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Dolphins tidbits: Tannehill, draft, Marshall second-guessing; UM, LeBron news

Some quick hits on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning:

### Interesting how two former NFL quarterbacks can offer completely different takes on how to fix Ryan Tannehill's tipped ball issues.

ESPN's Trent Dilfer said on a conference call Wednesday that the problem is not "correctable on Tannehill's side. It's correctable by having a little bit more multiplicity offensively, a little bit more play action change launch point. The guys with the quickest releases don't get balls knocked down, and he has one of the quickest releases, so it doesn't really make sense. Ryan Tannehill should not get a lot of balls knocked down because one of the big misnomers is a high release is what allows you to not get balls knocked down. That's totally false."

But Chad Pennington, on his 790 The Ticket talk show, said the key is "a high release point and getting it on your front foot." He said the quarterback "has to find a way to get it done and eliminate it as much as possible."

### The first three questions of Tannehill's news conference had to do with tipped passes. Mike Sherman said six of his passes were tipped Sunday, though Tannehill mentioned a different number below:

(On how much he’s worked on the tipped pass issue from the Houston Texans game) – “It’s something we addressed, we talked about. Talked to some guys on our defense – is there anything that I’m giving away? Is there indicators? What’s going into it and come away with the same? Not a lot we can do about it. Four out of the five batted passes were number 99. The guy just has a knack for batting passes. They’re all on quick games, short throws. It’s not like you’re going to be able to throw over the guy who was jumping up. During the downfield passes, obviously you need to find the throwing lane. When you’re throwing the quick game, it’s tough to be able to move and you want to say you want to move to find a throwing lane. Well, if you’re throwing a quick slant, you don’t have a lot of time to move. The guy just has a knack for batting balls. You’ve got to be aggressive up front. I have to be able to get the ball out quickly and have a high release, but other than that, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.”

(On if he had 19 tipped passes last season) – “You would know better than me. I don’t know. I don’t have a pocket count book of it. I know there was a few of them I can remember, but it wasn’t like an outstanding issue I don’t think.”

(On if he’s confident the tipped passes will be taken care of for the Oakland Raiders game) – “Yes, I’m confident. I feel like we talked about it. We’ve been through some drills for it and I’m confident going into this week that it will be taken care of.”

### Pennington, by the way, told 790 The Ticket that he would not have traded Brandon Marshall because "I don't think you can justify giving away 100 receptions regardless of the type of things you may have to deal with off the field."

### For those already thinking about such things (and doctors advise against it), here's Mel Kiper's top five draft prospects on his first Big Board: 1) USC quarterback Matt Barkley; 2) Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones; 3) LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo; 4) LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery; 5) Tennessee receiver Justin Hunter. None, except Barkley, are seniors.

### UM's Al Golden said he wants to get Duke Johnson more touches: "We had 17 plays designed for him Saturday; the game got out of whack."

### Golden said linebacker Tyrone Cornelius will replace injured Ramon Buchanan in the starting lineup.

### As Sports Business Journal first reported Wednesday, LeBron James is dropping agent Leon Rose of CAA - a firm that also represents Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who are both represented by CAA's Henry Thomas. James reportedly will now be represented by longtime friend Rich Paul, who reportedly will leave CAA and form his own agency. Paul has several other clients, including Tristan Thompson.

James, Wade and Bosh all have opt-out clauses in the summer of 2014.