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Tuesday update: Dolphins sign LB and safety and audition cornerbacks

Some quick hits:

### The Dolphins signed two former Dolphins: safety Jonathon Amaya and linebacker Mike Rivera and cut offensive lineman Ray Feinga and safety Troy Nolan.

Amaya played as a reserve for the Dolphins in 2010 and was dealt to the Saints in the Reggie Bush during the 2011 offseason. He had 10 tackles on defense but got most of his work on special teams for the Saints last season and was cut in August.

Rivera spent the 2011 offseason with the Dolphins and played in two games for the Patriots this season before being cut Sept. 18. He is considered an above-average special teams player.

The Dolphins also brought in a few cornerbacks for tryouts Tuesday, including veterans Alphonso Smith, Aaron Berry and Morgan Trent, sources said.

Smith had eight interceptions the past two two years but was cut by the Lions on Aug. 31.

Berry was cut by the Lions in July after two arrests this summer - one for simple assault and one for suspicion of DUI. He played in 12 games for the Lions over the past two years and faces a three game NFL suspenion once he joins a team (for violating the league's personal conduct penalty).

Trent, who has started three games in three years, was waived by the Redskins in August.

The Dolphins so far have not needed to use their fourth cornerback, R.J. Stanford, on defense. Nolan was used sparingly on defense before he was cut.

### Please see our newest post on the left side of this blog, with more Dolphins tidbits (including on cornerbacks and Charles Clay and an update on Reggie Bush from Tuesday night).

### Yes, there's a lot to be encouraged about with Ryan Tannehill: the arm, the poise, his ability to lead the Dolphins to a game-tying field goal at the end of regulation Sunday and engineer a drive ending in a missed field goal that would have won the game in overtime.

But a lot of the positives cannot be measured statistically. From a numerical standpoint, the harsh reality is this:

Tannehill ranks 32nd and last among NFL quarterbacks in QB rating, at 58.3. The rest of the bottom five: Josh Freeman (71.4), Michael Vick (66.3), Brandon Weeden (60.7) and Jay Cutler (58.6). Matt Ryan is first at 114.0.

Because Tannehill's growth is so critical to Jeff Ireland's future, it's puzzling why Ireland hasn't surrounded him with better receivers. Tannehill has been victimized by 11 dropped passes, second-most in the league behind Drew Brees, according to Pro Football Focus. That obviously hurts his QB rating.

### Here's where Tannehill ranks in other categories: He's 28th in completion percentage at 52.9. (Mark Sanchez is last at 50.5). He's 26th in yards, 22nd in fourth-quarter passer rating (76.5) and 26th in third-down passer rating (65.0).

### With three sacks in three games, the Dolphins rank ahead of only Jacksonville in sacks per pass play. Seven NFL players have more sacks than the entire Dolphins team, led by Clay Matthews (six).  The Dolphins, as you'll recall, selected Vontae Davis one spot ahead of Matthews in the 2009 draft. 

"We missed a few obviously," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said of the lack of sacks. "Yesterday we had a couple of opportunities off the edges where Mark Sanchez was able to spin out, and that has historically been one of the things that Sanchez has done. He's not a running quarterback, but he's got some elusiveness in the pocket.

"I think that the opposing quarterbacks are very aware of our rushers, particularly Wake coming off the edge. We’ve got to create more sacks no question about it, but the one positive that I’m, seeing is that the completion percentage, although we’ve given up a lot of yards in terms of total yardage over the three games; I’m not happy about that, I’m disappointed about that. But the completion percentage is like 52%, and I think it’s third best in the league in terms of quarterback completion ratio. So the pressure that we’re generating is causing guys to throw the ball away, to make some errant throws and things of that nature."

Cam Wake had 13 quarterback "hurries" but no sacks this season. Jared Odrick and Olivier Vernon shared Miami's only sack Sunday; Randy Starks has the Dolphins' other two this season.

### The Dolphins are allowing the fourth-most passing yards per game in the league, and Sanchez on Sunday joined Vinny Testaverde as the only Jets quarterback to throw for at least 300 yards in a win against the Dolphins in the past 19 years.

### The Jets' Calvin Pace raised eyebrows when he said this about Reggie Bush after Sunday's game, per The New York Daily News: "We had to put him on out. We didn't see him again."

When Pace spoke to reporters Monday, he opened with a statement in which clarified: "I wasn't trying to say it as if we were trying to hurt him. We aren't running any bounty system or anything like that."

### The Heat auditioned former UM guard Jack McClinton on Monday and reportedly will work out former San Diego State power forward Malcolm Thomas this week. Thomas appeared in three games for the Spurs last season. Juwan Howard and Nigerian national team swingman Chamberlain Oguchi also continue to work with the Heat, hoping to land the two remaining spots on the training camp roster. Miami has 18 under contract and can bring 20 to camp.

### UM's Ben Jones played 53 snaps Saturday and Seantrel Henderson played 12. But both did enough, coaches say, to pull even with Miami's starting tackles: Ereck Flowers and Malcolm Bunche. So Monday's depth chart has Bunche/Henderson as an "either/or" at left tackle, and Flowers/Jones as an "either/or" at right tackle.


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Hell yeah! Let's go CANES!!!!


Good job, Ireland, not signing any pass rushers.


Why does the Dolphins' clueless rookie coach stubbornly continue to go with a clueless rookie quarterback who CLEARLY ISN'T READY? Maybe he will be, in a few years possibly, but certainly not today.

This is an especially egregious policy when you have a competent, if not "sexy", option on your bench in Matt Moore. He is a quality veteran who can bring this squad to respectability at least. His numbers from last season would bring the quarterback play up from #32 out of 32 to at least mid-level. His overall rating of 87.1 last season would be #17, already a noticeable improvement, and he would probably do even better since some of his numbers were from mop-up duty where numbers tend to suffer.

Ireland's Republican Army

Ireland's a very busy man. How can he be blamed for minor oversights such as pass rushers and receivers?


Mark, hello, clueless Mark. Do you really want an answer. The answer is that the Phins need to see if Tanny can play. There is no way to measure how good a rookie QB is in 3 starts. I mean do you listen to expert, and know the history of great QB's. Oppps probably not.


I thought that mop up duty was the time that your numbers actually improve-if you are the team that is losing by a few scores. Matt Moore has had every opportunity to show his superiority, apparently he has not done so. I believe that Ryan Tannehill will continue to improve, along with the rest of the offense- just give him time and let's see if he does.


"Put him on out?"

Usually, all of us say what we mean the first time. It's only when we get a reaction that indicates that what delighted us is not socially acceptable that we change our tune.

Shame on the Jets. You wanted to sideline Mr. Bush, and you did.


Ireland is trying out secondary players but NO WR s?????????????Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.You don t say.Lord forbid let a fan tell him what his club needs.Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.OK. Jeffy...do it your way....until it gets you out of here.....likely sooner than later.

Felix el Gato

CBs Richard Marshall and Nolan Carol are godawful. We need to generate a pass rush up the middle - not just around the ends. I think we need another place kicker.


September 12th, 2012 at 11:33 am
Everything but football……………….lol !


Michigan is the first casualty of Notre Dame’s new arrangement with the ACC.

The Fighting Irish notified the Wolverines that they are exercising a three-year out in their series contract, meaning the last meeting between the historic rivals will occur in 2014.
– espn.com



Your conference SUCKS moron aka the curse Says:
September 25th, 2012 at 12:35 pm


ND/Michigan was the highest viewed game in the country with over 6 million viewers.
– TerryD

Pitt/Virginia Tech the most watched noon broadcast EVER on ESPNU.

Florida State/Clemson better than the Big 12 but can’t stand up to Notre Dame vs the B1G.

ACC football…….the puzzle pieces are falling into place.
– XLance



canesrule21′ships Says:
September 25th, 2012 at 12:43 pm
the hellish nooner start.

#Canes and NC State has been set for Noon by the ACC and will air on ESPNU.
– hurricanesports

you know what you can do with your noon espnu slot …




Despite six schools leaving the Big East for the ACC, the Big East will not lose Madison Square Garden, the home of its men’s basketball tournament, to the ACC anytime soon.

The deadline to bid for the 2016-21 ACC’s men’s basketball tournaments has passed, and Madison Square Garden did not submit a bid, sources told ESPN. The 2013-15 ACC men’s basketball tournaments will be held in Greensboro, N.C.

A decision for where the 2016-21 ACC tournaments will be held will be made in the coming months. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn also did not submit a bid.

ACC commissioner John Swofford discussed the possibility of the ACC playing its basketball tournament in the Garden.

“I don’t think there’s any question that taking a look at New York and Madison Square Garden would be very appealing for Atlantic Coast Conference basketball fans,” Swofford said last year. “And even more so now with even more teams in closer proximity. With that being the media center of the world, so to speak, we’d probably be remiss if we didn’t think of it in those terms.”
– espn.com



Much like Politics, Ireland is waiting to after the elections to sign players.


We should go after another TE....I'm tired of the Cowboy's scab players on our team. Fasano catches only 25% of passes thrown to him (for those who need help with simple math, that means he drops 75%). Oh wait a minute, out TE coach is a previous Cowboy scab coach....I wonder if there's a connection?!?!?!? IMAGINE THAT!


Guys, we can stop blaming Ireland for all the Parcell Draft picks and free agent signings. He is making enough new Ireland only mistakes now. Mr Ireland, our D is a problem but its not THE problem. Get Tanny some help. Get Tanny P. Burris before the Pats sign him. And get Chad P back as a QB coach. Wake the F up Mr Im in charge.


I think its great that the fins are adding personel but for the like of me I don't understand why they don't at least try to go afte a WR with some talent.


When can we get rid of idiot ireland?? obviously not soon enough!! but what's more disturbing is that the owner is asleep at the wheel cuz he keeps the jerk!!


everyone is crying for recievers. you can have the best recievers in the league out there. its the qb who throws the ball.do yall watch the games. we have recievers open and tannehill throws behind or to high most of the time. brady has had plenty years when his starting recievers get hurt and his number 3's were starters. he found a way to make them relevant by putting the ball where it needs to be. you cant coach accuracy people. you're born with that.

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