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Miller/Thomas conundrum; Fins, Heat notes; UM gets major commitment

Some late Friday quick hits:

#### In a perfect world, the Dolphins would be able to split backup running back carries between Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller and determine, over time, who is more deserving of the No. 2 job behind Reggie Bush.

But Joe Philbin said Friday: “Let’s face it. It’s tough” to share carries among three backs. And Reggie Bush, the Dolphins’ MVP through two games, obviously doesn’t deserve to have his workload reduced as long as he continues to play at this level.

Philbin wouldn’t say his plans for Sunday, but Miller said Bush and Thomas have been sharing carries with the first team, and Miller has been with the second team this week.

Miller said he’s patient and won’t be upset if he doesn’t play much or at all. The Dolphins were impressed with Miller’s debut last Sunday (10 carries, 65 yards) but also were very pleased with Thomas’ growth before he suffered a concussion in the opener.

Philbin said of Miller: "Not surprised that he played well. He's somebody we've had on our eye for a while and we've got to keep developing him."

### Jets tight end Dustin Keller (hamstring) didn’t practice Friday and it would be a huge help to Miami if he isn’t healthy enough to play. He has 28 catches for 328 yards and four touchdowns in eight games against the Dolphins, who continue to struggle defending tight ends.

### Though it’s embarrassing to the Dolphins that they needed a 24-hour extension to sell the required 51,000 tickets to lift the blackout for a game against their biggest rival, the Dolphins are not alone in having difficulty selling tickets. The 2-0 Chargers entered Friday 9200 seats short of a sellout against 2-0 Atlanta, and that game will be blacked out in San Diego.

### How much are Dolphins games against the Jets different from other opponents? “There’s definitely more chippiness,” Karlos Dansby said. “You feel more jump, more contact,” Brian Hartline said.

### Rex Ryan, on Ryan Tannehill: "A lot of rookies have that deer in the headlights look, and he really doesn't have that. Mark Sanchez had a little deer in the headlights look a few times" as a rookie.... Ryan said the fact Miami is allowing just 2.2 yards per rushing attempt "just blows you away."

### UM basketball coach Jim Larranaga got a big oral commitment Friday from New Jersey-based small forward/shooting guard Davon Reed, rated the nation's 97th best prospect by rivals.com. Reed, who would join UM for the 2013-14 season, averaged 26.7 points and 9.0 rebounds last season at Princeton Day School. He had more than 20 scholarship offers, and his three finalists were UM, Xavier and Wake Forest.

Reed, a four-star recruit, was impressed during his visit to UM last weekend. He told Canesport.com that Larranaga started screaming when Reed told him he was committing.

### Though former FIU swingman Raja Bell told 640 Sports on Friday that Miami would be at the top of his list if the Jazz give him a buyout (which is iffy), the Heat has not shown interest in him in recent years.



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I hope the Heat does not offer Raja Bell if he is available. I know he went to FIU and is a South Florida guy, but he has had other opportunities to play for the Heat in the past and has always gone somewhere else. NOW, that the Heat are kings of the hill, Bell wants to play hometown hero, in the words of Lee Corso, "not so fast my friend"!


Cane4Life, I'm a Laker fan (35 years) but I can relate to your animus towards Bell "jumping on the bandwagon."
For years, Karl Malone ragged on the Lakers as this or that, but when, at the tail end of his career he longed for a ring, BAM, Laker Love.

I still feel the pain of that NBA 5 game loss to the Pistons, a real TEAM.

Besides, Bell is primarily a defender, and from what I can see, they have those, and now Ray Allen.

I hope this year's Laker team isn't a repeat of the so called "Dream team" the lakers fielded that year.
Great during the semi meaningless regular season, but down in flames at the end.




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The University of Coral Gables do suck. It is all about that FSU. FSU gives UCG their only sold-out games. lol


And UCG gives FSU their only pounding when it matters. lol

There were so many "wide this and wide that", my head was just spinning like a top.

Go Canes!


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You really have no clue how ignorant you are if you refer to Tallahassee as KKK country. We get it--it's slow and there is nothing to do up there. But don't drop to that level.


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