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Dolphins coordinators opine on Sparano, Tebow, other issues

Snippets from the Dolphins' coordinators weekly news conferences Monday.


From defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle:

### Paul Soliai and Randy Starks have done great work against the run (Miami leads the league in average yards per carry against at 2.2). But Coyle said others deserve credit, too:  “I thought our defensive ends had a strong performance yesterday as well as the interior guys. I thought Cam Wake is…we had some concern going into the season with his size and his matchup ability, but yet he’s been very strong at the point of attack. I thought Jared (Odrick) played much better this week than he had in the opening week. We were pleased and Koa Misi is still a force in terms of taking on lead blockers. There was a couple of great shots in the game where the fullback came up inside trying to block Koa and he not only took the fullback on, but he made the tackle at the same time. We were better across the front. Karlos (Dansby) played better I thought. Kevin (Burnett) did some good things. Overall, I thought it was a good day up front.”

### He said Randy Starks and Paul Soliai losing weight has helped because "I think that they realize that it’s helped their stamina, helped their quickness. Randy, for sure, I think it’s helped him. Paul (Soliai), inside, as strong as he is, he’s able to use his initial quickness now and not only try to muscle the blockers, but he outruns them some in those plays that go tackle-to-tackle. That’s been impressive.

### On what Jets offensive coordinator and former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano has brought to the Jets in terms of scheme: – “They’re a team that, opening week, you saw a team that could run the ball, that threw the ball effectively, gave a lot of multiple personnel groups that you have to contend with. Last night, the Steelers did a little better job against them, but they’re a team I think wants to run the ball out of a lot of different formations and a lot of different personnel groups. They’re going to want to play with play action, they want to throw the ball off of the play action pass and the quick game. That’s what Mark Sanchez has done very effectively since he’s been in the league and keep you off balance in that sense. Then, they have the element of how much of the Wildcat are they going to try to implement on a weekly basis. There’s always that hanging over your head and, defensively, it always makes you have to prepare and do some additional work that takes away from other things that you may want to do during the course of the week. You may see 10 snaps. You may see two snaps. Yesterday, I think they were in it three snaps in a row at one point in the game and that was it.

### On what challenges the Wildcat presents, with Tim Tebow: “You hear everybody that talks about it or has had to defend it…the fact is that they gain an extra blocker by the quarterback being the runner. Consequently, when everybody talks about trying to overload the box, you think you have an extra guy, but technically you don’t. Now, with that being said, they have to make all their blocks against a running defense that you may present them, but, at the end of the day, if they make all their blocks, they have a hat for every guy that you have down there if you’re not doing some things to involve the secondary more than you might not normally want to do. We’ll have a plan to defend it. We’ve seen it before and it’s just one of those things. Each week, there’s something different that you defend in the NFL. There’s an element of what a team does that you have got to spend a little extra on as a defense. It might be just bootleg routes like you play against Houston in the opening game. You’re spending extra, wherever you have an extra walkthrough or a period that you can devote time towards it, you do that. Each week, I look at the team that we’re going to play and say, ‘We’re going to have to use this teach period for that particular thing.’ It might be an empty. New England comes out with no backs. You’ve got to spend more time on that than typically you might in a normal week. This is just one of those other things you’ve got to get ready for and then, hopefully, it’s like anything in football, if you show that you’re prepared, you have a chance to slow it down, you may not see as much of it. If you don’t, you could see a boatload.”

### On if it concerns him facing Sparano who was the former coach of the Dolphins and has an intimate knowledge on his personnel: – “I haven’t really thought a lot about that. I think, sometimes, those types of things are a little overrated, but, yet at the same time, he does know the personnel. He knows their strengths and weaknesses, so I think that initially might come into play in terms of their preparation in terms of their game planning, how they might want to attack a certain guy. But I don’t think you dramatically change what you do. That happens and it happens throughout the league whenever anybody moves. I know the Cincinnati team that we’ll play in a couple of weeks better than most people do having been there. I think it’s one of those things that you just kind of deal with and move forward.” 


From offensive coordinator Mike Sherman:                                                                                                                                                                                 

### (On Brian Hartline’s play in the Oakland game) – I told him, I said you’re going to screw everything up for us because everybody is going to miss minicamp, OTAs and preseason and think they can play. He’s kind of a coach killer in some ways because of what he was able to do, but I’m pretty excited not just that he was on the field, but the opportunities he had he took advantage of those opportunities, so that was good. I think people underestimate his speed."

### On the perception that Legedu Naanee is struggling: “The thing about Legedu, (are) you know the opportunities. He wasn’t targeted very many times for whatever reason. Coverage dictates that sometimes, if he’s on one side or the other that dictates that, but you know we have guys that work real hard and these are the guys that we have and they’re going to help us win football games. So we’re excited about the guys that we have.”

### Does it surprise Sherman how well Reggie Bush runs between the tackle? "No... I remember Reg when he came out of college and they didn’t ask him a whole lot in that regard, and he was so much faster than everybody else that is was easier to run around them than through them. But, when I study the tapes form last year, certainly he did that numerous times, and has done that for us too. The durability is what amazes me. He’s out there today like he didn’t even play a game yesterday running around and doing what he does. (He’s) a very impressive young man, no question about that.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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It's frustrating to me that Sherman and others can't just admit the shortcomings of this team, especially the receiving core. Legedu isn't getting open, he cant fight coverage, he isn't quick enough or talented enough, but let's keep talking about these completely underperforming players like we love having them, and like players like Koa misi, odrick, and Burnett haven't been and continue to be huge disappointments. Why aren't soliai's numbers comparable to wilforks? Or even lesser guys in the middle? He sure wants paid like he is wilfork. Why doesn't he get penetration, tackles and sacks. Why don't I hear his name called like
I do Starks. Why can't we admit that we drafted odrick before dez Bryant, and Koa before a lot of amazing linebackers in the league today, and stop hoping for their third year bounce? Frustrating.


They should sign Gaffney and cut Leggedudu.

DJ Baracus

Legedu is terrible. He can't get open. He certainly cannot block. He's either a poor player or just not motivated. I think he's both. Other wr's can make it happen. Just need to upgrade that one. Why was Armstrong out after game 1? I thought he was competent game 1...


Legedu had a hamstring injury I think.


I do agree with you guys about Leggedudu Nannee should get cut andbring along Rashad Mathews to learn the offense and get some chemistry with Tannerhill and then next year we all will know if he can play or not, that is if they are not willing to sign a free agent. For the life of me i do not understand why the fins have refused to get the young qb some help. Every good qb in that league has all the weapons they need except him, yet they say that they want to win.


Yep Nannee is still pretty much MIA.Also......whenever there s a big play needed and Clay is called upon......why is it that he s always overthrown to underthrown to drops the pass isn t looking for the ball and pretty consistently contributes nothing to his team???????Alot of talk about Clay was he was going to be a heck of a player but he too....has been another....just like Nannee........"MIA".Hopefully Armstrong can play a little against the stinking NY Jets.


Gatornation Says:
September 16th, 2012 at 2:51 pm
a crappy conference.


ACC finalizing deal so ACC champ plays Notre Dame, SEC or B1G team in Orange Bowl, sources tell @ESPN
– Brett McMurphy



In THIS case, If Notre Dame beats Michigan, they have a real chance to be undefeated going into the USC game.

Like ANY self-respecting UM fan, I hate Notre Dame, but the OB folks know a draw when they see one.
A 10-2 or 11-1 ND, if NOT in the BCS Championship game would bring MILLIONS of dollars to the city of Miami and outlying areas.


BTW, what gives with the little square colored Avatars?
Mine is Yellow-ish orange. Does that signify anything?
Whoa, left myself WIDE open! LOL


BTW Barry, thanks for the in-depth stuff.
I still have to chuckle at how diplomatic Coyle is in regards to Sparano.
Tony is a prime example of the old "Peter Principal.'
Crap rises to the ALMOST top, but the top guy NEVER hires his equal for fear of losing his gig to his subordinate, which is why Randy Shannon always hired lousy coordinators. (+ Shalala being a cheapskate)


Final thing, and TOTALLY off topic:
In Donna's defense, she DIS try to hire Barry Alvarez as HC and AD.
The fan base screamed bloody murder, with stuff like '3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, boring, etc.
I was right there with all the others objecting. GUILTY as charged.

Well, in retrospect, look at Wisconsin's program compared to UM's.
Sure, lots more $$$ at a state school, but the consistency at Wisconsin HAS to be admired.


Meant "DID."

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