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Dolphins bring in Sims-Walker, Stallworth and a quarterback; preseason postscripts

Postscripts and reaction to the Dolphins’ 30-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday night:

### THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: The Dolphins, eager to add one or two receivers in the next few days, intensified their search by booking a Thursday workout with veteran Donte Stallworth, according to a league source. They also are strongly considering Jabar Gaffney, though he will not be part of a group that's working out today. Stallworth and Gaffney both are 31, both played for the Redskins last season and both were cut by the Patriots this week.

Stallworth caught 22 passes for 309 yards for Washington last season. Stallworth has played for six teams and has 320 receptions in nine NFL seasons.

Gaffney caught 68 passes for 947 yards and five touchdowns for the Redskins last season. He opened Patriots camp with the first team but has been sidelined since a right quadriceps injury Aug. 16.

The Dolphins also will consider plucking a receiver or two off waivers in the next two days.

On Thursday - as first reported by Sirius XM Radio's Howard Balzer - Miami also worked out Mike Sims-Walker, who had 63 catches for Jacksonville in 2009 and 43 in 2010 but just 12 in six games for Rams and Jaguars last season. A third-round pick in 2007, Walker spent part of last season on injured reserve with a knee injury. He has not been in an NFL camp this summer.

Receiver Brian Tymes, undrafted out of Florida A&M this year, also auditioned. He had two catches for 18 yards for the 49ers in a preseason game before being released.

Also today, Miami will work out quarterback Matt Blanchard, who was cut by the Bears. He led Wisconsin-Whitewater to three Division III national championships and led the Bears on two scoring drives in preseason. David Garrard, off knee surgery, is awaiting word on whether Miami will release him via an injury settlement. That's a good possibility unless the Dolphins opt to trade Matt Moore.

Garrard tweeted Thursday: "Great day of workouts today... some field work and throwing...."

As for last night's game....

### Joe Philbin was upset afterward: "This is a disappointing loss. I told the team I don't care if this was the fourth preseason game, seventh regular season game or the Super Bowl, that's unacceptable. Poorly coached game. We didn't tackle well. Not a good game. Not a good performance by our team. I'm the head coach. Poor job by me getting us ready.

"Guys didn't play well. We've got a lot of improving to do. We haven't scored enough touchdowns. Am I concerned? Yes. I thought we've been a good team in practice. We haven't transferred it to the game. We're going to get back to work on Friday and we're going to fix it."

Philbin said he wouldn't "necessarily" be surprised if a good number of players are added in the coming days.

### Ryan Tannehill was sharp, completing 5 of 7 passes for 35 yards in two series of work.  And, by the way, the two incompletions weren’t his fault. One was a third-down drop by Legedu Naanee, who continues to underwhelm, and the other was an incomplete fade to Naanee in the end zone which should have been a pass interference call against Dallas.

"Ryan did OK," Philbin said. "The more times Ryan gets to go through this whole process - the warmup, playing the game, we felt it was important to him. He's not really at the stage where you want to rest a guy."

### ESPN's Eric Mangini, the former Browns coach, said of Tannehill: "Tonight, he did a really good job. He completed passes against multiple different defenses. That's what you saw from Andy Dalton last preseason." Merril Hoge praised him but said: "You still have to hide him and protect him."

### Matt Moore (4 for 12, 49 yards) had another poor night, including throwing an interception that was returned 26 yards for a touchdown by Orie Lemon. He was frequently under heavy pressure. Pat Devlin closed 7 for 12 for 63 yards.

### With Davone Bess and Brian Hartline out, Rishard Matthews (3 catches, 47 yards) and Marlon Moore (2 for 19) had the best night of the receivers. Matthews made a nifty catch while falling down, and Joe Rose – on the radio broadcast – predicted the seventh-round rookie “is going to be on this team.”

Moore, who started the game opposite Naanee, ran sharp routes and also forced a Cowboys fumble on special teams. B.J. Cunningham (2 for 23) also looked good.

The other receivers? Roberto Wallace had a false-start penalty and didn’t make a catch for the second consecutive game; despite a strong start to camp, he hasn’t done enough to justify a roster spot. Jeff Fuller (one catch, six yards) had a holding penalty. Clyde Gates had one catch for seven yards. Chris Hogan was targeted a few times but did not make a catch. 

Naanee (2 catches, 19 yards) was criticized for one of those two catches, with CBS-4's Nat Moore noting that he too often catches the ball with his body and not his hands.

### Quinten Lawrence seemingly squandered his chance to grab hold of the No. 4 cornerback job, and potentially, a roster spot. He was called for two pass-interference penalties (including a 43-yarder while unsuccessfullly covering Kevin Ogletree) and was beaten on a few other plays. Lawrence’s poor work means the Dolphins likely need to add two cornerbacks, not one.

And remember, Dolphins defensive backs were competing against backup receivers and the Cowboys' third- and fourth-string quarterbacks.

### And what about Nolan Carroll, who was elevated to the No. 3 cornerback job with Vontae Davis’ departure? Carroll started well Wednesday, knocking away a pass in the end zone and making another good play on the ball. But he was beaten by fringe receiver Andre Holmes for a 32-yard catch and was called for 14-yard pass interference penalty against fringe receiver Tim Benford.

### Starting cornerback Richard Marshall, during his cameo, was called for a horse-collar penalty and allowed a completion to Ogletree that was negated by a Cowboys holding penalty.

### The defense, which used backups most of the night, continued to be deficient in offering run support on plays that bounced outside. The Cowboys ran for 238 yards in an embarrassing display of run defense. Jonathan Freeny, Kevyn Scott and Anderson Russell all looked helpless on Lance Dunbar’s 58-yard TD run.

### Ray Feinga, starting at left tackle in Jake Long’s absence, allowed Victor Butler to easily run around him for a sack. Later, left tackle Andrew McDonald also allowed a sack. Jonathan Martin started at right tackle for the fourth straight game but also got some work at left tackle.

John Jerry played most of the night and had some good moments at right guard. Philbin called the play of the offensive line "average" and was troubled by breakdowns in pass protection.

### Running back Marcus Thigpen handled all returns and got a lot of work at receiver, leading to speculation on the broadcast that he has made the team. But his production was marginal; his four kickoff returns averaged 24 yards. He had one rush for three yards and one catch for seven yards.

### Daniel Thomas (5 carries, 31 yards), Lamar Miller (17 for 60) and Steve Slaton (4 for 22) all ran well. "He's making progress, running the ball more physical," Philbin said of Thomas. "He's doing a good job in pass protection." Reggie Bush got the night off. Jorvorskie Lane (one catch, 12 yards) had a good night at fullback.

### Kheeston Randall had a sack and Olivier Vernon and Jamaal Westerman combined on another sack.

### The only other times Miami finished 0-4 in preseason, they finished with regular-season records of 3-11 (1966) and 8-8 (1989).

### On the TV broadcast, Bob Griese encouraged the Dolphins to trade the second-rounder acquired in the Davis trade. “You don’t need draft picks; you need receivers and offensive linemen," Griese said.



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Does anyone think this team will win more than five games?

Mike S

How about four games?


Keep Hartline, Bess, Moore, Matthews and sign 2 new guys.

Tortured Dolphins Fan

Could the 2002 Miami Hurricanes beat this Dolphins team?


Teddy u hit it on da spot with the recievers. They need to unload dansby to free up that 8 mill a year. he shoulda been the 1st to go not y.bell or v.davis.if they keep matt moore and cut garrard i might just forfeit this season. to many senseless moves in this organization. he's tryin 2 be no none-sense like belichick but cant coach like him.


Griese would make a terrible GM if he thinks it would take a 2 to get James Jones (the most attainable WR) or an offensive lineman.


305, he doesn't have the horses to measure hos coaching ability.


Rather than advising the Dolphins to trade that No. 2 draft choice for a WR, I wish Bob Griese would advise Mr. Ross to drop kick GM Jeff Ireland for this failed personnel mess that we're in.

Let's call it like it is. Mr. Ireland's failed at evaluating talent, he's failed in numerous trades, and he's failed in the draft with the exception of a handful of players.

Mr. Ross is obviously too close to Mr. Ireland to realize that he's keeping him on because they're friends and he likes him. Ross needs to start thinking with his head and not his heart.

This is a business and in my opinion, to a certain extent, Mr. Ross is responsible to Dolphins fans everywhere. We feed this organization and Ross has been negligent in his responsibilities as an owner. It's long overdue that he fire his GM and hire a proven replacement.


Good write-up Barry, but now let's hit the nail on the head with the hammer. Time for you, Armando, Cote, and the rest to call for the firing of Jeff Ireland.



Hope we re not about to witness the second coming of Cam Cameron in Philbin.At least Philbin recognizes that this team has not played well except in practice.After Texas next week.....we ll know if this team will want to lay it all on the line or be willing to play for him.


this is team is not going anywhere. Keep the picks and hopefully draft our WR next year. We need CBs too and linebackers, and o line and etc etc....

Frustrated Phin

NOTHING has made sense since Ross took over. From the football decisions to the Orange carpet. The fans dont want to attend the games and the players dont want to play for this team. We need to blow this thing up completely and start from scratch. Is it too early to begin courting possible GM and/or Coaching candidates?


This team is trying to fix major organ failure with bandages. It's not happenning. Im sure Philbin can coach. Just as I'm sure Ireland can't GM. I dont even know where to start with this mess of a roster? It's clear just from a talent prospective we don't have the horses to compete, and it's apparent in all phases of the game. This franchise is in major rebuild mode and it should start at the top. Five wins? Let's focus one one! Then another.


We basically have the same defense as last year and on offense an upgrade at qb and an upgraded right side of the line. Other than losing Marshall there is no reason this team wont be competitive, unless injuries weaken the oline or secondary. We have yet to see all of our starters play and have yet to see a real game plan. Per season means nothing.


I think it's possible the team will cut both Matt Moore and Garrard (injury) for the cap space. Devlin outperformed Moore in the preason, and the team has brought in a couple of young QBs to work out after getting cut by other teams.
Cap space will be important in trying to find a wr for the team to start along with Bess.
I've been a Hartline fan, but unless he gets over this calf thing soon, I'd be okay with putting him on IR. This team needs WR help... YESTERDAY.

Finsfan in CT

With the NFLPA approving the new IR rule, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Hartline put on IR and brought back Week 7.

As for the rest of the team, I am speechless! The QB was supposed to be our weak link but, right now, it's the only position (besides RB) on this team that I am NOT worried about.

I wonder what Detroit would give us for one of our running backs? Seems like we have too many to keep and Detroit needs one. Just a thought?


still cant figure out why many fans are already criticizing Philbin.....what is the guy supposed to do with this roster, this lack of talent? Dude is not a magician.....he's right, players have to play and be accountable, plus they obviously need better players in alot of spots--what can Philbin do about that in the few months he's been here? He's working on it.....give him some time.


Ross is Sandusking Ireland, thats why he doesn't want him to go!!!!


I'm not convinced the Dolphins have a better talent base today than when Dave Wannstedt left in 2004, and I'm not convinced the Dolphins have a better talent base today than when Cam/Mueller left in 2007.

Its sounds so simple, but its nothing short of amazing to me how some organizations can idenfity and retain talent year after year, while others can't get out of their own way.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Posted by: BPA | 08/30/2012 at 03:28 PM

Agree that it's too early to judge Philbin but he certainly doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt from Dolphins fans because he has distinct elements of the previous two coaches. His weak manner and aloofness is reminiscent of Cam Cameron and his career path is the same as Tony Sparano's, he's a lifelong offensive line coach who's never coached an offense.


Don't forget the Dolphins had Wes Welker on their team. They HAD Wes Welker on their team. Wes Welker was the best player on the Dolphins team. Wes Welker was to be the shining light for the Dolphins for a decade and a half. Wes Welker alone could turn a team around. :( Wes Welker plays for New England now. What kind of other worldly incompetence let that happen?????????????????


faith: giving up the hope that things could have been any different than they were. the team is what it is. looks can be deceiving and i hope i'm being deceived. pre-seasons over, now we can see what heart our team has. if you have doubts, recall tebow,no qb talent but qb'd a team to a afc champ. game on heart alone.


They worked out a rookie QB and worked out Mike Simms Walker?

This does not bode well for Matt Moore.

sean mykins

Nolan Carroll(too slow), Brian Hartline(always injured), Nannee(butter fingers), are going to really hurt this team more this season. The Dolphins, mind you are owned by a real estate guy he nows nothing about football and relys on Jeff Ireland for advice buddy bad call as you chose to renovate the team why didnt you remove the other major issue your GM, I can tell you why because you dont know any better. This guy gets excited about Garrard, injury prone and over the hill, can we not look back in history and learn from the mistakes of doing this.Once again Ross is a real estate guy he says he wants to be a winner, winner of what the most failed attempts in a short ownership time. Ross, get rid of Ireland, hes clueless look who brought him in.This guy has no business being a GM, oh Jeff if you were so excited about Garrard I sure hope you were lying because if you were serious you might want to keepthat one to yourself. Bottom line the Dolphins are going to get picked a part in the secondary, it use to be Sean Smith, now it will be Nolan Carroll. Guys, Jeff has done such a great snow job on Ross hes going to drive this guy right into the ground and take a quality, reputable football club down the tank with him. I will take any WR thats not injury prone and can catch the ball. Get Stallworth and Gabbney if you can I know the pickings are slim but at this point teams can put their second string in to cover Miami's starters. Joe, I am sorry buddy, your a puppet like Tony as long as Jeff Ireland is the owner I mean GM you got no shot at anything.Vontae Davis, my opinion a guy who went from being the hardest worker, and focused to the opposite was that Vontae no longer wanted to be part of this insanity, Congratulations, Vontae just act like you dont care and you knew how to play the game. Please get rid of the names I mentioned Hartline, Nannee, Carroll, or I will tell you what the Dolphin record will be this season 4-12 and thats being optimistic

Tina Key

I was so excited when I started watching Joe Philbin with the team on "Hard Knocks". He seems like such a wise, calm Coach. After Sparano, it's quite a change. As I have watched the show over these past weeks,I went from being excited about him, to wondering now if he is a part of the problem. The bottom line is, the buck stops with him. I don't know if he is calling the shots on who stays and who goes. I am not sure I understand Ireland's role in all this. I do know that we don't have receivers that are worth a dime, we have no corners, Jake Long is out, Matt Moore is not the same guy he was last year, and I can understand why he may not have the heart he did when he was THE quarterback.
I just wish we had Brandon Marshall back, and Vontae Davis, and other who were cut. We have waited so long now we can probably only get the castoffs from other teams. Maybe trouble makers are not good for the "team" but sometimes you have to look at the talent, and let that be the guide rather than principle. I think Philbin is such an upstanding guy he can't keep a player that isn't on board with his thinking. I am very sad. I live in Charger city in California. I lived in So. Florida for six years until 2006, had season tickets and went through the merry go round of coaches then, and looks like we may be doing the same thing again. I guess the one constant in all this time is Ireland. I hate to say it, but I do think you are all right when you look at Ireland as perhaps not knowing what he needs to know, having the talent, luck, or whatever it is, to make the personnel decisions. I pray there will be something good that happens REAL soon, so this season will not be a total bust. At least we have Tannehill; hope he has a team to back him.

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