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Sid Rosenberg talks about his new job and dealing with addictions: Fins, local radio news


Four months ago, Sid Rosenberg sat next to his car on a Broward County street, curled up in a fetal position, tears running down his face, according to a police report.

Within minutes, he was charged with driving under the influence.

Within days, his WQAM career was over.

But Rosenberg, 45, is a survivor, a man with a knack for rebounding from self-destructive behavior and steering his life back on track.

He has done it again, fortunate to have found another radio station willing to take a chance on his unique talent and off-air baggage.

Off the South Florida airwaves since WQAM dismissed him in April, Rosenberg returns Aug. 13 as morning host on WMEN-640, a Palm Beach station whose audiences in Dade and Broward consistently lag behind 790 The Ticket and WQAM.

“I’ve missed it a lot,” he said in a phone interview. “I have changed a lot over the last few months.”

He knows his addictions to gambling and alcohol are “lifelong diseases,” but he is encouraged by his personal growth since the April 5 incident. Rosenberg said he has been diligent about seeking treatment and has achieved a “serenity” that was lacking in the past.

“I’m working on myself,” he said. “I go to [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings every day, sometimes more than once. I go to [Gamblers Anonymous] meetings. I have not had a drink in [nearly] four months. I haven’t made a wager of any kind since Nov. 12.

“I have found a higher power I haven’t been able to find. I finally found the spirituality I was never able to find. I don’t know why. This time around, the compulsion has been lifted. I haven’t miss [alcohol or gambling] at all.”

Rosenberg regrets his missteps and how they affected those closest to him, including his wife and two children.

"I’ve put my family through hell for a long time,” he said. “I’m grateful they stuck by me. I’m a lucky person. For people who have had multiple issues, it would be easy to say, ‘Enough is enough.’ It took me until this time to realize how lucky I am. I really feel grateful.”

Steve Lapa, who runs WMEN, said he believes Rosenberg’s problems are behind him: “He’s a talented guy, and he wants to work.”

He would have been on the air sooner, but Rosenberg and Lapa rejected WQAM’s offer to shorten his four-month non-compete clause, in exchange for Rosenberg promising he would say nothing disparaging about WQAM or its employees.

Rosenberg said he harbors no resentment toward WQAM but did not agree to the clause because “if somebody says something about me, I need to be able to retaliate. I will not attack anybody. But it’s unfair to say I can’t do this or that.”

His said his 6-10 a.m. WMEN show already has sold all its advertising spots for the first day “and advertisers haven’t lost faith” in him.

His desire to talk about New York sports “was a constant battle” at WQAM and before that, 790 The Ticket. But at WMEN, “I have been given free reign. This station’s audience is more North Broward, Palm Beach.”

So he will opine whenever he wishes on the Jets, Giants, Yankees and Mets, but “the majority” of his show will focus on South Florida sports.

Listeners should expect no change in his on-air style: “I will still have bravado.”

But off the air, “I’ve been humbled.”

Does he trust himself that his problems are behind him?

“I do,” he said. “I do meditation every day. It’s one day at a time. I can’t say six months from now I won’t fall off the wagon. But I’m in a better place mentally and physically than at any time. I’m confident that if I continue to do the things I do today, I will enjoy this serenity for the rest of my life.”


### Not only is Jorge Sedano the top choice to replace Michael Irvin on WQAM’s midday show, but Sedano also is a candidate for the program director job. Former WQAM program director Lee Feldman left to open a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica.

### Through four nights, Miami-Fort Lauderdale’s 16.7 average prime-time Olympic rating on NBC-6 ranked fourth-worst among 56 metered markets. West Palm Beach’s ratings have ranked in the top 10. Nationally, NBC's ratings through four nights were the highest for an Olympics since the 1996 Atlanta Games.

### Though Jimmy Cefalo will remain the Dolphins’ play-by-play announcer on WINZ-940, the team said it will allow studio host Jesse Agler to call the second and third preseason games, with Cefalo sharing analyst duties with Joe Rose those nights.

That’s being done so the Dolphins can keep a three-man radio booth while radio co-analyst Bob Griese works CBS-4’s preseason TV telecasts with Dick Stockton and Nat Moore. Keith Sims will join Cefalo and Rose for the other two preseason games on radio.



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Fire Sid.

Ugh, no one cares about this sewer rat's problems off the radio, the problem is that he's not the least bit entertaining and is a complete New York homer.


We've heard all this crap from Sid before. Hopefully Sedano can save WQAM from the doldrums that they've been in for years.

Sid Rosenberg

I don't care what you MORONS think. I am the best sports talk show host in the business and I will dominate the air wave from now until football season starts. Anyone got the line on the Giants opener. And speaking about lines, anyone got a credit card and a straw?

peter leonard

Sid has more talent, knowledge and a unique "brand"-he's the Dennis Rodman of the radio world, and what TEAM wouldn't have taken Rodman in his prime? CHICAGO DIDN'T WIN CRAP until Rodman moved from Detroit....SID will bring excitement, credibility , and REVENUE to the STATION, and more importantly, his advertisers. Call ME at 954-822-9726 if you're a business-owner with a brain in their head that ewants to hop on board. Peter

Fire Sid.

Except Dennis Rodman was good at what he does, Sid Rosenberg is a strident, bitter ass clown who talks about New York sports all day long when he's on the radio in south Florida.


I'm deleting 640 from my radio presets. Wouldn't want to accidentally run into that idiot.
Sid is such a phony, and a complete jerk,


Good to have sid back on the 13th
hes one of the best in his field
and will put this station on the map

Arnie Wexler last bet 4/10/68
Yes people do recover from addictions


Love it. The only people who like Sid are trying to sell rehab or radio ads.


Hey Peter Leonard, the Chicago Bulls won 3 titles before Dennis Rodman arrived. Stick to being a schmuck b/c you have no sports knowledge.


Sid's not a bad guy. He is entertaining and 640 was smart to hire him. $$$

Now Sedano is dreadful. So full of himself, I can't see him lasting long at WQAM. 790 has wayyyy better lineup now than any local station. Joe Rose(douche) will be the only QAM that dominates competition. Zas will always be amateur.


Lefty, thanks for correcting that idiot before I had a chance to....


I can understand his addictions and can have empathy for them. But Sid Rosenberg is an easy person to dislike for other reasons. Either he's very self conscious or incredibly egotistical. He's always saying how he and his show are so much better than any other show on the market. Always stating he knows more sports than anyone. Always name dropping and pumping himself up by saying he was on NYC radio. And the thing I found most ludicrous was his delusional thought that his show should be synidicated nationally. He's annoying. The kind of guy at the party whose drinking too much, talking to loud, boasting too much and everybody tries to get away from.

I do hope he gets it together and stays clean. But I won't listen and I won't be rooting for his "radio" success.


I go way back with Sid, all the way back to his NY radio days. I wish him well and will pray that this time he can stay straight. But I have my doubts, addiction is so powerful in him.


Name dropping Sid Rosenblatt. How does he keep working? Only goes to show you can fool some of the lobotomy victims some of the time


Why does the fact that former WQAM program director Lee Feldman left to open a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica make me laugh out loud? Is it because he's going to talk to the guests while they're eating breafast, perhaps supplanting a guy in Massachusetts for being Most Intrusive B&B Owner? Hunh.


I know Sid reads these comments so Sid I just wanted to let you know just WTF were you drinking to be curled up in a fetal position by your car you've been drinking for for 30 years and still can't hold your alcohol. Shumuck!

Sid Rosenberg

Yes, I do read these and I wanted to let you know that I am sober and haven't bet on anything so you can bet me on that. If you are sick of Miami sports, join me each and every morning on 640 starting next week. Oh and don't forget, my good friends at HBO(Tyrion Lannister)helped me get on HBO Hard Knocks so watch me tonight. Go Dolphins!




WMEN seems to be leaning towards the white 25-54 year old jewish male with all of the changes they made. I don't hear Freeman and Fox on there anymore (2 of the 4 black voices on the station). What about Chris Perkins?
Seems they've demoted Troy Stradford to an hour now that Sid is on. Dave Hyde, some Marino guy and Eisenberg on the weekends? Not that the station matters, but Steve Lapa is a dinosaur that needs to leave radio. his ideas are as about as fresh as expired meat.


Sid, if you read this I just want to tell you that I am pleased to read that you have been given an opportuntity to get back to work. you have much to offer the public, but hopefully, you will take care of what is most important; family. I'm pulling for you and will tune in to catch your show.I was saddened to learn of your meltdown in April and also saddened to learn of Michael Irvin's departure from WQAM. My favorite part of your schtick are your interviews. you never ease to amaze with just how intimate you can get with the interviewee...one of my favorite examples of this is your interview that you re-broadcast after the very sad news thaat Clarence Clemmons had passed. I never knew he was an NFL prospect until he suffered a career-ending injury and subsequently turned to music for solace. Very enlightening piece and one that held me spell-bound in my car long after I had parked it to go into Costco in Kendall!! LOL It was THAT good. So, just remember that at least one guy here in SoFlo wishes you and your family well and hopes to see you soear again - just don't crash and burn. But, as we say in the Air Force, any landing you can walk away from is a good landing...just don't know how many more times you can do that and get away with it. Go Bills! Go Ai
r Force! Go Sid!


Sorry about all the typos...no proofreading here.
Go Bills! Go Air Force! Go Sid!

henry quartullo

Sid, good luck at 640. You are a great interviewer and you have so many good connections--how many South Florida sports hosts can interview Shelley Long-- a great interview by the way--- I am glad you and the Big O have reconciled-- and as I told him in a call it will make the station so much better---everyone working together go 640---henry wpb


Jesus fu kme christ. Wqam. Crap


Sid's better than Sedano. Sedano just berates the Joe Fan and kisses butts of anyone with any fame. It's so predictable it's amazing that guy is employed anywhere, even on the going down and out QAM.

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