT of things go well, this could be an exciting team, even a playoff team. A contender?


Two things you can always count on with dolphins fans: They will be delusional to the point of believing they can make the playoffs even when they are the least talented team in their division and have no #1 QB or WR. And they will cling to 1972 like it was yesterday.

Fire Ireland.


Ross speaks in cliches but he seems to have picked a good coach.

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